Do you know the names of all the Movies featured in the first iPhone Ad?

Here’s the names of most of the 31 movies found in the first iPhone ad. Most of the movies have a link to more information about the film. This ad must have cost of fortune in copyrights clearance. I haven’t check to see if those movies are now all available in the iTunes Store. Maybe Apple is slowly announcing something new for the iTunes Store as well! Just guessing!


Thanks to Philip Michaels for the compilation. If you find the missing information, let us know! Here’s a link to the ad if needed!

  1. Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy
  2. Jackie Gleason, The Honeymooners or The Jackie Gleason Show
  3. Humphrey Bogart, The Maltese Falcon
  4. Marlon Brando, A Streetcar Named Desire
  5. Jerry Lewis
  6. Marilyn Monroe, Some Like It Hot?
  7. Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night”
  8. Peter Sellers from one of the Pink Panther movies
  9. Steve McQueen, Bullit
  10. Richard Dreyfus, American Graffiti
  11. Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights
  12. Betty Rubble, courtesy of The Flintstones
  13. Robert Redford, and this is just a guess, but Three Days of the Condor?
  14. Michael J. Fox, in one of the Back to the Future installments (the first one, more than one reader says)
  15. Harrison
    Ford, in a movie in which he’s not battling Nazis or hanging out with wookies, so I’m clueless (The majority opinion around the office seems to be that this is The Fugitive, though a few readers have written in to tell us we’re wrong)
  16. John Cusack, from High Fidelity
  17. Audrey Tautou, from Amelie
  18. Kevin Spacey, in what the period cosutmes suggest is L.A. Confidential
  19. William H. Macy, in what his accent suggests is Fargo
  20. Dustin Hoffman, definitely; the movie, I’m not so sure. Meet the Fockers?
  21. Will Ferrell, Anchorman
  22. Sarah Jessica Parker, in what I think might be a Sex in the City episode (a few readers have pointed out that she’s using a PowerBook—synergy!)
  23. Jeff Bridges from The Big Lebowski—The Dude abides
  24. Billy Crystal, from “When Harry Met Sally”
  25. Cameron Diaz, from “Charlie’s Angels”
  26. Samuel L. Jackson, Shaft. Can you dig it?
  27. John Travolta, from “A Civil Action”

  28. Robert DeNiro, in nothing I recognize
  29. Ben Stiller, from Zoolander
  30. Michael Douglas, from The American President; and
  31. Mr. Incredible, voiced by Craig T. Nelson, from The Incredibles

Other iPhone ad fun facts, to amuse your family nd friends:

• Of those 31 clips, all but seven have the actor saying “Hello.” The exceptions: Dreyfus (“Hello! Hello! Hello!”); Betty Rubble (“Oh hello, Barney.”); Tautou (“Bonjour!”); Spacey (“Hi.”); Macy (“How ya doing there?”); Hoffman (“Ye-lo”); and Jackson (“Yo, yo.”).