My iPod Accessories: Will they or won’t they work with my new iPhone?

I own the Bose Sounddock and the USB power adaptor accessories for my iPod mini, which got me thinking when I came across the iPhone Accessories with « Made for iPhone » Logo post on the internet. Here is a an analysis on how the iPod Accessories will work with the Apple iPhone. Did the engineers at Apple have the vision of the iPhone when they were building some of the accessories??

As you might have guessed from the title of the post I just can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone. Since the time I bought my first Apple product i.e. the 4 GB iPod mini I have become a great fan of Apple products. Like most of the 100 million iPod buyers, I have also bought a few iPod accessories and own the Bose Sounddock and the USB power adaptor.

So lets start with the USB power adaptor, I guess it will work very well as the iPhone will have a similar connector like the iPod and hence will not create a problem.  

Moving on to the Bose sounddock it gets a little tricky, questions that come to my mind is what happens when I get a call on the iPhone and it is docked on the speaker system, would it mean that when I get a call no one else can listen to the music. I guess who must have seen it in Steve Jobs keynote address, the music stops playing when you get a call, a perfect feature to have for a mobile phone which also doubles up as a portable music player but it just doesn’t seem perfect if you are looking to use it with say the Bose Sounddock. Do I need to go and pick up my iPhone from the speaker system dock everytime I get a call?

Apple could use the Wi-Fi feature to solve this problem, wirelessly streaming the music from your iPhone to a add-on device (docking cradle) that plugs into the speaker system could be the answer. Apple has the Hi-Fi speaker system as an accessory for the iPod so I am sure in their own interest they will have to look at a cleaner solution by the time they launch the iPhone i.e. if they think that this indeed is a problem. Or will the speaker system manufaturer like Bose etc introduce a docking cradle for the iPhone which will provide the solution. It can definitely be used as a USP used for marketing by the speaker system manufacturers.

How well will the iPhone work with other iPod accessories?? I have done an analysis of this by going through a list of accessories available for the iPod on Apple’s website and have came up with a How well will it work?? table seen below which also has my views on the how well they will work.