Rumors of iPhone’s poor battery life is highly exaggerated

Apple was recently voted the No. 16th brand in the world based on rankings compiled by market research firm Millward Brown, and was one of the biggest movers on the list rising 13 spots, that isn’t possible by just making statements and not delivering.

Speculation of iPhone’s poor battery life – is it all bullshit??
I guess like many of you who are tuned in on the iPhone news, must have heard or read news about iPhone’s poor battery life. When I tried to do a quick search on the number of webpages crawled by Google with keyword search of “
iPhone battery life” and threw up 1,160 Results for “iPhone battery life”. Most of them reported of true battery life of the phone will be close to 40 minutes when it comes to multi-tasking especially while surfing on the Internet using wireless connectivity capabilities. The news of poor battery life seems to have originated from Dvorak in his podcast based on information he had received from some guy at Cingular.

In my honest opinion, that is all rubbish. You may ask how can I say it with such confidence, let me turn it around; how can people speculate about it when probably none of them have even come close to holding an iPhone in their hands and alsothe fact that the iPhone is still probably getting some finishing touches before it gets launched in June.

The details on iPhone’s battery life as seen on iPhone Tech Spec’s section of Apple’s site as well as seen from the photos taken during Steve Job’s Keynote address is mentioned below:


  • Up to 5 hours Talk / Video / Browsing

  • Up to 16 hours Audio playback

I do not think Steve Jobs or Apple will be in any mood to spoil the party by trying to over promise and under deliver, something that will impact their brand image severely.

The website ( that topped the above search result probably had the most realistic story where they
confirmed the rumor about iPhone’s poor battery life was bullshit based on their sources, they went on to say that Apple could surprise us with the battery life, which means it can only be better than stated on their website.

So lets talk about the iPhone’s “true” battery life after people actually start using the iPhone for multiple purposes, as seeing is believing.
And if the battery life is really as bad as people are reporting or speculating then I am sure it would be a good idea to carry the
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