Your chance to win a shiny new iPhone

Insanely Great Tees has finally announced the details of the "Hi, I’m an iPhone" contest for which the grand prize is the shiny new iPhone. So how do you win it.

All you have to do is make a 30-second iPhone ad. Keep it in the style of the “I’m a Mac” ads. The contest has three rules:-


1. Your commercial has to include the words “I’m an iPhone.”

2. It has to be about 30-seconds long.

3. And it’s gotta be funny.

Other than you are free to do whatever you like. The best videos will be posted on their blog for readers to vote and eventually choose a winner, who will be given a $500 gift card to the Apple Store which you can use to buy yourself that shiny iPhone as soon as they are available in the Apple stores.

So all the amateur directors and actors out there, Lights, Camera, Action!!! The prize will definitely worth the effort. And if you are one of the talented finalist, and don’t make it to the top, you will at least get an Insanely Great Tee.

Click here for the contest page.

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