iPhone will be available exclusively at 2000 Apple & AT&T retail stores on launch

The iPhone will be available for sale at 2000 retail store fronts when it goes on sale for the first time next month, putting the device within reach of most US households.

This was revealed by Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff after a meeting with members of Apple’s executive team on Wednesday (May 16th, 2007).

He added that, in addition to iPhone’s revolutionary touch interface and intuitive software capabilities, Apple is focused on differentiating iPhone from the rest of the pack by improving every facet of its user experience, including at the point of sale.

The challenge for Apple will be to assure that user experience at the point of sale in the AT&T retail stores as well.

I wonder how Apple plans to sell the iPhone online, will it just be available on their respective sites or will it also be available in online stores like Amazon etc.


[images courtesy Macworld.com]

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