Customize your iPhone’s background from boring black

We had iPhone hackers claiming to have gained full access to iPhone’s filesystem, which was for sure to open up a whole host of possibilities. We saw one of them with a long step by step guide on how to get custom ringtones on your iPhone and now we have another step by step guide from folks at ModMyiPhone on how to customize the iPhone’s background.

The step by step guide to change your ringtones was quite long with 23
steps, this one isn’t short either, it consists of 15 steps.

The iPhone might have lived up to all the hype but it isn’t perfect and there are still many things one cannot do with their iPhone. One of them being to be able to customize the background of the iPhone. So it is quite understandable to see some people’s desire to change their iPhone’s background.

The good thing of these iPhone hacks is if something goes wrong you can easily get your iPhone back to square one with iTunes’ restore button, but it is advisable to proceed with caution as I am not in a position to make guarantees.

It would be good to see Apple themselves providing us an easy way to customize some aspects of the iPhone with an firmware upgrade so that we can all stop indulging in such iPhone hacks.

So to change the background of your iPhone from the boring black to something more interesting follow the link.

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