Seven Most likely iPhone Hacks

Based on early estimates, Apple has sold more than half a million iPhones up to the first weekend, the demand has been probably expected for the so called "God machine", however there are quite a few things iPhone can’t do yet and there is the opportunity for all the geeks out there to get the iPhone to do what is not possible.

There have already been some blog reports of iPhone firmware hitting the internet so we are probably not too far away from seeing iPhone hacks popping up. Based on reports from Engadget, it looks like the iPhone’s system restore image has already shown up online; it might be a while before anyone can de-construct this thing into meaningful though so far everything looks well encrypted so far.

More on iPhone hacks after the jump.

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  • Randy Worstell

    I would like to be able to conncet my 80 gig iPod to my iPhone. Seems like a locigal thing to do. Share battery life and hard drive , Should be an easy fix, maybe only need a double ended iPod cord or a simple slide in dock for both units

  • Sam

    In reference to your direct downloading of music comment, the other day I was playing around in iTunes (OSX) and if you ctrl-click your iphone in the left pane, an option to "transfer purchases" shows up. Clicking transfer purchases button briefly displays "Finding purchases on iPhone" hinting to me that apple has plans of letting users buy from the itunes music store on the iPhone.

  • Hey Sam,

    Thanks for the tip sounds very interesting.

    Apple allowing users to buy songs from iTunes from their iPhone is definitely a possibility in the near future in fact I was disappointed that it is not already there.

    If you can send me the screenshot of the steps you are talking about including the the "Finding purchases on iPhone" button at it will greatly appreciated.

    iPhone Hacks

  • gabe

    man – i just want my outlook tasks to sync up. It's got mail and cal and contacts – WHERE THE HECK ARE THE TASKS?! I feel like Apple built a car with the appeal of a Ferrari but forgot to put a brake pedal on it.

  • Hey Gabe,

    Check out this post about WebEx's PCNow:

    It might be the workaround to iPhone's limitation you were complaining about.

    iPhone Hacks

  • Eduardo Cavasotti

    A hack that make the alarm work even with the phone being turned off just like most cellphones do. :S