iPhone Applications (hacks): Gain remote access to your PC or MAC through the iPhone

Want to take control of your home PC or MAC using your iPhone? TightVNC (with some modifications) for the PC (Wintel) and Telekinesis for your MAC seem to be the answer at least for now.

More details and images available after the jump.

[Information & Images courtesy Telekinesis & Cre.ations.net]

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  • Knarfy

    It is a killer hack! Now I can access my computer files from anywhere in the room. If I have to go to the bathroom while in the middle of school reading. I can do it from my phone. It is incredible.
    Kuddos to the developers, man I am impressed!

  • anthony

    i dont know what im doing wrong but this page wont load on my iPhone

  • Iphonerocker

    This is by far the very best web 2.0 app to come out for the iphone!!!! I can now access my 150 Gigs of Music and Video content and play them straight to my ipod. I could also access anyfile on my Mac from anywhere!!!! It works beautifully! I have experienced a couple of browser crashes in 2 hours of heavy use so it works pretty darn good. Get it!!!!!!!!

  • louis

    Sweet! This program rocks! It's better then the VNC in the installer app. You can actually use the screen and type…. wow! Love it…

    It won't work if you have doorstopper running…Remember to close the door on the way out.



  • JC

    How do I donwload this app for my iPhone? Please send me the link and do I access the downlaod via the iPhone and then install?