iPhone Application: SoonR Talk brings VOIP to your iPhone

Apple and Cisco had announced that they would share the name "iPhone," Apple using it for its new smartphone, and Cisco using the name for their Linksys-branded VOIP phone for home networks thus resolving the "iPhone" trademark dispute. Apple might not be able to restrict use of iPhone for VOIP calls as Soonr Talk is offerring a solution for those interested in making VOIP calls from their iPhone. I wonder how Cisco will be react to this development.

If you were one of those looking out for iPhone application to further
enhance your iPhone experience, and Skype was on your wishlist then
there is some good news for you.

Soonr Talk provides you a way to use Skype and make VOIP calls from your iPhone. Before you get excited let me warn you that the process involved in making a VOIP call is quite cumbersome.

This is how it works based on information available on their website*:

  • Install SoonR Talk client on your PC which has the latest version of Skype insalled
  • Log into AJAX-enabled SoonR website on your iPhone (I suppose with your skype account)
  • You should be able to view your Skype buddies
  • Click on the buddy you want to talk to.
  • SoonR Talk will tell your PC to call your mobile phone using your SkypeOut credit.
  • Then SoonR Talk will instruct Skype to call your buddy, placing you in a conference

Requirements to get this working:

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of Skype on your PC
  • SoonR client running on your PC

All of this will be using the Safari browser on your iPhone, so there is no worry of how to revert back in case you do not like this long process of making VOIP calls.

SoonR also offers other cool applications like SoonR Desktop & SoonR Organizer, however not sure if they will work with the iPhone, but these two applications  along with SoonR Talk will be cool applications to have on your iPhone as mostly the critical information that people depend   on are still stored on personal computers and their hard disks.

Thanks to John Curry, one of the readers for informing me about SoonR.
Folks at Engadget also ran a story on this further confirming it.

If anyone of you have tried it then it would great if you can share your experience in the comments below.

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[images courtesy: Engadget]

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  • eric

    but you still use minutes on your mobile account! i guess it's good for international calls.

  • John Curry

    Thanks for the credit in your article.
    While I had initial success (July13) seems that it wont work. As soon as the iPhone initiates a call on the Soonr server running on my desktop that server crashes. I have replicated this on two XP machines. However, if I use a laptop to initiate the call, the Soonr server calls my iPhone and then the party that I am trying to Skype to. I asked for help at the SOONR forums, and another user has also reported a similar crash behavior. I hope SOONR can fix this, it is such a wonderful thing to Skype on my $$$ iPhone.

  • John Curry

    Soonr has reported on their forums, that a fix is being worked on and will be posted soon.

  • Hey John,

    Thanks for visiting iPhoneHacks.com

    Thats good news, thanks for keeping us all posted on the issue it is very helpful, appreciate it.

    iPhoneHacks.com Admin

  • MyToGo can do this for any phone and Skype, more information here:


  • Distortedloop

    Enough already! Please! 😉

    It's not mobile voip if it uses my cell minutes and comes over the voice portion of the network. End of story.

    Why would you want to bother with this process? Put your contacts in your contacts list and dial them…it will cost you the same (except of course the international process). Unless you're doing it for rate saving on international calls, why go through the extra steps.

    Are we so desperate to have skype work on our iPhones that we'll call anything that uses our skype account the loing awaited solution?

    It's not voip on the iPhone until it's handled over the EDGE network via either my web browser or some other application that uses the unlimited data, not the cellular minutes.


  • Brian B

    Is there any chance of a true VoIP at some point?

    I am planning to travel to Europe soon and would like to use my iPhone to call back to the United States via Skype or another VoIP. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this method won't work for me. I'd have no phone service but I would have wireless internet access.

  • Hey Brian,

    AT&T or carriers will definitely not let Apple add real VOIP as a feature in the iPhone. However we can definitely see it being introduced via an iPhone hack or using web based applications for the iPhone in the future.

    You may want to check out the following posts:

    They might be good workarounds to iPhone's limitation.

    iPhone Hacks

  • Josh

    id give this 4 thumbs down if i had 4 thumbs