DVD Jon hacks iPhone activation: iPhone without AT&T

The best thing about the iPhone in my opinion is that its a phone with a music player and whats great is that the music player is the best iPod Apple has ever made. So I am not sure how many of you out there are going to be excited to hear that DVD Jon has hacked the iPhone activation such that you can activate the iPhone without AT&T.

More details available after the jump.

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  • this still could be pretty useful with skype. I wonder if the mic & speaker could work with it. Has anyone tossed skype into the mix?

  • TT

    Does this mean if you go into airplane mode you can still use wi-fi?

  • kal

    hi i just tried to update my iphone from 1.1 version bought in hongkong now i cant even activate it..it just gets stuck with the terms and condition page in itunes..??what to do??/