SeeqPod brings internet streaming music to iPhone

One of features missing in the iPhone is internet streaming music and it is safe to assume that Apple will not be offering it anytime soon. Doesn’t matter cause SeeqPod has just released an iPhone-friendly user interface to bring internet streaming music to your iPhone.

You might be wondering how well will it work on the iPhone which uses AT&T’s Edge network, Katie at tried out SeeqPod on her iPhone over Wi-Fi and over EDGE. Here is a snippet of what she had to say:

"I tried this over the Wifi at my house and over EDGE. Wifi was fine and fast, just as expected, but over EDGE, that was a different story. The MP3 files take a good long time to download, so I wouldn’t really recommend using this site via EDGE unless you’re horribly, terribly, impossibly bored. It’s a little bit faster than dial-up. Frustrating, but doable, but "rather not"-able."

So if you are not satisfied with your collection of songs on your iPhone synced from your iTunes library, then here is a cool alternative to listen to music on your iPhone. Point your iPhone to and start listening.


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