Synchronica brings Microsoft Exchange support to iPhone

One of key features missing from the iPhone is that it does not support the popular corporate mail system, Microsoft Exchange. This was the reason many critics started questioning if the iPhone is really the ideal smartphone for business users. Synchronica, a provider of mobile synchronization and device management solutions, has released Mobile Gateway 3.0 which supports over-the-air synchronization between Microsoft Exchange and the newly launched Apple iPhone to bring Microsoft Exchange support to the iPhone.

Mobile Gateway will thus allow mobile operators and service providers to offer mobile synchronization to business users, enabling them to receive corporate email on their iPhones without having to ask their IT manager to open the firewall or install additional software.

Mobile Gateway essentially uses Microsoft’s secure Outlook Web Access (OWA) to retrieve email from the corporate Exchange server, a service enabled by many enterprises to provide users with access to corporate email from home or while traveling.

The other key feature in comparison with other solutions is that Mobile Gateway delivers emails directly to the built-in email client of the Apple iPhone. Users will be able to benefit from the outstanding user experience of the built-in email client of the iPhone and its tight integration with the phone’s address book.

The only problem here is the cost, a five seat license will set you back by a staggering 1,200 euros (about 1,650 USD). Hmm, I guess looking at the cost the questions will still loom if iPhone is really the ideal smartphone for business users. I hope Apple is listening and understands that if they want to make the iPhone even more appealing to business users they need to figure out a way to support the popular Microsoft Exchange.

We are all waiting for Apple to release the firmware update to unlock some of these missing features.

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