DOOM on your iPhone! (nearly there)

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Earlier in the week, we had the iPhone hacking community bringing the optimized NES emulator to the iPhone which had got me quite excited.

"stepwhite", the same iPhone hacker who had released NES emulator has now been able to get DOOM running on the iPhone.

Okay, before you get all excited kindly note that stepwhite has got DOOM to run on the iPhone but it can’t be controlled as he hasn’t implemented a controller system yet and its also currently lacks audio.

However, you can at least check out the demo game for now and it would be safe to assume that a more functional version will be coming sometime soon. It would make DOOM the computer game by id Software the first first-person shooter game on the iPhone. The installation notes and the download link are available here.

The last time round when we had people complaining about performance issues with the NES emulator released by stepwhite, we had iPhone hacking geniuses (NerveGas and NightWatch) quick to attack the performance issues by working overnight to rewrite and release the optimized NES which also included multi-touch support (see, 7/08/2007, iPhone Hacking community brings NES emulator to the iPhone).

Lets hope the iPhone hacking community gets involved in this one too and releases the fully functional version soon as I am sure iPhone users will love to be the "Doomguy" and blast away the creatures from hell with the touch of a finger.

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