iPhone RingToneMaker: Custom ringtones (hack) for your iPhone made simpler

I had covered a 23 steps iPhone hack and then an easier 9 step iPhone hack to install custom ringtones onto your new iPhone, if that was not simple enough folks at Efiko have come up with iPhone RingToneMaker which is easily the best option available to add custom ringtones to the iPhone and definitely a lot more user-friendly then the iPhone hacks.

Edit your ringtone:

You can use the audio edit screen to select the section you want to use as your ringtone. With your advanced interface you can even select the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times precise to the hundredths of a second with the help of a slider.

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  • Joseph


  • chris m

    scumbags trying to make a few quick bucks before apple adds this feature to itunes and puts them into the software graveyard.

  • John Curry

    I was able to add a ringtone in less than 3 minutes. I would have tried the previous methods, but I did not want a 27 or 9 step process. Good software from these folks.

  • dice

    its not working and i have followed every single step… everytime i try sending ringtone to iphone it says that my iphone is not docked even though it is and it shows up on itunes. someone help please… im in need of ringtones!!

  • Alex

    I also keep getting the same message, iphone is not docked, but after trying a few times it will detect it. I just have one problem. I added the same ringtone twice by mistake. How do I delete one of them or all the new ringtones.

  • Rich Cook

    This is for WINDOWS ONLY. This is kind of an important note to make.

  • cp30

    where do you find the ringtone once it is on your phone?

  • Trey

    all these ringtone makers are good and all, but the only thing is that I have saw so far is that none of them really tell you how to get them off when you don't want them no more.

  • Trey

    all these ringtone makers are good and all, but the only thing is that I have saw so far is that none of them really tell you how to get them off when you don't want them no more.

  • chuck

    iphone ringtone maker want work with itunes upgrade 7.6, so is there anyone out there with a hack for this?

  • Piccolo

    If you purchase iphone ringtonemaker, DO NOT order from Mobihand Software. They charged my credit card more than once and never send me any program details with download link!

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  • sunil

    i am facing one problem my phone is not docked what should i do ',

  • iPhone Ringtone Maker is the a smart and powerful ringtone converter software that can convert almost all video/audio format to M4R iPhone ringtone, and transfer the converted M4R ringtone to iPhone directly without iTune.

  • not support for iphone 3.0

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