Song Sender: Send songs from your iPhone to a friend via email or use them as ringtones

iPhone Song Sender

The iPhone hackers @ NullRiver are at it again, I had recently published an article on how the updated version of "" by these folks should make it easy to install unauthorized third-party native applications onto your iPhone. Erica Sudan at Tuaw has just revealed developed an iPhone hack from the same folks which will allow you to send songs from your iPhone to a friend via email or even use them as a ringtones.

As mentioned earlier, thanks to Gizmodo who had published a step by step (only for MAC) on how to get loaded onto your iPhone; installing and updating the latest iPhone hacks on your iPhone should now be a breeze. (see, 20 August 2007, Installing iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial for updated "")

One of the iPhone hacks that you can install using this iPhone Installer is the Song Sender. As the name suggests, the iPhone application allows you to not only send a song from your iPhone library to a friend via email or use it as a ringtone.

Here are the instructions to install the iPhone application based on the hands-on tutorial with the assumption that you have on your iPhone:

To access all third-party software available, do the following:

  • Launch Installer on your iPhone. It will connect to the Internet and register the available packages.
  • Click on Community Resources package inside the Install tab.
  • You will see the detail. Click on the Install button.
  • After installing, you will see all the third-party applications currently available for iPhone.
  • Click on "Song Sender", hit the Install button"

After installing, when you run Song Sender it will read through your iPhone’s music library to create a scrolling list of songs. When you tap on any song, you will be prompted with the following choices:

  • Play it
  • Send it by email
  • Add it to your ringtones

It is as simple as that, lets hope that people don’t use this iPhone Hack for piracy (don’t be evil), however this seems like a simpler alternative to iFuntastic to get custom ringtones on your iPhone. (see, July 28 2007, iFuntastic 2.1: Get custom ringtones, change carrier logo, reorder app icons on your iPhone)

In case you need further assistance with this hack do check with Erica Sudan at Tuaw using this link.

Thanks Erica for letting us know of developing this cool hack & for the screenshots; and Nullriver for developing it!

Update: This cool iPhone app was actually developed by Erica Sadun of Tuaw. Apologies Erica!

Screenshots of the UI of Song Sender below:

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