iPhone Tips & Tricks: Fix for iPhone’s low ringer volume

One of the complaints of the iPhone, probably the most hyped gadgets ever created, has surprisingly been iPhone’s low ringer volume. It seems to be well below the standard, in terms of volume, established by other mobile handsets.

Most of the users have blamed iPhone’s tiny speakers to be the culprit of this problem. However, as per folks at iPhoneAlley, the culprit could be the audio itself and not the speaker.

So if you are one of those who finds your iPhone’s ringer volume too low then here is a tip for you. Your iPhone’s ringer volume issue can be resolved by using a custom ringtone rather than ringtones currently available on the iPhone and more importantly the ringtone should be a loud, high frequency audio.

To make your life easier Michael Johnston from iPhoneAlley also has given the details of where to find this high frequency audio. If you have a MAC then you don’t need to look any further as you can find it on your MAC itself.

After some searching, he found the simple “ring” he was looking for in the track aptly called “Cell Phone Ringing” thanks to GarageBand’s free audio tracks. The track can be found at the following location:

/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/iLife Sound Effects/Work – Home/Cell Phone Ringing.aif

(Those with Windows PC can probably ask their friends who have a MAC to send the audio to them as I could not find it on the internet to provide you with the link)

You need to use one of the iPhone Hacks mentioned below to get this audio as the custom ringtone on your iPhone:

You will be pleasantly surprised how well you can hear your iPhone’s ringer once you have “Cell Phone Ringing” as your ringtone.

Thanks Michael for the latest iPhone tip!

Folks! I don’t have an iPhone yet to check this out (iPhone still to be launched in Europe) so do let me know in the comments below if this solves the low ringer volume problem for you.

Update: Greg Geller from FutureMusic, a reader @ iPhoneHacks.com has just sent an enhanced version of Cell_Phone_Ringing.aif file. This is what he had to say:

I took the Cell_Phone_Ringing.aif file that you suggested and utilizing some of the latest software from our studios, I was able to increase the volume significantly while enhancing the sonic frequencies to sharpen its character as well. I also shortened the time between rings to two seconds. Enjoy!

Excellent stuff Greg! Thanks a ton for send this in. You can download the enhanced version of “Cell Phone Ringing” from this link (this file is no longer available).