iPhone completely unlocked (hacked) using Turbo SIM card; doesn’t need card readers


It was only last week that we had hackers from Europe claiming to have completely unlocked the iPhone using a SIM reader/writer and a blank SIM card to obtain full calling and SMS capabilities. However, there were issues reported that though the hack worked it depends on the SIM card you use.

We now have news that you can unlock the iPhone using a Turbo SIM card, without depending on the version of your current SIM card and doesn’t use card readers.

So let me give you more details on the issue with the last update regarding this iPhone hack (see iPhoneHacks.com, , Hackers from Europe unlock iPhone to work with any carrier with forged SIM).

As mentioned earlier, there were issues reported that if you had an old SIM (V1) then it was possible to use the published method and program (forge) the new SIM card to make it work with the iPhone and on your network. However, if you are using one of the modern version of the SIMs i.e. V2 or V3 SIM then it wouldn’t work.

The primary reason for this was; it was possible to extract the Key identification (KI) of your old card which was needed to program the forged card but it was not possible to remove the KI from V2 or V3 SIMs as they used a different encryption.

This time round the hackers are claiming to have come up with a method which doesn’t use card readers and more importantly doesn’t depend on which version of the SIM you are using, it will work fine with V1, V2 or V3. They say that with the new iPhone hack you will have full calling, SMS and GPRS capabilities with any network. The hack is not software only but based on initial reports seems simple enough for anyone to follow.

You also don’t need any extra hardware i.e. SIM reader/writer like you needed for the earlier iPhone hack and all you need is to modify the $80 blank SIM using your own iPhone.

So folks stay tuned @ iPhone Hacks to get more details on the test results or follow the developments at the Bladox Forums on this topic.

Update: I don’t have an iPhone to try this out, but here seems to be a link for the How-to on unlocking the iPhone using Turbo SIM. The how-to link along with the link of Bladox Forums should cover most of the stuff required on this iPhone hack. Let me know if it works for you.

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  • mike

    That's great. How do I get to a page that actually explains how to do it?

  • Hey Mike,

    I have just updated the post with the How-to link, here it is again for your easy reference:

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for visiting iPhoneHacks.com do visit again.

    iPhone Hacks

  • A company in the US called International Orders, Inc. sells the iPhone unlocked using the TurboSim card on their website http://www.international-orders.com. They ship internationally FAST. I received my activated and unlocked phone in 2 days !

  • felix b.

    A company in the US called International Orders, Inc. sells the iPhone unlocked using the TurboSim card on their website http://www.international-orders.com. They ship internationally FAST. I received my activated and unlocked phone in 2 days !

    Does it work? on what network? cause its a lot of money but if you find it working flawlessly then its a real option. Please inform

  • Don Corleone


    I would be glad if someone could send me a step-by-step guide on how to unlock my iPhone with the TurboSim. My email is matko35@gmail.com

    Thank you.

  • bulldog13

    The link you are showing is not working. Can you sent me the right info? Or step by step guide?

  • samy

    the turbo sim just works fine i have been using it in dhaka with grameen phone network , the only thing is i have found it to be proper only after i updated to the 2.1 version of software , note we do have 3g so users like me can switch of 3g for gprs please trun on data roaming when using turbo sim , also note you must use the originl sim card when updating which came with the phone , after updating do not switch on use turbo sim and the current network card than switch on it should be fine , if you have issues with edge network just put the sim in other phone use edge and put back to iphone , it will be working well , this is because the system needs to know all the service for the sim you are using as using turbo sim so edge is not active when turning on , so using it on other mobile and quickly putting it back with turbo sim solves this problom once done it will be ok for good untill you take out the sim again or switch off power i guess no one switches off once it works fine …

  • iphone 3G 2.2.1 unlocked by http://www.naturesim.com
    Factory from china!

  • question

    Is it possible to fool an iphone 4 via Turbo sim?
    Would it make iphone 4 unlocked ?
    Even if only for gsm, does Turbo sim work with iphone 4 baseband 02.10.04 ?

  • Oz

    Well, gonna sound crazy but is true ,coz selling locked phones in Australia is illegal !.Before “Telstra” charge $159 for unlocking ,now is for free due to legal issues.

    If you wanna unlock any iPhone for free ,then call Australia tel. # 1800iphone.

    Tell operator that you wanna unlock iPhone,coz i locked to Telstra ntwor and you bought it from eBay.
    Ten operator will ask you only for IMEI # and ater few second will tell you something like “Wait up to 24 hrs and phone will be unlock”.
    All what you must to do is :

    Wait about 4 hrs or longer connect iPhone to the iTune,download updates,back up iPhone and click restore,All done for free !.
    If you wanna more info then search “Telstra -Unlock iPhone for free”

  • Vicky

    I was trying to upgrade iPhone with latest available verion on iTunes. Finally after upgrading now my iPhone is completely locked. Its not even allow to move ahead. I have only options to choose language / and country option. Nothing else are there. Please advise how can I unlock this phone now.
    Many thanks in advance.