Hackers from Europe unlock iPhone to work with any carrier with forged SIM

If you have been a regular reader here you must have observed that things on the iPhone hacking front have been happening at a frantic pace. iPhone is living up to all its pre-launch hype as it is easily one of the very few gadgets ever created to have got so much attention from the hacking community.

So while we have folks at iPhone Dev Wiki looking at a software hack to unlock the iPhone without AT&T, we have hackers from Europe claiming to have already completely unlocked the iPhone using a SIM reader/writer and a blank SIM card to obtain full calling and SMS capabilities.

While the software based solution by folks at iPhone Dev Wiki to unlock the iPhone without AT&T will be free, the iPhone hack which the hackers from Europe are claiming will cost you $96 which in my opinion is not very high to be able to use the network of your choice.

A Hackintosh forum member has been able to test the hack with the Orange UK network and he had the following to say:

"Just tested it – works fine with Orange UK – Call In/Out, SMS In/Out. Great job to everyone who made this possible (specially to the guy that edited the Hex file).

I used the subscriber ICCID, so maybe is best to edit the tutorial – activation should be the last step.

My thoughts on safety of using this: If so called ‘Total Unlock’ is released, it will be    probably patching of the baseband firmware to do a similar thing. So no worry about    alerting the network, the trick seems to fool only the good/bad guy check in the baseband firmware."

These are obviously early days as there is no information available on the features that will work or should I say will not work with this hack as we have seen earlier that unlocking the iPhone without AT&T means you have to do away with features such as visual voicemail etc but at least for now we know that the essential phone features like calling and SMS are working.

Please do stay tuned here to get more details/tests on the iPhone hack as soon as they are available.


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  • surkhail

    ok so i guess there gona take payments from paypal? is there a link to a page od theres or some thing? and plus any one find a way to play youtube on hacktivated iphones with virson 1.0.1

  • Hey Surkhail,

    The Source (link at the bottom of the post) had link to the hackint0sh homepage.

    I have now updated it with the link of the post which has the information you are looking for about this iPhone hack.

    Here is the link again for your benefit:

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for visiting iPhoneHacks.com do visit again.

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  • MOhammed

    I have no carrier option in my IPhone; I have lost it when i have changed the sim card.

    How can i get the carrier option again>?