Updated: anySIM 1.0.2 – Free GUI based iPhone SIM unlock tool released (gets even better and easier to install)

iPhone anySIM

After approximately two and half months of hard work, the iPhone Dev Team have achieved their objective of unlocking the iPhone, they have just announced the free GUI based iPhone SIM unlock tool called "anySIM" for complete freedom from AT&T.

The tool converts the lengthy and complicated hacking process that was released earlier in the week into a simple one-touch speedy unlocking process.

Update: iPhone Dev Team have released anySIM 1.0.2, more details available after the jump.

It has taken the iPhone Dev Team only 79 days to achieve their objective of unlocking the iPhone. This is what they had set out to achieve in their own words

"Unlocking the iPhone will allow any Sim card to be used in the iPhone which will cause an increase in sales and is a major goal for the team."

Though they had already achieved partial victory earlier this week when they had released iUnlock, the source code for iPhone SIM unlocking tool it still wasn’t complete as it wasn’t for the faint hearted. (see iPhoneHacks.com, First free open source iPhone SIM unlocking application released)

The free GUI iPhone unlock tool no longer needs you to use command line or extract binary files; it is now a simple one-touch process once you have copied the PXL package to your iPhone. They have also cut the time down to max. 3-5 minutes from the 20 minutes it used to take earlier with the tool.

The installation process should get easier once the tool is added the very cool Installer.app iPhone application. Until then you could either use iBrickr (for Windows) or Breezy or iFuntastic v3 (for Mac) to load the PXL package to your iPhone.

As soon as they released the unlocking tool, there were some reports of people facing problems unlocking their iPhone due to some timing issue, however the good folks @ iPhone Dev team have already fixed the problem in version 1.0.1 of the tool.

There are still couple of known issues with the hack; the visual voicemail feature does not work as you need AT&T for it to work and people have reported problems using YouTube on their unlocked iPhone. So stay tuned @ iPhoneHacks.com for a workaround for these two known issues.

The source code has not been released and is expected to be released in a few days to prevent it being used for commercial gains.

Congratulations iPhone Dev Team on achieving a great milestone, today is your day!

Here is the link, to download the latest and greatest opensource Unlock tool and follow this link
for a step by step guide posted by "Sti" one of the iPhone dev team’s
testers. But as always remember you will be using the unlock at your
own risk[ as here is the disclaimer "The iPhone Dev Wiki is not responsible if you void your warranty or damage your device."

Don’t forget to tip them for their effort towards achieving SIM freedom. Follow this link for more details on how to donate to the iPhone Dev Team.


Update (30th September):

Instructions on how to Unbrick iPhone – Downgrade from iPhone 1.1.1 to iPhone 1.0.2 for the Hacked iPhone

Update 2 (27th September):

It is advisable not to try this for now, read Breaking News: iPhone Firmware Update 1.1.1 unlocks iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store BUT seems to Partially Brick Unlocked iPhone for more details.

Update (27th September):

Actually Chris raises a valid concern, before you go ahead and try
to unlock your iPhone, it would be a good idea to read this article to
understand the risks:

Apple says NO to iPhone Hacks and Unlocked iPhones; iPhone Dev Team condemns Apple; to respond with a Restore Tool

Thanks Chris for highlighting it, I should have mentioned it in yesterday’s update.

Update (26th September):

The iPhone Dev team have release new version of free GUI based
iPhone SIM unlock tool anySIM 1.0.2 in which they have fixed lots of
bugs and also optimized the unlock process further. However, the best
part of this update is that you can now install it on your iPhone using
the cool Installer.app. So if you are one of those who tried to unlock
your iPhone using anySIM 1.0.1 and faced problems then you can check
the latest version of the unlock tool.

In order to install "anySIM" on to your iPhone using Installer.app use the appropriate links below:

Update (19th September):

For all those who are having issues with anySIM, the best way to get
your issues resolved would be to contact the iPhone Dev team
themselves. You can get in touch with them either on IRC or on their
forum, the details are mentioned below:

IRC: #iphone @ irc.osx86.hu
Forum: http://hackint0sh.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=123

Update (16th September):

iPhone Dev Team have compiled a list of 42 countries and 90 national carriers for which the free iPhone SIM unlock has been successfully tested. And as you would expect the list is growing fast. You can get more details if someone has already tested for the carrier you are interested in at this link.

[via iPhone Dev Team – won’t link to the iPhone Dev community in accordance to their request, Google them]

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  • Eduardo Cavasotti

    it messed up my iphone.. had to restore it, therefore, lost all my data, contacts.. etc..

  • river0

    No link in this article is connected to an anySIM v. 1.0.1 download.

  • Here is the link again for your reference:

    In addition download link of the PXL package:

  • SIOM

    Why would you need to unlock your phone? I plan to stay on the at&t network. What are some benefits?

  • Eric

    Tried anySIM and it failed just like everyone elses. When is it going to work as it has been described.

  • MochaChip

    Can't get it to work with Maxis. Can call out but cannot receive calls – bummer 🙁

  • Eduardo

    SIOM, because I travel overseas twice a year and would love to have a local simcard to use on my iphone 🙂

  • ramgod

    This is great , i have an unlocked Iphone that i bought. Love all the features…..but it the unlock does not work on Digicell, a jamaican network. Can any one tell me why. I would love if it did.

  • Alex

    It's not in the Installer.app.

  • Chris

    Beware, if you install this hack, Apple has plans to permanently brick your phone with the next firmware update.

    If you do plan on unlocking it, as I have, then DO NOT upgrade to the new firmware coming out sometime this week or early next week. Wait a few days, let us figure out how to make it work without ruining your phone, andd check this site among others in the iPhone hacking community before updating.

  • Chris

    P.S. – To those who had to restore their phone for any reason and lost all their contacts and what not

    for future reference, before you do any hack, be sure to sync your phone with iTunes, it stores your contacts, sms messages, calendar, pictures, music … you get the picture.

    so if you do have to restore your phone, you can sync it with the most recent backup

  • ramgod

    so how do i get it to work on digicel network? How do i get it in the installer app? Please help….you got any info i could use. please let me know…..Alex this means you….thanks, please

  • rocky

    i have tried to unlock my phone with the any sim several times. the first time it said the unlock was successful but the sim card would not work. I wound up restoring the phone with itunes and it updated the firmware. i finally got to downgrade the software back to 1.0.2 and started the process over. now the anysim tool tells me the the firmware is already patched and shuts down. what do I do at this point

  • Mishari Adel

    Hi every 1 and thank you for your hard work on unlocking the iphone.
    I will buy an iphone from the apple store but i want to know its easy to unlock it by my self ?
    or do you recommend that i buy it from ebay and its already unlocked.
    and if i unlock it by my self dose every thing works except the voice mail ?
    thank you…..

  • RohitSingh1982

    Is there any way of unlocking the iphone with a PC?

    please email me at rohitsingh1982@gmail.com for the answer. thank you.

  • Kevin shah

    i tried unlocking my phone with anysim. but i get an error msg saying this patch is already attached. and the program closes…plz help

  • mbarak shebe

    Please if anyone can help me to unlock my iphone contact me by the following email:

  • There are other softwares on the internet that can get your iphone 2g unlocked and jailbreaked faster but this one is good too.

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