Dot.Tunes: Stream music, videos and movies from iTunes library to your iPhone

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Are you frustrated with the 4 or 8 GB limit on your iPhone? Then here is some good news, Dot.Tunes has an innovative way of solving your space problem, it publishes your iTunes library from your computer to the internet making it possible for you to listen to your favorite music or watch movies & videos on the iPhone via the Safari web browser.

So how does it work? Dot.Tunes turns your iTunes library into an in-memory SQL database which is used to create the Ajax-based webpages so that you can browse through your music library over the internet from anywhere. You can choose to publish any number of artists, albums, playlists, videos, movies  or even your entire iTunes library. Dot.Tunes contains a powerful web server specifically designed to serve music you have published. It is available for both Windows and Mac(Version 4 is now Universal Binary).

You then need to use the Dot.Tunes client application to stream any song or the latest playlists from the Dot.Tunes server with a single click. The client software is a separate feature-rich application which is completely free however to listen to the music on your iPhone you will need to purchase the Dot.Tunes plug-ins which has been customized for the iPhone.

The iPhone plug-in is a program which interacts with a host application, the Safari web browser in case of the iPhone, and as you would expect developed specifically for iPhone’s interface to browse through your favorite music and videos that you had published from your iTunes library.

All you need is a single-click to listen to streaming music or watch streaming movies and videos on your iPhone wherever you are. The iPhone Dot.Tunes plug-in costs $20. I am not sure how well it will work on AT&T’s Edge network but should work well once you are on a Wi-Fi network.

You can also share your iTunes library with your family and friends by sending the link of the Dot.Tunes server. As per the FAQ on Dot.Tunes website it is a perfectly legal way when it comes to sharing music with your other friends & family as long as you own the copyright on any files you publish.

They also have plugin for other gadgets like Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, Sony PSP, Palm etc. This seems like a cool workaround to the space limit on the iPhone; for that matter for most portable devices where space would be a constraint.

You can sign-in as a Guest on their demo server — no password required — to try it for yourself by following this link.

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  • Russ

    The software download process is lengthy and somewhat cumbersome, but nothing too bad. Then you register with an email address and they give you an activation key to run the server on your computer. So far so good. Streaming audio worked fine to a PC, so I bought the iphone plugin for $20.

    Payment went through via paypal, but still no activation key to enable the iphone plugin on the server. Also no response to the emails that I sent to the team.


  • Comment on the software as much as you like but I've gotta say that I have not missed replying to a single email.

    We are quite famous for our awesome customer support and this is the first time I've ever had it questioned.

    Tommy, I'm looking through my emails and I can see some emails from a Tom which I certainly did reply to.

    I am based in Sydney Australia so our time zones may not be aligned very well so all I can think is that you sent a message and before I had a chance to reply (because it was night time over here) you posted this comment stating that I had not responded to your emails.

    Again, say what you like about the app but It it very important to me to provide the best support in the business and i'll always defend that.

    I provide the kind of support that I wish I received from others!


  • Russ

    You read the names incorrectly due to the way they are displayed – I (Russ) made that post.

    To give everyone an update, did do the right thing and gave me a refund for my troubles. I'll post an update when I have a chance to fully test the plugin.

  • Jake

    Does this work with the Ipod touch too?

  • Colby

    I think the program is awesome. I got it to work on my mom's computer but when I tried it on mine Windows blocked me from installing it. I disabled the firewall and closed all my virus scan stuff and Windows still blocked it saying it a potentially harmful item. If you know any way of fixing this please help.

  • badmelvin

    You can also use websites like to stream tv episodes to your iPhone, and its better than paying 1.99 per episode. They have something like 12,000 ad free episodes you can watch on the iPhone without downloading-
    enjoy 🙂