iPhone Tips & Tricks: Kill the GSM Buzz, Prevent iPhone Deaths, Check for Dead Pixels and more

Here are some useful tips that I have hand picked from 25 iPhone Power Tips published by MacLife. If you want to know what to do if the iPhone slider is stuck or how to avoid damaging your iPhone or find out if your iPhone is suffering from dead pixels and lots more then you will be interested in reading the details after the jump.

Due to the hectic pace on the iPhone hacking front it has been a while since I wrote an article on some tips and tricks for the iPhone, I hope you find them useful.

iPhone’s Slider Stuck?

In case you ever experience your iPhone’s slider refuses to do anything when you try to slide it to use the iPhone then a simple fix for this it to press the Home button once before trying to move the slider for the first time.

Keep those Magnets far away from your iPhone

There might be many iPhone killers out there; I mean mobile companies releasing new handsets and dubbing them to be iPhone killers to cash in on the buzz but the one that can apparently do that job easily is a magnet. There have been many reports of the iPhone deaths so to say which have been linked to magnets. So if you are looking to buy a case for your iPhone ensure you don’t buy one with lids that snap down magnetically.

How to kill the GSM Buzz?

In case you are experiencing a buzzing sound while using an cassette adaptor to plug your iPhone to your car stereo then Gizmodo has a low-tech tip to fix the buzzing sound. Wrap aluminium foil around the cable closest to the iPhone. The other option is to switch to flight mode but it sends incoming calls to voicemail.

How to check for Dead Pixels?

You must have heard of complaints by iPhone owners observing dead spots (also referred as dead pixels) on their iPhone’s stunning 3.5 inch display. In case you want to find out if your iPhone has dead pixels is to visit iphonedpt.awardspace.com using your iPhone’s Safari browser and follow the instructions.

Change your default search engine

Okay, if I was you, I wouldn’t do it, but it is always good to have a choice. I am referring to Google being the default search engine on the iPhone. If you want to change it go to Settings from your home screen then select Safari. The first setting lets you choose whether to use Google or Yahoo as your search engine.

[via MacLife]

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