Use this Hack to Activate the Voicemail Button on your Unlocked iPhone

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In case you have unlocked the iPhone using one of the software-only hacks then you would be aware that visual voicemail feature does not work. The iPhone Dev Team who bought us the first free GUI based iPhone SIM unlock tool called "anySIM" have delivered once again as they have discovered a hack which can be used to get the voicemail button to work using any carrier.

In my article on the free GUI based SIM unlock tool by the iPhone Dev Team; I had mentioned that there were couple of known issues after unlocking the iPhone to use any SIM; the visual voicemail feature does not work as you need AT&T for it to work and people have reported problems using YouTube on their unlocked iPhone. The iPhone hacking geniuses over at iPhone Dev Team have found a way around the first known issue. Here are the steps to follow which should work using any carrier.

  1. You need to first get your carrier’s voicemail number.
  2. Click on your iPhone’s phone button.
  3. Then click on the Keypad tab.
  4. You need to then add the following code: *5005*86*xxx#. Here xxx would be your voicemail number.
  5. After entering the code you tap call.
  6. This results in the code being set.
  7. Thats all, tap now on the voicemail button and it should automatically call your usual voicemail service.

Not very straightforward but I am sure you will like your unlocked iPhone even more after this hack. As always if you have unlocked your iPhone and I am guessing you are going to try this out don’t forget to let us know how well it worked for you in the comments for the benefit of fellow readers.

Don’t forget to tip them for their effort towards achieving SIM freedom. Follow this link for more details on how to donate to the iPhone Dev Team.


To avoid any confusion let me clarify that I am talking about just voicemail here and not visual voicemail and this article is for those who’ve unlocked their iPhone and have a non-functioning Voicemail button as just voicemail seems to work out of the box for some carriers like T-mobile.

Without the visual voicemail software/server on the carrier side and the feature provisioned to your mobile number you can’t have visual voicemail.

[via Gizmodo]

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