Use this Hack to Activate the Voicemail Button on your Unlocked iPhone

iPhone Unlocked

In case you have unlocked the iPhone using one of the software-only hacks then you would be aware that visual voicemail feature does not work. The iPhone Dev Team who bought us the first free GUI based iPhone SIM unlock tool called "anySIM" have delivered once again as they have discovered a hack which can be used to get the voicemail button to work using any carrier.

In my article on the free GUI based SIM unlock tool by the iPhone Dev Team; I had mentioned that there were couple of known issues after unlocking the iPhone to use any SIM; the visual voicemail feature does not work as you need AT&T for it to work and people have reported problems using YouTube on their unlocked iPhone. The iPhone hacking geniuses over at iPhone Dev Team have found a way around the first known issue. Here are the steps to follow which should work using any carrier.

  1. You need to first get your carrier’s voicemail number.
  2. Click on your iPhone’s phone button.
  3. Then click on the Keypad tab.
  4. You need to then add the following code: *5005*86*xxx#. Here xxx would be your voicemail number.
  5. After entering the code you tap call.
  6. This results in the code being set.
  7. Thats all, tap now on the voicemail button and it should automatically call your usual voicemail service.

Not very straightforward but I am sure you will like your unlocked iPhone even more after this hack. As always if you have unlocked your iPhone and I am guessing you are going to try this out don’t forget to let us know how well it worked for you in the comments for the benefit of fellow readers.

Don’t forget to tip them for their effort towards achieving SIM freedom. Follow this link for more details on how to donate to the iPhone Dev Team.


To avoid any confusion let me clarify that I am talking about just voicemail here and not visual voicemail and this article is for those who’ve unlocked their iPhone and have a non-functioning Voicemail button as just voicemail seems to work out of the box for some carriers like T-mobile.

Without the visual voicemail software/server on the carrier side and the feature provisioned to your mobile number you can’t have visual voicemail.

[via Gizmodo]

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  • Luis Pagan

    I am in the Dominican Republic, using the iPhone with Orange, and the voicemail number is *777, when I type *5005*86**777# and I try to call a recording says: "Orange is not available to connect your call as dial, please try again or contact Orange customer services", what could I do to solve this???

    Please, someone help me, that is the only thingh I need in order to have my iPhone working 100%.

  • Hey Luis, in case you haven't tried already, why don't you try *5005*86*777# and see if it works?

  • RohitSingh1982

    Is it going to cost anything extra on my cell phone bill to activate this feature?

    And if so, how much extra is it going to be a month?

  • Md6597

    It shouldn't cost you anything.. It just creates like a shortcut to your voicemail. SO you can use the button instead of a contact.

    With some carriers you can use a shortcut like *777 to jump straight to your voice mail with others you just call your own cell phone number.

    I would call your cell company and find out what the phone number is to access you voicemail from a land line (not your cell phone). Then plug that into the above steps. Like I said before with a lot of US carriers you just call your own phone number.

    Good Luck.

  • RohitSingh1982

    I'm from Toronto, Ontario, I can't believe that this has been hacked, I love the iPhone, its amazing.

    There is only one thing I can find wrong with it, and only that one.

    The digital keyboard, they should have made it that if you turn the iPhone horizontally that the keyboard will end up being wider and the keys wouldnt end up being that bunched up together. The one thing that is getting to me, is hitting the wrong key every so often. My TXT ends up sounding like a half retarted person.

  • RohitSingh1982

    Wait a min, this isn't the digital voicemail feature, is it? All this is, is just a shortcut to get to your voicemail.


    that was already unlocked when I got my unlocked iPhone.

    This isn't new.

  • Luis Pagan Admin
    I tried with *5005*86*777# and I had the same recording, I also tried my own number, and nothing, I also called my service provider asking them if there was another number for the voicemail and there is, but I'll have to dial my phone and my password that if I dial *777 from my phone I wouldn't have to, do you have any idea of any other way I can do it???


  • Al

    Hi guys thanx so much for all of this info here…I unlocked by phone using ibrkr and am still using AT&T as my carrier (on a business acct). My Voicemail button is active but I dont get visual voicemail. is there any solution for this?

  • Eisa AlMuhairi

    Hello, I thought this was for visual voice mail. My voicemail button was working after the unlock (different method than anySIM). So i hope it helps everyone who has trouble with it.

  • Blast

    It works for PlusGSM in Poland. Thanks a lot !

  • Paulo Ebling

    this method does not work when your voicemail numbers contains *xxx works just when xxx is your numbers without the * my vm bt is not working also

  • Blue

    I'm not sure if this is carrier specific, or needs be programmed much in the same way as the above "hack", but with my iPhone on AT&T I'm able to hold "1" for a few seconds to dial voicemail.

  • This method worked for me in UK. I am on o2 network and i used 901 voice mail number. Voice mail is working now! Thanks for the information!

  • Confirmed working ok:

    UK Vodafone *5005*86*121#
    UK o2 *5005*86*901#
    UK T-mobile *5005*86*OWNNUMBER#
    UK Orange *5005*86*+447973100123#

  • hkman

    HOw can i receive SMS notification from my voicemail? my iphone did not receive sms from my carrier…..

  • Adrian M

    I've got a problem…I misread and thought it was to unlock visual voice mail. I already had the voice mail working, so when I dialed (*5005*86*xxx#)it actually messed it up and I can no longer get to my voice mail through that voice mail button on my iPhone. Any ideas on how I can undo what I've done? Thanks! I'm with Rogers if that helps!

  • hkman, just type *5005*86*# and it will reset the button.

  • DrSnap

    I can't understand, what the big deal with the visual voicemail needing a carrier server!?

    Isn't (or couldn't be) visual voicemail just an app only on the client (iPhone) that "picks up" the phone (localy) and plays a recording just to record what comes from the other side? (The caller payes the connection anyway, why should i have to pay again?)
    Why does it need a server on the carrier side?

  • att1950

    Just want to say thans and it in Hong Kong.

  • mac gun

    great !!
    it works with Hutch/Vodafone india and now my voicemail button is active on iphone


  • Alejandro

    doesn't work, display messagge, unknow aplication.

    No funciona despliega un error que dice aplicacion desconocida

  • sonic

    works great for vodafone in germany.
    though i still cant receive any notification sms by my mailbox

    i wonder if vodafone's own visual voicemail service will work with the iphone? i haven't booked it yet, but i will soon try out.

  • darrell

    It works! Now my phone is 100% working! Thanks for the help!

  • hok

    great it works in holland with vodafone

    use 1233

  • Gustavo

    It works great for Movistar in Argentine.
    Funciona perfecto para Movistar Argentina!

  • DH

    In panama my voice mail number starts with an asterisk(*111), I have tried ten times and no luck….any ideas?

  • Theo

    Howdy. I am living in Switzerland and have unlocked my phone to Swisscom. Can anyone tell me the code I have to enter to get voicemail working. I have one option to divert to voicemail but that blocks all incomings and sends them straight to voicemail. And the voicemail button does not work…. Any help would be greatly appreciated….

  • Urs Aregger

    I have an iPhone with 1.1.1 and try it with an Orange SIM card in Switzerland. I have to dial +4186078xxxxxxx
    Then I think a can handle it with the following
    The phone accept it and I have to wait a few seconds but when I push the voicemail button nothing happens.
    Also to reset with *5005*86*# doesn’t work after.
    Any idea?

  • Monica

    panama here too, my cel phone carrier is also *111. I tried it with my own phone number, but I think that code is only for three digits… any other ideas? C&W Panama

  • Monica

    panama here too, my cel phone carrier is also *111. I tried it with my own phone number, but I think that code is only for three digits… any other ideas? C&W Panama

  • pless

    Hi, i live in Venezuela and unlucked mine with iBricker and iUnlock. My carrier is Movistar and the number to call VoiceMail is: *2 i tried first with *5005*86**2# and it din't work, i also tried with *5005*86*2# but also got the error message. Any ideas?
    Pless @ Venezuela.

  • MIke

    Worked great for my Rogers connection in Canada.

  • Carlos Diaz

    Hi guys, i saw one of the first comments from luis in the Dominican Republic!, does anyone knows how to get orange voicemail to work on DR?, couse it seems it works in countrys that voicemail dosent starts with *777(for example), please guys help me on this one! i want to make it work!. thanks

  • Marc

    I live in switzerland, using sunrise as mobile operator. Works perfect. Also the indicatior(red point) on the voicemail button is there, if a message is waiting.

  • anonymous

    i use my old att and this fix works great… thanks a lot

  • Bastian

    Doesn't work for E-Plus in Germany. I used this method and now my mobile phone is not longer reachable. Does anybody know how do deactivate it? *5005*86*# and via menu is not working. At the moment nobody can call me.

  • Juan Dilonex

    I'm in Dominican Republic and I found the way to make the voicemail work, dial *5005*86*8098596777#
    Note: This is the number you dial from a local phone, if it doesn't work check the number in Orange Client Service, because i dont't remember exactly the correct number.

  • alexxxboy

    Here in Mexico with movistar the code to enter is as follows:


    cheers y que viva Pancho Villa a jijos!!!!!!

  • ciaran

    works great in ireland on vodafone

  • For the person from Movistar Venezuela, i found a solution:

    type: *5005*86*YOURNUMBER#

    Example: *5005*86*0424xxxxxxx#

    Saludos 😉

  • DaveT

    HOw can i receive SMS notification from my voicemail? my iphone did not receive sms from my carrier….. Vodafone ireland

  • Marcel

    Works great!
    I am on a Bouygues Telecom sim in France and had to use:



  • Dirk

    Hi! It works with Vodafone Germany. The number is 5500. Does anybody know where I can find technical information how visual (!) voicemail works in background?!

  • freddy

    I got a couple of iPhones in USA and unlocked with freedom something. Mine works perfect with my tmobile service in and out of the states but my wife's service is Movistar and as soon as I insert her sym chip is impossible to make calls and check SMS. Looks like sim itself look this options as I tried with my tmobile one and also works great. Could you please help me out on this?


    Freddy Chirinos

  • I am also in Switzerland with Orange (v1.1.1), tried several entries
    nothing seems to work ;(
    any hint ?
    thx in advance

  • Carlos

    I can access the voicemail service by tapping the button, but I don't receive any notification when a new message arrives to the voicemail(No red number in a circle on top of the voicemail icon), how can I fix that???, thanks.

  • I cant access my voicemail while i was able to before i tapped the code. now i cant at all .
    please help me on that mattter asap

  • Bob

    In Thailand on ver 1.1.1 unlocked with AIS carrier I got it to work with their alternate number for Voice mail. *5005*86*90099# and it works

  • Carlos Diaz

    Hi i saw the comment on Bastian , for the voicemail for dominican republic, it works , but it dosent give you any signs that there is a new voicemail, so is ot actually working, how can i make the iphone show me that theres new voicemail?, thanks anyways

  • Prashant

    guys any info on activating voicemail for bharti Airtel in India

  • yunib

    on orange uk – i dont receive voice mail notification. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Jnee

    I have a red dot without a number showing number of msgs in the voice mail. I have never set up a voice mail previously, so shouldn have received anything. Any idea of removing the red dot? Thanks.

  • casey678

    I am in New Zealand, and have an unlocked iphone with 1.0.2. I have got the voicemail button working. However, It seems everyone is asking the same question, but no one has the answer – how can I get SMS notification when my voicemail has received a new message?

    Any clever people out there with the answer?

  • SR

    I am in Mauritius and have activated voicemail on Cellpplus – 123

  • TimO

    All of my iPhone features work on my unlocked phone except the internet, it says EDGE not available or something like that..does anyone know how to fix this or is it dependent on the service you use?

  • HI, I'm from Brazil and use Claro Operator. Usually, we use *100 to access Voicemail – but I used *5005*86*0yyzzxxxxxxxx# and worked fine! (yy: long distance operator code; zz: area code; xxxxxxxx own cell phone number).

  • Nas

    Hi I unlocked my US phone to be used in the UK. I unlocked it with Anysim and got the voicemail to work using the method described. It does not tell me when I have a voicemail message though.

    I tested it and its takes the recording but i have to manually check, especially when i receive a missed call that there is not a missed voiced mail.

    Anyone have any ideas how I can receive an SMS message showing me this?

  • tj yeahright

    works all perfect on my iphone in denmark…thanks

  • Anirudh

    i have a red dot without a number on the phone option. when i click on phone, i can see a red dot on the voice mail option. then when i click on voicemail, nothing happens. how can i get my iphone rid of this ugly red dot?

  • Mariano

    I tried to set up my voicemial button like this


    (where 124 is my voicemail number, "," is the pause character and 1234 is my voicemail pin number)

    so that it enters the pin automatically… but it seems to ignore the "," 🙁

    help, anyone?

  • kayleee

    is there anyway to undo this??

  • Lennart

    Works like a charm in The Netherlands with Vodafoon. (1.1.3 version)


    Many thanks !

  • vivek

    i have tried it. though the voice mail button works but i have not clu on how to set conditional call forwards to voice mail no… and when i am declining the call it isn't getting transfered to the voice mail no.
    me in India on vodafone/hutch network.
    will some body please help me on this as this is the big problem i am facing….

  • Hanzel

    The best solutiton for Venezuela is:

    This way you don't have to call your own number.

  • Louis

    Tested this in Australia (Telstra)


    and it worked 🙂

  • john

    works like a dream…a handy short cut indeed, i am on O2 in ireland…perfect

  • luis

    For does who want to get SMS notification when receive voicemails, try this:
    1. contact your operator and ask to reset you voicemail
    2. Activate again your voicemail.
    3. in options ask for a SMS when new voicemail arrives.

    If doesn't work, contact again your operator and ask to activate SMS. In portugal it works.

  • Eric

    Como hiciste para hacero funcionar en Argentina? yo tengo Personal…

  • Joanna

    ok, i guess i want to have too many things on my iphone and i don't read till the end. my voicemail button was working. i thought this is for visual voicemail. so i tapped the code plus my voicemail code is *501 and the button stopped working. please let me know how to go back to previous settings. thanks a lot.

  • joanna

    how to undo this???? thanks for your help

  • michael

    Hey just one question, if i have a hacked iphone, and then have a normal (non iphone) UK o2 contract (O2 being the one service provider with the iphone in the uk) can i use the visual voicemail that o2 gives you, if not this is very useful and will go right ahead and use it (as soon as i get my iphone)


  • Jay

    i have a 1.1.2 iPhone with a hyper sim card in it in Canada under Rogers, so its "not unlocked" but the only problem i have is that the voicemail icon isnt working,when i hit it it doesnt do anything, any ideas on how to get it to work, and is the method above safe to use.

  • hack babe

    For me, the voicemail button did not work after jailbraking 1.1.4on AT&T. However, calling your iphone and leaving a voicemail turned it back on.

  • ParadiseAngel

    visual voicemail doesn't work; however, i am able to access my voicemail by touching the voicemail icon.
    i use t-mobile and am located in hawaii!

  • Jay

    I have tmobile and I cant unlock my voicemail when I put my number in for the voicemail code.

  • MJ

    Icon's activated! Works in the Netherlands with T-mobile by using 1233! Wish I could get visual voicemail though…does't T-mobile provide for that? If so, is there a hack to get it working?


  • Matt

    Hi, I'm Matt from the UK and I tried this, using 150 for T-Mobile and it worked a treat! 😀

  • Abbas Matawah

    That works fine here in Saudi Arabia. For the AlJawwal carrier, the voice mail number is 955. The long number to which the phone should be diverted, is 0504000000 using this format, for example to forward if phone not reachable, off, no signal: **61*0504000000#


  • Gysmo

    Wow! This really works. I'm using my iPhone on the Optus Network in Australia and I can now use that VoiceMail button exactly as advertised.

    Great work

  • Mr C

    Worked a treat – one of those nagging little things that I was eager to sort – and you did it again!!

  • bobby

    hi, i'm using the iphone with canada's rogers wireless and i don't know how to get their 3 digit voicemail number, can anyone help?

  • Alireza Yaghoubi

    Voicemail works great for me, but my iPhone stopped ringing. Anyone can call me now, but I can only determine a coming call by looking at the screen. no sound, no vibration!
    Also whenever I try to call someone it says "Call forwarding active", but I'm still able to make a call. What kind of thing is this? BTW, Don't tell me to check out for that silent button. I can hear my keyboard.

  • iRob

    Ok, I have AT&T and unlocked my phone for use with them so I wouldnt have the 2 year contract.
    So I have the unlimited calling plan with the $20 unlimited data pack.

    What would I have to do to get visual voicemail?

    Thats actually a Carrier Feature that needs to be activated?

    So I have to call them and find someone ignorant enough to turn it on without figuring things out?


  • Peter Pan

    Movistar Venezuela it works *5005*86*0414xxxxxxx# but it seems it only works on postpayment plans in case you have prepaid plans it wont work, there should be another way.

  • leng

    hello! i just tried this now and really does work! thanks guys!!! really appreciate your sharing =) i just got my iphone as a mothers day gift from my hubby and it is not easy to figure out hehehe!

    more power guys!

  • edward

    hey wats up men look i have a question i unlocked my iphone so i use it with t mobile can i have the visual voice mail feature

  • Junaid

    Excellent it works with me in 2 countries. Nice job

  • Bogdan

    I say first in romania lang for my people( sorry) deci merge codul ptr Vodafone Romania
    *5005*86*334# fara probleme.I say to all from my country is work with this code in Vodafone Romania. Thank you for everything

  • Alex

    Thanks for the tip and it works fine in Finland with Sonera.


  • The Setting For Movistar Venezuela Is *5005*86*133#

  • kav

    Works with Vodafone Australia. Voicemail number is 121

  • randomthought

    I discovered on the forums a neat option from some guys talking about using unlocked iphones on T-Mobile and what they do for visual voicemail.

    You can get a account, which is free and ad-supported and simply store your voicemail there (and a lot more than a locked at&t iphone too!)

  • randomthought
  • Jonathan

    Thks Guys , it works for me in Singapore. unlocked with 1.1.4 firmware.

  • Sickness

    how do i reset this? i thought it activated visual voicemail

  • somebody knows as hack can be reverted this?

  • Tami Vincent

    Hey Guys, I unlocked my v-mail with your code in 2 seconds after spending over an hour on the phone with my provider. The associate I spoke to told me that the v-mail button will only work if I subscribe to video v-mail & then asked if I wanted to upgrade my bundle to video v-mail. Bull
    My friend told me to go to your site, I did and it unlock immediately. Thanks again!!!

  • Paquita

    Thank you so much for this information!!! It worked immediately! I live in Brussels. When I bought the desimlocked phone, I had no problems, but I change recently from operator and SIM card and could't activate the voice mail directly. So, it works here too. Thank you so much.

  • mb

    I have a 3g iPhone that was signed up as a iphone plan but I have since switched the account back to a regular voice plan with data as my company would not allow iphones. I gave the rep a IMEI of a old phone to get things working and used the SIM card in the iphone and everything works great except the voicemail indicator red dot and vm button on the iphone. When I press the vm button on the iPhone it says "Voicemail unavailable" The *5005* trick does not work but I can press #1 to get to my vm. Any ideas?

  • Jose Felipe

    Hi, i tried the code but my VM # is *123 so it doesnt work, is there any other hack for VM #´s that start with * ???

  • Mats

    Doesn't seem to work with iPhone 3G and the 2.01 software… trying to set the Swedish Telia Voicemail number for Centrex customers: *5005*86*0133# and it's a no go…. 🙁

  • lodoe

    ok its embarrassing to say this but how do you find your own voicemail nubmer tha tnubmer when you dial *5005*86*XXX# how do you ind that XXX nubmer pllzz tell me i need hlep

  • BBT

    FR-SFR: *5005*86*123# works great !

  • jonathan

    Hi, there is a way to get back the visual voicemail screen if my phone now calls to my voicemail number? iPHone is now available on my country so my carrier have the server for visual voicemail.

  • lobster

    Works in the Cayman Islands!

  • lamstones

    Thanks this works with the 3G iphone in Hong Kong

  • Katie

    I have an unlocked iphone from USA t-mobile. I can't get the voicemail to work and I dont know the code. Can someone please tell me the code?

  • John

    any idea of code xxx for us att?

  • André Berly

    Got an unlocked iPhone from Hongkong. I am using carrier Maxis from Malaysia. I could not use the voicemail button. Now it works OK. Many thanks . AB

  • Thanks Very much
    I am on 3 in australia and the hack worked perfectly as described, ( my service provider had no idea how to do it !)

  • matt

    works with optus in australia! fantastic. thanks heaps:)

  • craig

    works in Macau CTM

  • craig

    works in Macau CTM

  • This does a beautiful job of directing my voicemail button to T-Mobile. My problem is that when others call my phone now and I don't answer they go to my AT&T voicemail. I have a new 3G 2.2 with an unlock sims card installed. Just did it last night. How do I get missed calls to go to T-Mobile voice mail?

  • D 2e P

    Can anyone tell me voicemail number for tmobile in US?

  • WOW–>Great Job!
    Works in BRAZIL (Oi Carrier)
    Thx a lot!

    Bom Trabalho!
    Funciona no BRASIL (Operadora Oi)
    Muito Obrigado!

  • Paul

    It works perfect for Canada!


  • Scott

    UK Virgin *5005*86*OWNNUMBER#
    (since Virgin UK uses T-mobile network)

  • Randy

    Can anyone tell me voicemail number for T-MOBILE in the US?

    and if is works on 3g jailbroken this *5005*86*the number#

  • Angela

    Awesome… Works with Telenor in Sweden on *5005*86*888#

  • Sadaf

    I still have problem with T-mobile!
    I did what ever you said, but it doesn't work.
    I can't stand it at all!
    Please help me.
    I need to check my voice mail ASAP. [:-(]

  • Rob


  • Rob

    Anyway to reverse this? Stupid me, I did this in my AT&T account Iphone 3G because holding keypad 1 did not go to voice mail and I totally screwed the visual mail. I don't get any visual mail anymore and any alerts that tells me I have a voice mail. I treid restoring the phone but this hack messes something up in the carriers setting, not phone. How to revert this???? did the *5005*#* but still no visual mail. Thanks.

  • Cedric Du Trevou

    Just wanted to say thanks , it works great . I have being trying to get this option to work for months now .


  • iphone tmobile USA

    tmobile usa:

  • Hamish

    Ace – Another annoying little iPhone "quirk" dealt with.

    Worked perfectly for me on UK Vodafone.


  • Nick

    just saying that this still works a treat having just used it. thnkas

  • layla

    how did you get the 901 voice mail number ?

    Cause when i call T-Mobile they say that there is no voice mail number So… Or do i Call the voice mail number by another NAME ?

  • An onymous

    This works still great, on iOS 4.0.1. Finland, operator Saunalahti.

  • BahamaRass

    Great hack man, I'm from the Bahamas so our carrier does't even touch Iphones. This works great with my unlocked phone.

  • ian

    just done this on my iphone 3GS unlocked to virgin – thanks a million

  • Rockoman

    It perfectly worked…. It worked like a charm… Thanx mate… Am from India…

  • ok so i was having a problem with my service on my jailbroken iphone and I usaully try to diagnose these things myself but i said hey let me give T-mobile a shot. I called t mobile and they couldnt figure it out so they tranfered me to an apple technician. After spending an hour on the phone with the tech, there was no solution. He said the only way would be to restore the phone with i tunes. I wasnt ready for that. Within 2 min after I got off the phone I fixed the problem myself by typing my problem into google and finding the code on this website. This was a quick easy fix. I should of went by my first instict instead of relying on apple to help me!

  • Pat

    I am from Toronto Canada. I haven’t subscribed for voicemail with rogers, but I use free voicemail through
    With this hack I added their voicemail number and now its supercool.

  • Scott

    Works with 2degrees NZ

  • Nydenizen

    Garbage! Simply get an ‘unable to complete’ message from Verizon!