iTunes 7.5 Update Removes Custom RingTones and Ringtone Indicator missing

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Yesterday Apple released the latest version of iTunes (v7.5) and QuickTime (v7.3). Today we have news of issues being reported by iPhone users after upgrading to the latest version of iTunes.

Apparently if you had used iToner to add custom ringtones to your iPhone then after upgrading to iTunes 7.5 if you connect your iPhone for the first time then the custom ringtones are removed.

We also have issues being reported by several users that some or all ringtone indicators in iTunes for songs which can be also added as ringtones are missing after the update to iTunes 7.5.

However, if you have faced these issues then check out the workarounds available to resolve the problem after the jump.

In case of the custom ringtones that were added using iToner, Michael Simmons, Director of Marketing for Ambrosia has been forthcoming in providing the solution. This is what he had to say to solve the problem:

"If you re-sync again with iToner, then everything is fine (even subsequent syncs with iTunes is fine, it’s just the initial connect of your iPhone that blows out the custom ringtones for some reason).”

As for the ringtone indicator in iTunes there are 2 possible solutions courtesy iPhone Atlas:

De-authorize then re-authorize your iTunes account This can be accomplished using the functions found in the “Store” menu in iTunes. First pick the “De-authorize” command, then when our computer has been successfully de-authorized, go back and select the “Authorize” command – your ringtone icons may reappear.

Open Ringtone editor Control-click (on a Mac) or right-click (Mac or PC) on one of the tracks that does display a ringtone eligibility icon and select the Create Ringtone option. Close the editor, and your ringtone eligibility icons may reappear.

Though there has been some speculation that the issue observed with custom ringtones is another attempt by Apple to prevent iPhone owners from using programs like iToner to add custom ringtones rather than pay Apple the additional 99c to add a song as a ringtone, this time round it appears to be some side effect of the changes that were introduced in iTunes 7.5 especially since it hasn’t been observed by everyone.

If you have faced any of the above issues do let us know if the workaround mentioned above helps in resolving the issue.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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