AudioAmp: Fix iPhone’s low Ringer Volume

One of the complaints of the iPhone has surprisingly been iPhone’s low ringer volume. It seems to be well below the standard, in terms of volume, established by other mobile handsets.

Most of the users have blamed iPhone’s tiny speakers to be the culprit of this problem. However I had reported that the culprit in fact could be the audio itself and not the speaker and you could use a hack to fix this problem.

I had even published an iPhone tip on how to resolve the low volume problem of your iPhone’s ringer by using a a loud, high frequency audio custom ringtone rather than ringtones currently available on the iPhone.

However, Erica over @ Tuaw had figured out that the Celestial framework folder (/System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/) had a Maximum Volume property list. She had observed that adjusting the Default -> Default value up to 0.99, up from 0.7 had boosted the iPhone’s speaker volume.

iPhone hacking genius Nick "Drudge" Penree has apparently made use of this iPhone tip from Erica to develop a native iPhone application which will do all the work for you and thus save you of all the hassles. The iPhone App called AudioAmp is available as a package in

Let me know if the iPhone App helps!

Thanks Nick for the tool.

[via Tuaw]

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