Native iPhone App: iSMS – Allows you to Send SMS to Multiple Recipients and to do lots more

The SMS application in the iPhone is quite basic in functionality. If you are a heavy user of SMS then one of the features you would probably be missing would be the ability to send SMS to multiple recipients.

Not anymore as there is good news for you, as iPhone hacker Shawn Chain has released a native iPhone application called iSMS which will let you just that and lots more.

iSMS, the native iPhone application is an enhanced version of the SMS application which allows you to do a lot more then the simple SMS application that comes bundled with the iPhone.

Here is the list of features included in iSMS which are missing from iPhone’s SMS application:

  • You can send SMS to multiple recipients.
  • You can view messages by following categories: Inbox, Sent, Draft.
  • Search text messages directly on the iPhone.
  • Forward SMS messages by tapping an individual message.
  • Call the sender or receiver of a particular text message directly by tapping the “call” button while viewing an individual message.
  • Access a list of predefined messages by tapping the “Template” button.
  • Insert smileys via icons by tapping the “Smiley” button.

iSMS can be installed using the Installer app, you can install it from the "Network" section. Make sure you install the Community Sources for the application to work.

The User Interface seems to be quite intuitive so will not get into the details of how to use it as I am sure you folks will figure it out.

If you are a heavy SMS user then looking at the feature list of iSMS, it seems like a must-have application. If you plan to check it out then do share your feedback on the latest native iPhone Application in the comments for the benefit of fellow readers.

Thanks Shawn Chain for iSMS.

Screenshots of iSMS’s user interface below: