iPhone Rumors: iPhone Application SDK Key leaked?

Erica Sadun over at Tuaw is reporting that an anonymous tipster informed them about a website which seems to have revealed the iPhone’s SDK key. The news has been further confirmed by iPhone "Elite" developer Zibri’s blog post.

Erica has this to say about the significance of the key:

"Since all iPhone applications must be properly signed for iTunes to process them and for the iPhone to load them, this key suggests that hackers are closer to creating compliant IPA application bundles for home-brew iTunes distribution. With the proper key, developers can create and distribute applications that load through iTunes without Apple’s blessing."

Though I am not challenging the significance such a key could hold, I find it extremely hard to believe that the iPhone hackers have been able to crack it and then get away publishing it to the world.

Also even if we assume that the iPhone hacking geniuses have managed to get the key using Brute force, why would they publish it even before the SDK is released? It feels too stupid to be true.

What say folks?

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  • heh

    zibri denys this is the isdk key. see here: http://zibree.blogspot.com/2008/01/seda-give.html

  • Louis

    Sweet….That's the best thing since sliced bread…

    Now everyone will be happy…Developers of SDK can get paid for their work and ipone users can really start enjoying the iphone…

  • C

    whats an SDK mind my asking

  • casey l. crowell

    i want to get installer on my iphone successfully and be able to put third party applications on my iphone.

  • casey l. crowell

    third party applications on my iphone i want them

  • Phil

    One fantastic use for this key, if it is real, is the ability to connect your iPhone directly to the IDE as shown in the presentation. Currently you need an SDK key for this to happen. It is rather hard to do all the nice tilt action on programming the iPhone due to having to use the simulator.

    Another BIG problem, again based on the above problem, is testing your code using the OpenGL|ES engine. This only resides on your iPhone and not on the Mac, so again this can't be tested.

    iPhone development, according to Apples website, will be limited to the US at first and rolling out to other countries over the next few months. Why? Again a fully working key would help everyone looking to create apps.

    I for one would love to be able to get a software key just to be able to test our code on an official iPhone rather than having to depend on the half baked simulator.