ZiPhone 2.5: Single-Step Method to JailBreak & Unlock iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 Released

It was earlier today that I had mentioned about the ultimate method to jailbreak iPhone 1.1.4 which the iPhone Dev Team were planning to release soon.

But you need not have to wait as iPhone hacking expert Zibri has just released the latest version of his tool, ZiPhone 2.5, to JailBreak and Unlock iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 and you can do all this with a graphical interface for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Before I go into the details it is important to mention that before you jailbreak your iPhone, be sure to backup in iTunes so that you can restore your iPhone if something goes terribly wrong and since I have not tried this method I am not in a position to confirm either way so do remember that hacking your iPhone is completely at your own risk.

When the latest iPhone firmware was released earlier in the week, Zibri had recommended users not to upgrade as he needed to make some adjustments and fully test it. At that time he had expected to release the new version of ZiPhone in 3 days and a day earlier for those who donated. However, he has been kind enough to release it to everyone thanks.

The latest version of ZiPhone v2.5 can be used to jailbreak and unlock iPhone running the latest iPhone firmware which means it will also work on iPhones shipped with 1.1.4 out-of-the-box (OTB) and you have version for both Mac and Windows users.

For all those running iPhone with older firmware, Zibri recommends them to restore to 1.1.4 and not to update. So download the latest iPhone firmware 1.1.4 as a standalone download from this link (size: 165 MB) and after downloading the update, you can hold the "Option" key on a Mac or "Shift" key on a Windows system, then click the "Restore" button in iTunes (under the iPhone tab) and select the downloaded file to apply it. 

Then download the latest version of ZiPhone from here and follow the on-screen instructions. Zibri has also provided a separate advanced interface for experts. The entire process of jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone should take you approximately 5 mins.

The other good thing is that ZiPhone will also install the cool Installer app which will make it easy to install unauthorized third-party iPhone applications.

Checkout the User Interface of the latest version of ZiPhone below:

In case you face any issues and need clarifications, you could checkout the comments on Zibri’s post here, he has been quite prompt in responding to queries.

As always do drop in a line to tell us how well the latest version of ZiPhone worked for you and in case you have any tips do share it with fellow readers in the comments.


I have updated the post based on inputs from Jason Burroughs & meow66meow who had highlighted that it should be "Restore" instead of "Update".

I have also updated the download link of iPhone firmware 1.1.4 standalone file based on inputs from Dr.Ahcir and Dipan.

Thanks guys for your feedback, appreciate it.


Step-By-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone and to Fix the YouTube Problem


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  • CerealKiller

    Works Great! Installer and jailbreak was done in like 1 minute!!! Perfect! Thanks!

  • key

    works like a charm. used the mac version. running leopard, 8 gb iphone, older BB (3.9 or whatever it is). did the jailbreak only and it's money….


  • Douceswild

    works great! although a lot of the apps like Summerboard and Voicenotes don't work with 1.1.4 yet. ah well. I can wait

  • jason Burroughs

    you mistakenly said to hit the update button, but you meant restore!

    "you can hold the option key on a Mac or Shift key on a Windows system, then click the “Update” button in iTunes (under the iPhone tab) and select the file to apply it."

  • Ando

    I can't download it, each time i press download ziphone the page just refreshes, what should i do???????

  • meow66meow

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    Do NOT click the "Update" button! Instead press the "Option" key (on a Mac) or the "Shift" key (on a PC) and then click the "RESTORE" button in iTunes. After that you just select the 1.1.4 firmware package you downloaded.

  • laurnzo

    Why go through the trouble of hold shift key or anything before restoring, just open Itunes and when it loads just hit restore, it will restore and update to 1.1.4. Mine worked like charm, checked everything and it they all works great

  • Jason

    123 It was done! Great program I have been waiting for this!


  • Dr.Ahcir

    Please update the link of the iPhone firmware, it links to "iPod1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore" instead of "iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore"

  • Are these hacking programs available on windows?

  • Dipan
  • Juan Luis

    I HAVE MY IPHONE UNLOCKED WITH 1.1.3. SHOULD I FOWOLL THIS INTRUCTIONS: For all those running iPhone with older firmware, Zibri recommends them to restore to 1.1.4 and not to update. So download the latest iPhone firmware 1.1.4 as a standalone download from this link (size: 165 MB) and after downloading the update, you can hold the "Option" key on a Mac or "Shift" key on a Windows system, then click the “Update” "Restore" button in iTunes (under the iPhone tab) and select the file to apply it. (Thanks Jason Burroughs & meow66meow for highlighting the error.)


  • Louis

    Iphones will start selling like hotcakes..I already know 5 folks who are going to get an iphone after I showed them how easy it was to get t-mobile service with 1.1.4…I tried to buy another one at the apple store but you can't buy an iphone with cash.

    This is sooo cool…Now I have two phones and can go overseas and use the local SIM and not have to worry about a $4,000.00 phone bill when I get home because I was roaming…

    The only problem I had was youtube not working….I found that if you trash the files in /root/Library/Lockdown instead of replacing as suggested in 1.1.3 along with the file in the activation folder (trash it) you can reactivate youtube.

    There was a solution ABOVE for intel macs but when you hear of a solution and have tried it and can confirm AFTER EXPERIMENTING, please post the youtube fix in your next blog thanks.

  • henry

    I keep trying to update installer applications and I get an error message cannot update send song 3.1

  • jay

    i have tried twice just to jailbreak my phone. I did a clean upgrade and restore of my personal stuff ie tel number…no music was installed. when i runziphone it just sits there in "entering recovery mode".that's it…

  • Jose

    I just jailbreak my iphone. I tried installing new applications but they did not work. Did I do anything wrong or should Iwait for updates?

  • robyn

    I cannot believed how well this worked. I thought it was not bad jailbreaking 3 months ago with the 23 step process . When you think of hacking into a phone , you think that is something that you have to be some computer genius to do, but this new application is amazing. It really was one click and I actually didn't have any abnormal problems with this one. I like how it actually notes what processes are taking place and even more importantly it explains what should be going on with the iphone as it is jailbreaking the iphone. With the other hacks, you were just left wondering if what your iphone was doing was normal or not. I really hope that the summerboard and customized will work soon with 1.1.4. They need to keep it updated . That is the best part of hacking, the ability to customize every detail of your phone to make it your own.

  • Boss123

    hip hip hurray….i did it…using Ziphone 2.5
    1. connected my 1.1.1 jailbroken iphone to the PC ( windows XP ).BACKED UP MY IPHONE FIRST.
    2. was running the latest version of itunes.
    3. downloaded the iphone ver 1.1.4 software onto the PC. just downloaded did not install.
    4. pressed shift and restore in the Itunes windows
    5. Choosed the file that i downloaded as per index number 3.. ver 1.1.4 . Clicked ok.
    6. the phone restored the version to 1.1.4
    7. after it completed ran Ziphone…and in a few min …..hurray!!! all systems go.
    Showing Version 1.1.4 (4A102)
    i did not touch the phone till at all during this time….but prayed lot in that 5 min gap.
    8. tested it by making a call …worked…
    9. Wifii working perfect…

    man if i can do it anybody can…i got absolutely no idea what i did but just follow instruction

  • banker

    worked like a charm. used it on an unlocked 1.1.1 that i had upgraded from 1.0.2 weeks ago. to run this i use an acer notebook with WinXP , iTunes 7.6.1 and iPhone on 1.1.1:

    – upgraded iTunes to 7.6.1 on XP
    – synced my iphone
    – downloaded restore 1.1.4
    – downloaded and installed ziphone 2.5
    – press shift restore in iTunes to select restore 1.1.4 file (restore took several minutes)
    – ran ziphone and pressed do it all (took 4 minutes)
    – iTunes asked me to restore settings of previous iphone > yes did it
    – synced
    – everything works all data is restored

    one very happy banker :-))

  • anthony

    I cannot believed how easy the process was. I did everything and I the only thing that I am having problem with was the download of applications and install. If anyone can help I thank you!!!!

  • Kals


    Just wanted to confirm , If I just go a buy a new IPHONE and try ZIPHONE on it , will that work is it just for IPHONES which were unlocked previously?

  • key

    Kals – yes, it'll work for OTB (out of the box) iphone's. the OTB will most likely have the 1.1.3 firmware if not 1.1.2, so just restore your firmware to the 1.1.4 using the method provided…

  • CerealKiller

    Summerboard works now!!!! (Before I changed the system file to think it was 1.1.3 in "CoreServices") But it now works with 1.1.4, only thing I am waiting for ins Customize, cause you know Apple most likely won't approve Customize with the SDK, it's too much of a change for the iPhone…But maybe…

  • Surface

    Wow, that was pretty simple. I was worried at first, and kind of hesitent, but I must say that was awesome. I just bought the 16G iPhone on Friday, It came with 1.1.3, I got home, and updated to 1.1.4. I read this post, and DL'd the 1.1.4_Restore, restored the phone to factory settings (1.1.3) Then tried to restore to 1.1.4, but it would give me an error. Tried restoring back to 1.1.3 and no go, gave me an error again. So I restarted my PC and the iPhone, plugged them back together it booted fine, restored the iphone to be working again and updated to 1.1.4 on it's own. I then did the shift click restore to 1.1.4 and installed ZiPhone and it worked like a charm! Thanks a lot!

  • Surface

    I do have one question for anyone reading these posts, hopefully you can help out, since I am a newbie to the iPhone and the 3rd party apps. Where would I be able to go to make my mp3's my ring tones? I made a 7 sec mp3 file I got for a ringtone, converted it to an AAC format, and it won't go into iTunes under ringtones. Which is kind of frustrating. Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appriciated!

  • cerealkiller

    Surface, go to the main page and scroll down a little, there is a post about the ringtone hack, I made the video, its simple and takes no time.

  • john doe

    I have encountered a problem. i restored to 1.1.4 and unlocked my phone, and now i cannot recieve my email or watch you tube. when i try to retrieve my email i get a messge that says the username is invalid. before i jailbreaked my phone my email worked just fine. is there anyone who knows what i can do to fix this problem????

  • cerealKiller

    just restore back to 1.1.4 and try jailbreak/unlock again.

  • Ben

    Works with vista ultimate 64 and my iphone, excellent app, thanks to Zibri!

  • new to iphone

    i just got my iphone which my sister bought in the us. i havent activated my phone. OTB to be exact. im using leopard on my mac book pro and im at another country. want to use it with a local sim. how will i start? dunno how to back it up since its not yet activated. thanks and more power

  • quy


    i originally bought a out of the box unlocked 1.1.3 iphone. I messed up my phone using "fontswap" and the spinning wheel of death popped up. I used the 1.1.4 unlocking and restore option as instructed and the wheel disappeared. However, i now have a message that says I need a carrier sim chip. please HELP… because i have tmobile.

  • John Becker

    After i do this will my phone work fine ( meaning AT&T) i hope i dont have to activate my phone again. Will this mess up anything that involves my Phone features?

  • ~ john ~ (singapore)

    kudos to ZIBRI for making this available to all of us! the only prob i am encountering is the lost of connection sometimes when i sync my iphone to my pc. i wont say its because of the cable because i didnt have this problem when i was using 1.1.2. cant wait for the update of the SUMMER BOARD to work with 1.1.4

  • El Mejor

    I have a 16GB iphone wich came with 1.1.3 and I want to know if I can downgrade to 1.1.1 jailbreak and unlock so I can use all the application on the insteller,Plese any help

  • key

    @ el mejor – why would you bother downgrading when you can do a full restore to 1.1.4 now and still jailbreak your phone ??

  • k

    i have just UNLOCKED and any sim on 2 iphons 1 from uk and 1 from us 1.2 and 1.1
    just open Itunes and when it loads just hit restore, it will restore and update to 1.1.4.
    no need to do Shift key.
    then open
    click do all and thats it!! 5 min so easy Mine worked like charm, it checked everything and they all works great

    well dun top man


    and if you need internet put in gprs settings it works

    if you need gprs seatings for you network look

    just put them in the edge seatings

    have fun

  • Hi Surface and other who want to get ringtones onto their iphone.

    We have recently developed a free to use online tool that lets you get ringtones onto your iphone. is a website where you can upload edit en share ringtones and video for free.

    Using our technical skills, or background in music and ringtone production we have found a way to produce ringtones for the iphone and on top of that automatically synch your online selected catalog with your phone.

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  • saral

    it works gr8 … but m facing a problem with wi-fi m not able to download ne application 🙁

  • Tri


    After i upgrade to 1.1.4 from Zibri, WE all known that YOU CAN NOT download any APP. from Installer
    The Error message will show up "Package download failed!" Also all packages from Installer are FAILED!!!



  • Basil

    Don't be upset so fast..and don't blame Zibri..He done a greate Job!! I had the same problem and tried many things but the following worked for me.

    Open Installer
    Go to Sources
    Refresh Sources
    It shows there is an upgrade for Installer
    Update Installer
    Try Now..!!!!

  • Tri

    Oh yea, my mistake, lately i refresh sources then everything is fine now, thanks for the tip

  • Jason R

    I went to the ziphone webs site and clicked on the download and it just restarts the web page no matter how many times you click on it. Please help I want to mod my iphone.

  • lee

    Thanks worked great the first time.


    i had trouble with the Ziphone website as well here is another link… i hope this one helps…


    If ziphone asks for framework 2.0 download from here ( and install it then try opening Ziphone again and it should work

  • Scorpion

    I used this method on unlocked 1.1.3, restored to 1.1.4 and then ran ziphone when it restarted, it is not able to search for any network. Need someone's help urgently.

  • gabe perez

    hey guys i think i messed up.. i went from 1.1.2 out of box and updated it threw itunes and then i am tryin to jailbreak it and unlock it again but when i plugg in my iphone it pops up in itunes and will keep me in the activation screen threw at&t and when i try to close it it doesnt let me try to restore it at all what can i do to get past the activation screen so i can unlock it??

  • IpHucked


    You need to use GarageBand, and export the file "as a ringtone to Itunes"

  • ellyutan

    hi guys,
    i just got my iphone, just opened it from a sealed box. i dont know what firmware version it is, so can i just go on itunes and restore to 1.1.4? and continue the process using ziphone as mentioned above? thanx for the help guys.

  • cmonspike

    I used version 2.6b of ZiPhone to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone.

    I had bought my phone unlocked at version 1.02 and was quite nervous about going through with this but here are the steps I followed.

    1. Install ZiPhone Version 2.6b

    1.A Install iTunes 7.6.1 from Apple.

    2. Open iTunes and connect iPhone making sure iTunes detects phone.

    3. Launch ZiPhone and click the "Refurbish" option in ZiPhone to re-lock the iPhone to factory defaults.

    4. Once the process is done, close zIphone and let the iPhone get redetected by iTunes, it will say the phone software needs to be restored…. proceed with this option.

    5. At some point you will get an error that there was an error installing the software and your iPhone will go dead! DO NOT PANIC. Hold the power on button and turn on the iPhone and reconnect to iTunes. A message will appear saying that the iPhone firmware needs to be restored. Proceed with this option. Let it finish it's operations. When done the phone will reconnect to iTunes and you will receive the message to activate your iPhone. At this point, close iTunes and leave the iPhone connected to the computer.

    6. Launch ZiPhone v2.6b and select the "Do it All" option and let it do it's thing…. appx 4 minutes.
    Close zIphone when done.

    7. Launch iTunes and voila, your iPhone is now reactivated and working on 1.14.

    8. Resync your iphone to restore contacts, photo, music, etc

    NOTE: Make sure to backup all you contacts, photos, etc via sync to your computer before you start.

  • t-phone

    how do u get the internet to work for the iphone with a t-mobile chip in it??? i need help!!!!!!!

  • Tyrone

    dude…You are the MAN!!!!!! I tried 5 to 6 different methods to get youtube to work…they all FAILED…your method worked PERFECTLY!!!!! Thanks a lot bro…I am greatful for your knowledge!!!!!

  • mike


    After downloading a 1.1.4 firmware zip package, it automatically uncompresses and a whole lot of folders appear, after pressing the option key and the restore button, itunes opens a window for me to select the package, but none of these files can be selected!

    Can anybody help?

  • i tried mikeys youtube fix… everything went smoothly, until the part where my iphone resets after it is done… my father has a password for locking the iphone, i turned auto-locking to NEVER like said. after iphone reseted settings, it is now stuck in the "connect to itunes" display, and itunes said that it cannot connect to the iphone because i need to input the lock code on the iphone, but iphone doesnt allow me to input the code. only make emergency calls. helps on getting past this, or some way to reverse everything i did

  • Thank you. You have helped someone more than you could know.

  • jaja

    how can I unlock iphone 4 . for free ?