Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using iTunes (Coming Soon)

We have seen numerous methods to Jailbreak iPhone firmware from the iPhone hacking community, some of them have been simple while some only for the technically inclined.

However, the preview of the latest Jailbreak method using iTunes from the iPhone Dev Team that is shown in the YouTube video after the jump could make it one of the easiest methods to jailbreak iPhone and it is coming soon for iPhone firmware 1.1.4.

What is JailBreaking?

When you want to customize your iPhone to add custom ringtones, change wallpaper, or install unauthorized third-party applications on your iPhone, you need to perform a task called "jailbreaking". In essence it opens up your iPhone’s file system so it can be accessed from your computer.

The video shows hackers using iTunes to restore the iPhone to an already-jailbroken and activated iPhone running firmware 1.1.4. This has been possible by pre-hacking the iPhone software bundle (the ipsw file) that is restore the iPhone.

Checkout the video demonstration of the method to Jailbreak iPhone using iTunes:

The method is currently not available to public but pumpkin, one of the members of the iPhone Dev Team has commented that they plan to release the full instructions and some tools in the next few days though the speculation is that it will be released when Apple releases SDK (details of which we hear will be revealed at next weeks event).

There has been some chatter by folks on the authenticity of the video/method etc, but we have seen these guys deliver a jailbreaking method firmware after firmare so lets give them a break and let them focus on releasing the ultimate jailbreaking method for iPhone firmware 1.1.4.

Pumpkin, roxfan, Turbo, wizdaz, bgm, np101137 and the iPhone dev team, Congratulations! I can safely say on behalf of the readers, we are all waiting for the ultimate iPhone jailbreak method to be released.

If you cannot wait for this method to be released then you can check out this post: JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 with iNdependence 1.4 Beta 5.

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