ZiPhone 3.0: New version of Popular tool to JailBreak and Unlock iPhone Released

I had written about iLiberty an easy to use application to jailbreak, activate and unlock iPhone. If life was not good enough in the iPhone hacking world, Zibri has just released the latest version of ZiPhone v3.0, an extremely popular tool for automatically jailbreak and unlock the iPhone which new enhancements.

There is nothing better than being spoilt for choice.

As I had mentioned earlier ZiPhone has been extremely popular, however with the older version some iPhone users had reported facing problems with YouTube. Zibri has fixed the YouTube issue along with some other issues in the latest version of ZiPhone.

The new version of ZiPhone includes the following enhancements:

  • No more need of fix NVRAM.
  • Solution for greyed Wi-Fi.
  • The YouTube Fix is no longer required.
  • Now the cool Installer app also gets installed on your iPhone(thought it was installed in the older version as well, anyhoo).
  • Customized plugins.

It is important to note here that before hacking your iPhone it is a good idea to take a backup of your iPhone in iTunes so that in the worst case situation if things goes horribly wrong you can always restore the iPhone.

ZiPhone v3.0 works with iPhone firmware 1.1.4 [including new out-of-the-box iPhone (OOTB)] and is now available for both Mac and Windows users and you can download it from Zibri’s blog.

Please do share your feedback on the latest version of the ZiPhone for the benefit of fellow readers in the comments.

If you are having problems using ZiPhone, you might want to checkout iLiberty: Easy to use Application to JailBreak, Activate and Unlock iPhone.


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  • What version of the iPhone software does this work with?

  • Hey Carlton,

    ZiPhone works with iPhone firmware 1.1.4 (OOTB). I have also updated the post accordingly.

    In case your iPhone is running on an older version of the firmware, you could checkout iLiberty an easy to use Application to JailBreak, Activate and Unlock iPhone.


  • alex

    i jsut used the ziphone when i go to you tube it say cant connect how do i fix that

  • Hey Alex,

    Sorry to hear that you are facing the YouTube issue as per Zibri's blog that issue should have been fixed in v3.0.

    Anyways, you don't need to worry. Checkout this step-by-step guide by iPhone Hacks reader SpikeyMickey. His guide has helped many readers to fix this issue.


  • Ya the youtube fix still does not work yet. I still had to run spikeymikey's fix. Also the youtube fix provided in the installer program under 1.1.4 tweaks doesn't work either.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Jason

    I've downloaded and installed ZiPhone 3.0 and everything works perfect except for one thing. It didn't unlock it. The phone still works with my att sim but when I put in a sim card from t-mobile it doesn't work. I've tried it with more than one t-mobile sim card and it still doesn't work so I know it's not the card. So it's as if ZiPhone didn't unlock it. If you have any suggestions on how to fix this please let me know.



  • alex

    just did my phone one more time and not everything work grate woohoo!!


    why doesnt my mail work anymore on this thing?!

  • ping77

    I got Ziphone 3.0 and still lost Youtube and Yahoo apps. Ziphone's claims to eliminate the wifi bugs in this version are 100% bogus! I've tried everything I could to fix this and nothing works

  • Daz

    I used zIphone 3.0 and unlocked ootb new iPhone. This shows now as version 1.1.2

    Do i need to upgrade to 1.1.4 or do I not bother. I read Push Mail, is in 2.0 beta.
    That is what i want.
    Any info would help.


  • Aldy

    Hi. I hope you can help or give me directions to where I can get some help. I downloaded the latest ziphone edition and tried it out on my brand new iphone from UK. Everything seemed to be going alright with the unlock, jailbreak and activation, but at some point it just stopped. I stopped the process as ziphone tells you to and tried again. But now ziphone can't even connect to my iphone. I tried to replug, but then I get these alarming messages:
    -hardware config
    -waiting for core reset
    -waiting for ahb idle
    -core reset complete
    -cable is connected, starting stack
    -can't start! Need configuration

    I feel really frustrated and I hope there is some chance to fix this issue. If someone could help, I'd be very grateful

  • btmac

    I have tried everything listed out there to get you tube working again. Its either I get you tube working and no cell service or I have service and no you tube. I thought 3.o was the solution, still no luck there has to be a fix.

  • the69mexican

    hey i have ziphone 3 on my mac. everything works great except youtube even when i go into tweak and try to fix it with the two apps they have in there for the 1.1.4. that doesnt really bother me. what i really need help is my mail. i tried my friend's gmail account and that works great but not my yahoo ones. so how can i fix tha? i downloaded syncfix and it told me to sync my mail accounts in itunes and it should work, but it didnt…PLEASE HELP!!

  • James

    okay so I have not jailbroken my iPhone yet but it isn't out of the box I have been using it for a few days and have all of my contacts on it. So I do want to jailbreak it but will I lose all of my contacts and I have an email with a a private domain which I own will this still work once I jailbreak my iPhone.

  • Hey James,

    I had mentioned in my post on backing up the iPhone that one of the most common (and obvious) recommendation/advice before hacking the iPhone is to backup the iPhone so that if things go horribly wrong you can at least restore your iPhone to avoid losing any of your settings such as sound settings, widget settings, certain network settings, and other preferences and information such as text messages, notes, call history contact favorites etc.

    So you should find the post on iPhone backup helpful (link below):


  • alexandre

    I unlocked my iphone 16 gb with ziphone 2.6b and it works great. I have just one problem: Sometimes my iphone brake (stop working) and I have to reset it (press HOME and Start bottom – the apple logo appear and few minutes later it starts again). It always happend when I go out from the underground or other place where I have no signal from the mobile operator, when the sinal back it stop working… what can I do ? Thanks and sorry for my poor english Alex

  • docdibble

    Have a 1.1.4 iphone with greyed-out wifi and have tried the fix couple times well but still no proper solution from ziphone. Has anyone sorted this out yet and if so please tell how?

  • piratepat

    so i used ziphone and pressed the everything button, everything works fine i have several working apps on my iphone, the only problem is i cant use and programs like iphonelist or even simple ibrickr just to add files. when i plug up the phone it says its no jailbroken…how do i fix this?????

  • Samuel

    Please you iLibirty+. ZiPhone makes permanent changes to your phone. ZiPhone works most of the time but when it fails it leaves you with an unusable paper weight. Everything iLiberty+ does can be undone so in the event it fails on you just simply restore your phone and try again.


    I have tried to jailbreak my phone using this. But it doesnt work, all it does is show the connect to itunes thing and then i have to restore my phone. What should i do?

  • Mohammed Ali

    I have a 2g 16gb iphone, i need to get the jail broken version of 3.0 update, and i was because most of my games are not working. the phone is running slow and i wanted to see if you have got the 3.0 jail broken software.



  • zeb

    how can i downgrade my iphone 4?? its runing os 5.0.1. ziphone can’t find my phone right now. will you be making version for new firmwares?