Step-By-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone and to Fix the YouTube Problem

For all those who had a problem jailbreaking their iPhone with ZiPhone 2.5, can checkout the latest version ZiPhone, v2.5c which has been released by Zibri which
fixes some of the issues.

If you are facing a problem with YouTube post the jailbreak as reported by
some of the readers, then you can also checkout the excellent step-by-step
guide to fix the YouTube problem by none other then an iPhone Hacks reader, SpikeyMikey303.

Based on feedback from readers, ZiPhone is the easiest methods so far to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 and hence also very popular with iPhone owners.

However, quite a few readers here @ iPhone Hacks have reported that they are having problems with YouTube post Jailbreaking their iPhone and had asked me if I had a solution to fix the YouTube problem (an issue which many faced with previous versions of the iPhone firmware as well). Unfortunately I am no iPhone hacking genius I am just a passionate iPhone fanboy and a humble reporter of all the hacks, applications and news on the iPhone.

But today I have some good news as iPhone Hacks reader SpikeyMikey303 has figured out a way to fix the YouTube problem on his Jailbroken iPhone running Firmware 1.1.4. He has also gone a step ahead and has been kind enough to send me an excellent step-by-step guide to fix it which could help other iPhone Hacks readers.

Before I go into the details it is important to mention that before you jailbreak your iPhone or go ahead to fix the YouTube problem, be sure to backup in iTunes so that you can restore your iPhone if something goes terribly wrong and since I have not tried this out myself so I am not in a position to confirm either way so do remember that hacking your iPhone is completely at your own risk.

The 24 Steps (15 steps if you already have a JailBroken iPhone) might seem a daunting task,but if you quickly run through it, you will realize it is fairly straight forward.

So lets just start with SpikeyMikey303’s step-by-step guide to fix the YouTube problem on your iPhone.

Required Software/Links:

Below are the links to the files you will need to successfully JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 as well as fix the YouTube problem.

iPhone 1.1.4: Download Link

ZiPhone 2.5c: Download Link

WinSCP: Download Link

SpikeyMikey303’s 1.1.4 Activated YouTube Files: Download Link

If you are looking to first jailbreak your iPhone then you will need to start with step 1, however if you have already JailBroken your iPhone then you can skip the first 9 steps and proceed directly to the 10th step.

Step-by-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone:

1. Download and save (to the desktop) iPhone firmware 1.1.4 (Download Link).

2. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone.

3. Hold "Shift" Key on a Windows system or hold the "Option" key on a Mac and click "Restore".

4. Browse to the Desktop (or wherever you saved the 1.1.4 file) and double click      "iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4a102_restore".

5. Once iTunes has completed the 1.1.4 restore, setup the name of your device/restore   contacts etc.

6. Download and save the latest version of ZiPhone (2.5c) to your desktop (Download Link).

7. Once downloaded, double click on "ZiPhonewin-2.5c.exe", extract to the destination of your choice and once extracted, ZiPhone will run.

8. In ZiPhone, click "do it all" and let ziphone do its thing (this should take about 3 minutes).

9. Now you have a Jailbroken iPhone running 1.1.4!

The actual YouTube Fix starts here:

10. Turn auto-lock to never (Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never).

11. Connect to your Wi-Fi network (if need be) and run installer from your SpringBoard (iPhone home screen).   

12. Download "BSD Subsystem" and "OpenSSH".

13. Download WinSCP (if you don’t have it already). (Download Link).    

14. Once WINSCP is installed, run it…
    Host name: (iPhone’s IP address)
    Username: root
    Password: alpine
    File protocol: SCP
    Click "Yes" to security breach warning.

    Here are the instructions on how to find out your iPhone’s IP address:

  • Tap on Settings on your iPhone’s Home screen.
  • Then Tap on Wi-Fi from the Settings menu.
  • Then next to your selected network name (indicated with a tick mark on
    the left hand side) tap on the blue circle with the arrow in it.
  • Your iPhone’s IP Address will be displayed on the next screen.

15. On the right hand side, double click on "library", then "lockdown".

16. Next, delete "device_public_key.pem", "device_private_key.pem" and "data_ark.plist".

17. Double click on "activation_records" and delete any files inside, once completed return to previous folder by hitting backspace.

18. Double click on "pair_records" and delete any files inside, once completed return to the previous folder by hitting backspace.

19. Download and save SpikeyMikey303’s YouTube activation files (save and unzip onto desktop). (Download Link)

20. Drag and drop "device_public_key.pem", "device_private_key.pem" and "data_ark.plist" into winscp, and click copy.

21. Double click on "activation_records" in WinSCP, drag and drop the file "89014103211556075053" from the downloaded file into here.

22. Double click on "pair_records" in WinSCP, drag and drop the files "2991634953036728237753880" and "29916349521148473128163200" from the downloaded file into here.

23. Restart your iPhone, reset the settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings).

24. Your iPhone will reboot automatically… Now open YouTube from the springboard (iPhone home screen), it may flash "Cannot connect to YouTube"      for a moment (this will only appear the first time you run YouTube), but will successfully connect, and allow you to search/watch YouTube videos!

It will great to know if the instructions provided by SpikeyMikey303 helped you resolve the YouTube problem in the comments or if yes don’t forget to drop in a thank you note to your fellow reader (SpikeyMikey303) who has made it possible.

Thanks a ton SpikeyMikey303 for the excellent step-by-step guide, appreciate the effort.

Update (31st March):

Check out ZiPhone 3.0: New version of Popular tool to JailBreak and Unlock iPhone Released

Update (30th March):

If you are having problems using ZiPhone, you might want to checkout iLiberty: Easy to use Application to JailBreak, Activate and Unlock iPhone.

Recommended Read: If you are still facing problems with YouTube on your jailbroken iPhone then check out the Native iPhone App – MxTube which allows you to Download and Save YouTube videos on your iPhone.


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  • key

    weird, i never had a problem with youtube after jailbreaking with ziphone 2.5 – i wonder if it's because i set my phone up as a new phone instead of using one of my previous backups ?? no idea, but it works and i'm a happy camper 🙂

  • halfmeals

    I tried to jailbreak it is broken and spikeymikey keys worked too.

  • Paco

    It worked for me !! Thanks for the information i appreciated it !!!

  • I just did a "shift-restore" to 1.1.4

    with iTUNES I downloaded update only, then did a shift-restore and browsed to 1.1.4 file.

    did that, then synced phone to get my contacts back.

    then ran Zibri 2.5c gui (selected jailbreak ) button only. it ran and jailbroke the phone.

    everything works fine. no extra steps needed. my phone was 1.1.1 OOTB

  • youtube fix

    i did the jailbreak and installed the files from Mikey's page, but now i have no service. afterwards i tried it again 3 times and i still have the same problem. any suggestions?

  • FishEyE_UK

    worked fine for me…..many thanks.

    i have searched the net for a fix for my you tube ever since i used ziphone to jailbreak my 1.1.4 iphone. and this fix is the only one that has worked.

    thanks again.

  • essmoe

    SpikeyMikey303's method totally worked great! Thanks a bunch…

    Good job!

  • an easier way to fix the youtube may be try adding to the installer source, refresh, then under the install tab look for directory and install the youtube fix.

  • SpikeyMikey303

    Hey Guys, This is Mikey (SpikeyMikey303) … To "youtube fix", my YouTube fix does not touch your baseband in no way, shape or form so your service issue maybe down to ZiPhone's jailbreak. At what time did you stop getting cellular service? I will be more than happy to help you if you can give me some details 🙂

    Also, to "mobilepsy", the apfelphone fix is for previous firmware versions of the iPhone… I have tried that on both 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 with no luck, along with a lot of other people on here. My fix is spot on and will work 100%. I have tested it on multiple iPhones with great success along with the other people on here 🙂

    If I have time, I will create my own repo for Installer and create an application for this fix so it will be easier… It's not very hard anyway, but I love to make life easier.

    Let me know if you need any help!


  • aalanskrazyworld

    also as i mentioned before try changing your sim card as that will reset your network settings then try running youtube, then put your sim card back and it should be fine…. i tried it on both 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 and it worked fine…let me know if it works!

  • Riamo

    Hi Spikey.

    Ive followed ur guide but the youtube problem is still there. Im using my iphone in sweden. The youtube app works perfect when im on Wifi but when i try to access it over egde i can do searches but when i click to play i video it says youtube has to be connected to Wifi or edge? Never had a youtube problem when i was on 1.1.1 any suggestions. (The Edgde settings are as they were on 1.1.1)

  • worked for my previous 1.1.3 soft upgraded iPhone. Currently I am using full 1.1.3 upgraded jailbroken unlocked by ziphone with any problem. All app working. I would still recommend trying no harm and easy. Thanks anyway for the feedback.

  • Ken

    Hi, when I click on the MAC version on the ZiPhone download page all I get is a page that loads with code. Same result if I CTRL/RETURN and download the file. Any ideas? Thanks, Ken

  • Dustin

    Nice job man, Thanks!!!

  • junior

    I am running 1.1.4 and just recently jail broke my iphone with ziphone 2.5 and now my you tube or my email no longer runs you tube I can live with out but no email it keeps on saying cannot get mail the user or password for “” is incorrect
    Is anybody other then me having this problem?

  • Dustin L

    You best bet to fix the baseband problem is take-out the sim and put it back in, restart you iphone, then connect to itunes, It should automatically fix it, but Hey that might have been just one of those "chance" things… Worth a try!

  • Louis

    Sweet! Now my phone is more than just really, really, really, good~looking.

  • Zann

    The username and password is not working for me.

    Please advise

  • SpikeyMikey303

    Hey Zann…

    Are you talking about the Username and Password for WinSCP?

    If so, ensure you have the correct IP address for the iPhone.

    To obtain it, simply go to SETTINGS, WI-FI, and once you connect to your Wi-Fi connection, click the BLUE ARROW button to the right of it, this will provide you with all the network settings including the IP address assigned to the iPhone.

    Also, ensure AUTO-LOCK is set to NEVER as the connection will be disconnected once locked…

    One more thing, You MUST have BSD SUBSYSTEM and OPEN SSH before doing this 🙂

    But once you check all of this, you should be good to go!

    Let me know if you need anymore help community and have a great day!

    Mikey aka. SpikeyMikey303

  • SpikeyMikey303

    Hey Junior…

    I'm sorry you are having issues downloading ZiPhone for the mac!

    I went ahead and downloaded it for you on my end, and have put it onto MediaFire – Go ahead and try and download it from here…

    Also, to anyone else who is having issues I have uploaded the Windows version too!

    Have fun 🙂

    Mikey aka. SpikeyMikey303

    ZiPhone 2.5c (MAC):

    ZiPhone 2.5c (WIN):

  • SpikeyMikey303


    Did you reset your Network Settings after you rebooted the iPhone?

    If you did, try again and make sure you have EDGE on 🙂

    It should go right through with no problem!


    Mikey aka. SpikeyMikey303

  • junior

    Mikey 303

    not having download problems having email and you tube problems

  • junior

    Mikey 303

    not having download problems having email and you tube problems

  • SpikeyMikey303

    Oh I'm sorry Junior – I misread the Comments, the MAC/WIN ZiPhone Download links was for KEN 🙂

    As for your email issue – Have you tried any other account on your Device? Possibly a Gmail account or Comcast? I gather you are trying to setup Yahoo! email on there due to the “” error you are recieving.

    Go ahead and try to setup a different provider account… If that works, it could be an issue with Yahoo! Mail – I personally do not setup my Yahoo! account on my iPhone as that is just for Junk mail, but my Comcast and Gmail accounts work just fine.

    Try that and let me know – If you still have no luck, you MAY have to Restore 🙁

    Thanks Junior!

    Mikey aka. SpikeyMikey303

  • TMR

    Thanks SpikeyMikey, that works a treat…….tm

  • Job

    Just a question, sorry am a newb. If I jailbreak my iphone but something goes wrong or a new patch comes out can I restore my phone to factory settings without any side effects? I understand stuff can go wrong but do I have the choice of rolling back?

  • jimskatz

    hi mikey,

    first of all thanks alot, I'm using mac and I cannot use winSCP, is there any other way to use your method for the youtube problem, like adding it to installer?
    Many thanks.

  • SpikeyMikey303


    Job, You can RESTORE back to Factory Settings at anytime using iTunes and the 1.1.4 Restore file that I provided the link to 🙂 No side-effects whatsoever. You can also undo any changes that ZiPhone made to your iPhone by opening ZiPhone and clicking "Restore" – It basically restores the iPhone back to a "LOCKED" status.

    Jimskatz, I am working on a repo right now for Installer and will update you all once it is done…

    I am at work right now, but I am working on it in between my "free" time…which is none but shhh! Don't tell my boss! LOL

    Thank you for the support guys and I will keep you posted!

    Mikey aka. SpikeyMikey303

  • David B

    The fix for YouTube works great. However, my iphone now shows up under DEVICES in iPhoto as "Mikey's iPhone"… a minor annoyance. It is correctly identified in iTunes.

  • Thomas

    I started to do the update to 1.1.4 as described.
    Maybe I did a stupid mistake because I updated Itunes to the latest version before I did so.
    After the update (step 4) I now get a message in Itunes that my SIM card is not supported. The Iphone shows only the "slide for emergency" screen. What can I do now? Can I downgrade Itunes somehow? Please help! I need to use my phone urgently.

  • Jeff (N8NOE)

    Worked Great for me here, THANKS!… I used AFP on an Apple as I see what you were doing, and can copy right from the desk top. But the files and fix worked fine. KUDOS!…


    thanks for helping me out man. i did exactly what you said and it worked like a charm. real easy and fulfilling. this was getting me real pissed but im ultra happy now. thanks again

  • Ken

    Thanks, got the program from the alternate site and will run it in the AM.


  • nirav

    i jailbreaked my iphone but everything i try to install from the installer pack in my iphone it says error this installation is for 1.1.1 only

  • L B

    When i download the winsc file it opens as code, so im not able to install and run it any help?

  • Inches

    SpikeyMikey, The process worked like a dream!! I did a restore to clean out a bunch of junk and my iPhone is working much better. One thing I did notice is that when you double tap on the shift key it no longer locks the caps, I'll get used to it. Thanks a bunch…

  • Scott

    I follow the guide and for the most part everything is working. The only problem I am having is that email is not working. When you click on the Mail icon, it comes up for a sec and then crashes back to the springboard. I tried to go into settings and delete the three email accounts I have setup, but if I go back to the springboard and go back to settings, the accounts are still there. I tried "Clear all settings" in the settings > general > settings area and still no luck

  • Brent

    After using ZiPhone 2.5c on a 1.1.2 replacement phone (my original died) I can't get service. Odd as I use AT&T anyway. I didn't try an unlock just a jailbreak.

    I had no problems getting Youtube to work via Wi-fi with Mikey's fix but ended up having to use an itunes restore to get my phone service back up. Clearly some oddity in the ZiPhone 2.5c for (per my usualy luck) a few phone configs. But it's not the YouTube fix it's the unlock that screws the service.


  • Brent

    Oh yeah I had upgraded my 1.1.2 phone to 1.1.4 when it came out. Realized my post suggested I was jailbreaking a 1.1.2 phone which was not the case; it was a 1.1.4 upgrade from 1.1.2


  • Brent

    Yeah I clicked the wrong do-it-all option. If you're a legal customer just use the jailbreak (3rd one down) not the 2nd one down which jailbreaks and activates. That messes with AT&T. It'll activate OK with iTunes if you just jailbreak it and have a valid AT&T setup. No prob.

  • santi954

    ey mikey the youtube works now but now i have no service bars after i reseted my settings???

  • Bryan

    I found that my bluetooth does not work properly when i used ZiPhone (2.5c). I couldnt change the audio source when my bluetooth was paired with a device. It was stuck on Speakerphone. Normally you cna switch audio sources, like the device its paired to, the iphone, and speakerphone.

  • Madhan

    Thank you so much SpikeyMikey. You solution rocks..

  • Chris

    After doing this method to fix my youtube conection, I no longer have service. I am using a valid at&t sim

  • Paul B.

    So I was having the youtube problem and did your fix and now youtube works fine. Thanks. But now when my iphone syncs, it thinks it's called Mike's iphone and it always fails the syncs even though it goes through the whole proces of syncing and my phone is actually synced as far as I can tell. So it's just the error showing up in iTunes when I sync. But still, can I change the name of my iphone back to Paul's iphone ?

  • Ruggy

    Same problem here. Tried Mikey's fix, which restored YouTube, but left me with no service bars on cellular, can't use the phone service, and EDGE data stopped working too.

    I have AT&T prepaid, and was 1.1.4 jailbroken but never unlocked.

    I tried removing the SIM a few times, resetting, and connecting to iTunes but that did not fix it.

    A restore to 1.1 4 put everything back to "normal" but now I am no longer jailbroken.

    Is it because I'm prepaid and/or chose not to unlock?

  • Eric

    Mikey, fix worked great for you tube and even fixed my email problem but lost edge and cant make any outgoing calls? Is there a fix? edge was working prior to your youtube fix, was on ziphone 2.5c jailbreak only 1.1.4 any help you can give is appreciated.

  • Ken

    I get to 4.

    Browse to the Desktop (or wherever you saved the 1.1.4 file) and double click "iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4a102_restore". (I OD that and it starts running)

    5. Once iTunes has completed the 1.1.4 restore, setup the name of your device/restore contacts etc. (I create a name for my iPhone)

    6. Download and save the latest version of ZiPhone (2.5c) to your desktop (Download Link).

    7. Once downloaded, double click on "ZiPhonewin-2.5c.exe", extract to the destination of your choice and once extracted, ZiPhone will run. ( get the same error message Click OK, then unzip to extract & launch ZiPhone. Install .Netframework 2.0……I cant make it past this step what do I DO ???????

    . In ZiPhone, click "do it all" and let ziphone do its thing (this should take about 3 minutes).

    9. Now you have a Jailbroken iPhone running 1.1.4!

  • Joseph

    Hi there! Great fix! Did not, however, work on my iPhone. I have a mac so I tried via both AFP and Fugu. The thing was that the folder "activation_records" did not exist. I tried to do everything except the things concerning that folder. It did not work out so I tried the SIM card solution. That was as unsuccessful as previous methods. So, what do I do? I solved the problem by using this solution:
    (Solution #4). This, however, fixed it all! I used Fugu because AFP did not respond or connect.

    Why is all this? My phone is fully jailbreaked, unlocked and activated with the latest version of ZiPhone. The problems with YouTube started when I needed to restart my iPhone (by switching the silence button on and off and then turning the power off), until then everything had just worked fine.

  • Christy


    So I tried to follow the step-by-step above, but something went wrong. I downloaded the "iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4a102_restore" as well as the ZiPhone 3.0. I restored my phone on my Mac and then tried to open "iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4a102_restore." It brought iTunes to the front but did nothing. So I tried opening ZiPhone (Jailbreak & Activate). It worked, so I Synced with my Mac. BUT my phone still hasn't connected to my network (T-Mobile), and I don't know why?

    Please help me!! I don't know what to do…! Thank you.

  • Joe

    Thanks so much! It worked for me. Great hacking SpikeyMikey

  • harry

    yo superdave same problem wit me man. Help anyone?

  • matt

    Yo when i did this now i have no service. What did i do wrong help me out please.

  • matt

    Hey spikeymikey i used ur youtube fix and followed the steps exactly then after i restarted my phone but before i reset the settings i stopped getting service. plz help asap.

  • Matt

    Thanks, Mikey. Just a side note, I didn't execute step tp resent all settings for fear it would mess up something I did previously, so I just went to the Youtube app after restarting the pod (step 23) but did not do the reset-all settings. Still, my Youtube was fixed. Thanks again!

  • Bigdan

    Cheers Mikey worked perfectly! Been try to fix this for ages!!!

  • HKgirl

    Hey SpikeyMikey,

    Do I have to run WinSCP on my "home based" computer or can I run it on any computer?

  • SpikeyMikey303,

    Thanks for the fix for the YouTube issue on 1.1.4 after a ZiPhone 3.0 jailbreak.

    However, I too lost my AT&T service after this fix. This happened to me after the 1.1.3 YouTube fix, too. But I got it working again. I'll try to remember how and post it here.

  • Okay, I remember. I saved the activation records, before overwriting them, when I did the 1.1.3 YouTube fix and after following all the steps and coming up with no service, I backed up my iPhone one more time in iTunes, then I dropped the old activation records back in (overwriting the ones from your download file) and rebooted the phone, and it came up fine.

    I did the same thing this time, and again, it worked like a charm. So, I would say this extra step of backing up your activation files should be added in. I think yours are necessary for fixing the YouTube problem, but after that, people should put their own activation file back in. I came up with the Cannot Connect to YouTube one more time, as you described, but after that it connected fine.

  • One final note. I am on a Mac, so I used Fugu to accomplish the same things as you used WINSCP for.

  • Fabse

    Hi Mike,

    I did the steps from 10 to 24, after that my youtube work proberly but I couldn't connect my iPod touch to itunes. do you have a clue?


  • Fabse

    Hi Mike,

    I've solved it by my self. My mistake was that I had a connection to itunes when I was updating the 3 files + the 2 folders. Thanks for your great fix, man.


  • Saketh

    I did all the steps but ATT stops working. I kept a backup of the files and put back the original ones. ATT started working again. Any other way to activate youtube. By the way, i have an unlocked 1.1.4 with a 1.2 baseband(MISTAKE! on my part).

  • Worked great for me!


  • hacker

    i did what u said and idd not work

  • Diana

    I unlocked my iPhone with ziphone and can't access my email account. I tap the "mail" button and it just goes blank for a second and then takes me back to the home icons. It's not a huge problem since I can still access my email through the browser but it was so much easier to do through the mail icon. Help!

  • sunny chiu

    Great instruction, a little difficult for me, but I got it wor YOUTUBE, thanks a millions.

  • mineski

    thanks dude!!!

  • THANK YOU SIR! This fix both of my youtube and yahoo email problem. For those people who tried other fixes (restore, change password, recreate account, and etc) Try this one, I have, and it worked.

  • frank willis

    was a big help. worked great

  • Ken

    This actually works well. I'm currently running Firmware Version 1.1.4. jailbroken with ZiPhone 2.6c or was it b, one of those versions.

    I didn't do the SSH way via WiFi. For users who do not have WiFi access you can manually delete the files/folders and replace the ones that you downloaded from SpikeyMikey.

    Google iphonebrowser and download the latest version. This allows you to basically explore your iphone files. If you broke your iphone with any ZiPhone version, you must have installed the ZiPhone iBrickr fix available from repo:, otherwise iphonebrowser will not detect your jailbroken phone.

    Then go to the folders as request, I manually deleted the 3 files in the lockdown folder and then deleted the other 2 folders. You then just drag and drop the 3 files back into lockdown folder and the other 2 folders back into lockdown also.

    Restart your iPhone and run youtube, it should work. I avoided the reset all settings function since i didn't want to do everything all over again, so i gave it a shot and it works fine.

    Also, if you want to change the name from Mikey's iPhone to anything you desire, open up the data_ark file with notepad, find the line where it says Mikey's iPhone and change to your desire. Save it, then replace the file on the iPhone via browser and restart the phone again and test it. It should work fine.

    I have did this on 2 phones, same firmware and both jailbroken with ZiPhone 2.6c. The other one i did reset all settings, the second one i didn't and they both work fine, nothing lost. The only thing gained is YouTube working again.

  • Justin jaundoo

    hey thanks a lot man…… this step by step guide worked…….. you rock

  • Al

    Worked like a charm- only method so far. Thanks a ton!

  • jon

    mine keeps saying network error. connection timed out??? pls help

  • kidd45

    why does the name of my phone display "Mikey's" iPhone

  • axnguyen

    Followed directions to a "T" and am still getting "Cannot connect to Youtube" 🙁

  • MM

    SpikeyMikey tutorial worked great. My youtube is finally working on my 1.1.4 iphone

  • Khaled

    On step 15 I cant find "On the right hand side, double click on "library", then "lockdown"."
    please help

  • Angela

    Wow, great fix mickey!!! It was worth jailbreaking the phone before but now its perfect. At first I was trying to just drag and drop right from the opened youtube folder, and it wasnt working at all. I got disappointed and kept at it for a couple of minutes until I noticed that I had to open it on the left side. I real Duhhhhhh moment for me, lol. Either way, I hope that is helpful to some crazy nut out there like myself 🙂

    Thanks again & Enjoy your Memorial weekend guys!!!!!!!!

  • Hackz R Us

    i cant seem to make the CUSTOMIZE SOFTWARE APPPS to work with Firmware 1.1.4.It allows u to install but when you click the icon it open briefly to the chicken graphics at startup and then closes..need help on this.

  • chip§

    So I'm happy with ZiPhone but alas like allot of people my itunes isn't working. A fix at last! Wahooo. Wait whats Winscp…? It's a .exe!! Noooooooooo! is there anyway of fixing youtube without having a PC…. my Mac wouldn't like it if I was moonlighting with my old PC laptop… ;-p

  • Brian

    I tried this update with an already jailbroken phone. I updated the files, after restarting i could not connect to the cell network (ATT), however youtube worked fine via my wifi. Fortunately I backed up the Lockdown folder so I restored the files and rebooted. Cell service back, youtube broken again. So it seems I'm having the same issue as the previous poster who lost cell service…and it's not related to the jailbreak. Any ideas?

  • chip§

    Hello again! I've found a good and more importantly free SCP client for the mac called Fugu. It's easy to use and you can download it here: Youtube is up and running fine now. Big shout out to SpikeyMikey and also to frank willis for his post on changing the name and using a different client to access the iphone :-] Horray!

  • Marco

    works great with 1.1.1 too

  • This fix works perfect. If you're on OS X you have to use a program called “Transmit” instead of “WINSCP” which is a PC based program. Thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction.

  • IConnect

    I had unlocked my iphone (1.1.4) with 2.5 and youtube was not working.

    I followed your steps and got youtube working but lost cell home service to ATT.

    Pls help. I would hate to restore iphone back to it original (dumb) state.

  • fully

    Mikey, are you anywhere close to finishing the "easy youtube fix" app on the installer?

    please say yes…

  • Aaron

    when u say to drag the files in step 20 into winscp how do u drag it there? my computer won't let me do it, it will only let me drag it into activationrecords or pairrecords…

  • Jigga

    thanks alot man, got it working again, much luv.

  • Alex

    Works grate!!! Thank you!!

  • lilgwine

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    Any body find a solution to the Yahoo mail problem? I have not been able to setup a Yahoo account on my iPhone since I jailbroke/upgraded to 1.1.4. I've been watching here for weeks to no avail. I can still log in to my Yahoo accounts via Safari however. BSD SUBSYSTEM and OPEN SSH are installed, and Gmail is set up and working fine on my iPhone but I prefer Yahoo as I use them as my primary accounts.

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    15. On the right hand side, double click on "library", then "lockdown".

    16. Next, delete "device_public_key.pem", "device_private_key.pem" and "data_ark.plist".
    can you please explain me..
    and i could not getting BDS subsystem as my phone having GPRS and size of the BDS is 5.1 MB
    Again iPhone could not appeare the Open SSH on the screen…
    Please help me..
    +91 9975531035

  • Hey Vinh,

    You can checkout ZiPhone v3.0 which is the latest version.

    You can get more details here:


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    1) follow skipeymikeys303 steps 13 to 18 only.
    2) disconnect iphone and go to installer and download youtube activator 1.1.4(2) from tweaks 1.1.4

    once youve done that YOUTUBE should be working now. it worked for me and should work with anyone.

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    2. When those are trying winscp into the phone make sure you have openssh and bsdsystem intalls. I got a ton of failed to connect, but when I installed the openssh and made sure the BSD was intalled I was able to get in. Not to find a free wallpaper software to install my pic's. I used ibreckr, now won't work. Nate, if you can put up a version that goes strait to the phones files that would be a great help to use all.

    Keep up the good work everyone..

    1st gen phone now with 1.1.4 (no 2.0) hacked.

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