alcheMo for iPhone: Automated J2ME to iPhone porting solution

Innaworks has introduced an interesting solution for game publishers and game developers.

They have released alcheMo for iPhone an automated solution to port J2ME games to the iPhone.

Innaworks, a New Zealand based company has this to say about alcheMo: "alcheMo for iPhone incorporates a patent-pending optimizing translator to convert J2ME application source code to equivalent application source code for iPhone."

As of now, they are targeting game developers as the initial version of alcheMo for iPhone has been optimized for mobile games.

They believe alcheMo can be extremely useful for game publishers to develop immersive and high-performance native iPhone games in Java while taking advantage of the iPhone’s unique features including accelerometer and touch screen interface.

From a J2ME application source code alcheMo produces equivalent application source code for iPhone which uses the standard Xcode toolchain; linked with alcheMo’s optimized run-time library. Innaworks claim that no manual adjustments is required to the translated source code for iPhone.

They believe this will help game developers to claim the first mover advantage without the hassle of going through the learning curve involved with the native iPhone programming language which is in Objective C, a computer language not commonly used in the mobile industry.

Some of the key features of alcheMo includes:

  • Simultaneous iPhone and J2ME development
  • Write Once, Run Anywhere
  • Access to accelerometer and touch screen
  • Support for advanced J2ME language features
  • Automatic memory management

The program is currently in beta and invitations are being sent to qualifying game publishers and game developers to join this program.

Though all this sounds quite interesting I did not find any testimonials on their site which indicated if any of the game developers had seen any success porting J2ME games to the iPhone with alcheMo.

I would really like to see a J2ME game being ported to the iPhone which also takes advantage of the iPhone’s unique features including accelerometer and touch screen interface before getting too excited. But as a developer this is indeed an interesting space to watch at least until the rumors mentioned here of Java on the iPhone becomes a reality.

I will definitely keep you posted in case I hear more.

Let me know what you think of alcheMo for the iPhone in the comments below.

[via Innaworks]


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