Native iPhone App – Fring brings Real VOIP App to the iPhone

Native VOIP iPhone application - Fring

Fring, an Israeli startup that offers VOIP & Chat service for mobile phones has launched their native iPhone application that allows iPhone owners to make Skype and other VoIP calls over Wi-Fi.

Today’s release of Fring should make it one of the hottest native applications to be released for the iPhone since its launch.

We have seen quite a few alternatives to making VOIP calls from the iPhone, such as IM+ for Skype for the iPhone, SoonR Talk, Truphone or workarounds like WebEx’s PCNow which brought Skype to the iPhone via remote desktop. However, readers did not seem to be impressed as they wanted a real VOIP application.

Fring, the native application for the iPhone seems to be the real VOIP solution iPhone owners wanted. With Fring on your iPhone you will be able to call regular phones using either SkypeOut or SIP over Wi-Fi. So your cost of outgoing calls will be determined on which SIP provider you use and how much SkypeOut charges for your particular call thus making it a cheaper alternative especially for making international calls rather than using up your talk minutes.

In addition to VOIP, Fring also has built-in IM capabilities for Skype, Google, ICQ, MSN, Twitter, AIM, and Yahoo contacts.

It appears that this is a pre-release version of Fring and the objective behind releasing it now as opposed to waiting to release it via AppStore in words of the developers "is to get feedback prior to release of the full-feature version and create a truly superb user experience for iPhone users."

One thing to note here is that iPhone owners can make VOIP calls using Fring only over Wi-Fi and not over the data connection just like Steve Jobs had indicated during the announcement of iPhone SDK. So it does appear that Fring is following the guidelines set by Apple and this early launch on the jailbroken iPhone should not jeopardize the release of the application as an official native iPhone application that will be available via AppStore.

You can checkout the YouTube video below of Fring being used to make VOIP calls from the iPhone:

So if you can’t wait until June then like all native iPhone Applications; Fring too needs a jailbroken iPhone. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone you can check out these posts:  ZiPhone 3.0: New version of Popular tool to JailBreak and Unlock iPhone Released or iLiberty: Easy to use Application to JailBreak, Activate and Unlock iPhone.

Once your iPhone is jailbroken, check out this link to get more details on how to install the native Fring application on your iPhone.

As always do let us know if you were able to make your first call over VOIP on your iPhone as this could possibly.

[via TechCrunch]


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