iPhone Software: IPSWTool to be Released soon to Create Custom iPhone Firmware

When the iPhone Dev Team released the Pwnage Tool last week, they had shown us how to Pwn the iPhone and restore or update the iPhone from iTunes to jailbreak, activate and unlock your iPhone using custom iPhone firmwares. However what they had not told us was how to create a custom firmware.

Thats exactly what I am going to tell you about, folks at the theiphoneproject have announced that they will be soon releasing the IPSWTool tool which will compliment the Pwnage Tool to help you create the custom iPhone firmwares. They are calling it the next step in Modding.

Here is what the developers have to say about the soon-to-be-released iPhone Software: "theiphoneproject is happy to bring you IPSWTool, a new application with an iLiberty+ style GUI that further extends the possibilities of the PwnageTool. With IPSWTool, you can easily package a custom IPSW with the payloads and options available in iLiberty+! Options range from Installer.app and BSD Subsystem and/or to Cydia, to OpenSSH, and even a few recommended app packs!"

If you are wondering what’s iLiberty+, then it is an easy to use application to jailbreak, activate and unlock your iPhone that was developed by the same folks @ theiphoneproject. You can read all about it here.

I am not sure if this tool is recommended by iPhone Dev Team as there is no mention of it on their website but it seems to at least fill in the blanks with regards to how to create the custom iPhone firmware which they had referred to when the Pwnage or iPwnage tool was released.

So if I have got it right, the steps one needs to follow are:

Step 1: You first Pwn the iPhone using the Pwnage Tool.

Step 2: Create the custom iPhone firmware using IPSWTool by selecting the iPhone firmware you want to hack and then select the iPhone applications you want installed on your iPhone (from the ones that are available).

Step 3: Then update or
restore your already Pwned iPhone with that custom iPhone firmware.

The end result would be an iPhone which is jailbroken, ready to be activated and unlocked bundled with the iPhone applications that you had selected while creating the custom firmware in STEP 2 along with the Installer app (assuming you had also ticked Installer) to
install applications that are not part of the IPSWTool application packs.

IPSWTool to Create Custom Firmwares

As you can see in the screenshot above, the iPhone hacking geniuses are also looking to implement a feature which will give you the ability to change the OS and Media partition sizes. This they say "will allow you to restore a firmware onto your iPhone / iPod Touch that already has plenty of free space for all the cool Applications that have been developed; getting rid of the need to move your Applications, Ringtones, etc around."

You can also checkout the YouTube video of the IPSWTool in action:

Looks good to me, what do you think?

[via theiphoneproject.org]


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