iPhone Dev Team release the Pwnage Tool

The iPhone Dev Team have released their much awaited Pwnage Tool which I had talked a lot about here, here and also here and for the first time here.

The iPhone Pwnage tool can be used to flash your iPhone so that you can jailbreak it to install and run any of your favorite native iPhone application as well activate and unlock your iPhone to use it in any compatible GSM networks.

The Pwnage tool as the iPhone Dev Team had told us essentially consists of two tools which are:

iPwner – tool to make your iPhone/iTouch “pwned”. You will have to use this tool just once.

IPSW Builder – by using this tool you will be able to modify the .ipsw filesystem, i.e. pre-jailbreak, pre-unlock, pre-activate, and create a complete custom .ipsw installation. In case you are already unlocked you can even tell it to disable the baseband update, just in case. Restore or Update from iTunes with custom .ipsw file.

The iPwner and IPSW Builder are both available as simple buttons when you launch the iPhone Pwnage tool.

To get going with the tool all you need is an iPhone running firmware 1.1.3/1.1.4 and then use the iPwner tool to "pwm" your iPhone, use the IPSW builder tool to create a custom .ipsw installation which is jailbroken, unlocked and will come bundled with additional software which can then be used to restore or update your iPhone from iTunes to give you a jailbroken, activated and unlocked iPhone.

It is important to note here that before hacking your iPhone it is always a good idea to take a backup of your iPhone in iTunes so that in the worst case situation if things goes horribly wrong you can always restore the iPhone.

You can checkout the demo of the iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage tool in action.

As you can see its not a single-click method but appears to be quite simple to use. The tool is currently available for download only for
Mac users. However Windows users need not feel disappointed as the iPhone Dev
Team in their announcement have mentioned that hacking expert
“cmw” has jumped in to port the complete Pwnage Tool to Windows and is
currently in final testing stage and could be released within the next
24 hours. So Windows stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks for further

You can download the tool from this link.

Update: IPSWTool to be Released soon to Create Custom iPhone Firmware


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