iPhone Hackers release PwnageTool v1.1 for Mac & Winpwn for Windows

The iPhone Dev Team have released 1.1 version of their PwnageTool application. Also as promised iPhone hacker "cnw" has also released a Windows-based version of the PwnageTool called “winpwn”.

The latest version of the PwnageTool now features the ability to create custom firmware which was one of features missing when it was released.

To recap, the iPhone Pwnage tool can be used to flash your iPhone with custom iPhone firmware so that you can jailbreak it to install and run any of your favorite native iPhone application as well to activate and unlock your iPhone to use it in any compatible GSM networks.

The latest version of the PwnageTool includes support for pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 5A240d and also includes the EDGE settings fix for iPhone 1.1.4 firmware.

The new feature of PwnageTool 1.1 are mentioned below:

  • Added custom package support
  • Added custom logo support
  • Added auto delete of BootNeuter.app

The added custom package support feature I am guessing will help you create the custom iPhone firmware by giving you the option of include your favorite native iPhone applications. You can then use this custom iPhone firmware to flash your "pwned" iPhone to jailbreak, activate and unlock your iPhone.

We also have news that iPhone hacker "cnw" has released a Windows-based version of the PwnageTool called “winpwn”. But he has currently disabled iPhone firmware 2.0+ support in this beta version of winpwn since it’s still buggy.

If you already have the PwnageTool installed on your computer then you can upgrade to the new version automatically using the auto-updater feature otherwise you can download the PwnageTool for Mac from this link and winpwn for Windows from here.

As always do let me know you feedback on the latest iPhone software.


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