iPhone App – Remote Buddy streams iTunes Music, Video and Movies to your iPhone

If you find the 8 GB or 16 GB on your iPhone too less then you might want to checkout this iPhone application called Remote Buddy.

Remote Buddy makes it possible to stream compatible iTunes media such as music, video and movies  on your computer directly to your iPhone.

Remote Buddy has been developed by a German company called IOSPIRIT. Here are some of the things Remote Buddy can do as an iTunes remote & media playback device: Livesearch, music library browsing, editing playlists, switching AirTunes speakers, playback of compatible iTunes media directly on the iPhone ("streaming"), rating songs, viewing covers, setting volume, repeat, playback position and shuffle. As you would have noticed there’s hardly an aspect of iTunes, that you could not control through Remote Buddy.


Remote Buddy is currently available for Mac users and ships as a
Universal Binary. It costs 19.99 € but before you buy it you can
checkout the 30-day trial version.

Setting up Remote Buddy as your iTunes Remote seems quite simple, follow the instructions below to use your iPhone as an iTunes Remote:

After downloading from this link and starting Remote Buddy, click on its icon in the Menubar and select "Preferences".

In the toolbar, click on "AJAX Remote", then activate the checkbox in front of "Enable AJAX Remote".

Then, set a password for the AJAX Remote.

If you want to be able to view your Desktop on your iPhone, make sure that Allow viewing the desktop via the browser is checked

Under "Interfaces and URLs you can use to access AJAX Remote", you’ll find the URLs you can use to access your Mac via your iPhone.

We have already seen two solutions that had brought streaming of iTunes media library to the iPhone which you might want to checkout: one of them was the iPhone application called Dot.Tunes and other is an iPhone trick.

It will be great to get your feedback on Remote Buddy in the comments below.

[via Product Page]


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  • Kia

    Thanks for a great blog. I follow it frequently.

    I just wanted you to know about a new site for international iPhone owners. It's a repository of iPhone keyboard dictionaries. TUAW wrote about it the other day:


    You can find more info at:


    Sorry for using your comment form to contact you.


  • fig

    look up simplify media for the iPhone. It does some of the same stuff as this program, and is free!!!

  • Louis

    This looks pretty cool, especially if you wanna lay or lie on the sofa and watch a movie on your iphone from your DVD collection, for some reason when you download a moviefrom itunes to your computer you can transfer it to your iphone but can't watch it since it's not authorized…

    Right now the rental selection in itunes sucks all the good movies are for sale and ones have already seen for rent. The music store has gone dyslexia on end users. Who's gonna pay 14$ for a movie that can only be played on one machine when you can have all you can eat netflix,,,,

    Love the mousepose pix…

    Left my iphone in my bed can't assess it remotely but will try it when I get home.

  • Bond2kuk

    Or you could use Winamp Remote

  • Louis

    Wait! This is just like iphone remote.
    The mind is a terrible thing to waist….

  • You can use iAmpRemote to remote control winamp. It's an actual iPhone app, and doesn't need to be accessed through the web browser.
    Check out: http://www.movingapps.com