Zinio brings Playboy, Penthouse, Popular Mechanics, Readers Digest to the iPhone

Zinio, a digital publisher and distributor for digital magazines and books had announced way back in November that they will feature popular magazines on iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

They have extended their content offering quite a bit this week with the addition of 20 new titles for the iPhone and now includes popular titles like Playboy, Penthouse, Popular Mechanics, Readers Digest, PC Magazine.

Zinio has been a publishing partner for world’s leading magazine and
textbook publishers and offers one of the best digital reading
experience in my opinion.

Taking you back to what I had written about Zinio’s iPhone web app: Zinio Mobile Newsstand offers magazines that exactly replicate the print version with razor sharp display along with added interactivity and sharing capabilities.

This is what Rich Maggiotto, CEO had to say about their iPhone offering at that time:

“The iPhone is an amazing product that’s helping to take compelling content, like magazines, mobile. With its advanced touch screen technology and crisp viewing experience, Apple’s newest devices were natural for the launch of the Zinio Mobile Newsstand. Users will benefit from having their magazines in a high-fidelity, portable format that can be viewed practically anywhere.”

If you have used the desktop version of Zinio, you will know that to access the digital magazines you need to subscribe for them, however with the iPhone version, users will be able to access digital editions of top-selling Zinio monthly magazines for free (so don’t miss it as long the offer lasts).

Zinio has added 20 new titles to extend their content offering for the iPhone, and now includes popular titles such as:

  • Men’s Health,
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Playboy
  • Penthouse
  • Readers Digest
  • PC Magazine

All you need to do visit their site optimized for the iPhone to view a selection of magazine. You can then flick to scroll favorite covers, or tap any issue to start reading on iPhone’s stunning 3.5 inch screen. One drawback is that the optimized iPhone pages load slowly which I think is because they have converted the content into images but other then than the reading experience on iPhone’s stunning 3.5 inch screen is quite good.

With the Zinio Mobile Newstand you can also share content you have read with your friends all from your iPhone.

To check out Zinio’s Mobile Newstand by pointing your iPhone’s Safari browser to http://www.zinio.com/iphone.   

So do you think Zinio iPhone web app will make the iPhone a worthy competitor to Amazon Kindle or for that matter other digital readers like Sony reader etc?

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