Native iPhone App turns your iPhone into a Flashlight

This is probably one of the simplest native iPhone application developed for the iPhone but one that can be quite useful if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to use your iPhone as a light.

The native iPhone application is aptly called Flashlight.

Flashlight has been developed by iPhone developer Brent Jensen. Flashlight increases your iPhone’s brightness up to full by displaying a full screen white rectangle (thus making it a “flashlight”).

You can also slide your finger up and down to adjust its brightness. Double tapping results in exiting the iPhone app. If you want to quickly go to its lowest brightness, just tap in the
upper left corner and if you want to quickly go back to full
brightness, just tap in the bottom right corner.

You can check out the video demonstration of the native iPhone application below:

If you want to use this native iPhone game then you will need a jailbroken iPhone. You can check out one of these iPhone software to jailbreak your iPhone: ZiPhone 3.0 – New version of Popular tool to JailBreak and Unlock iPhone or iLiberty: Easy to use Application to JailBreak, Activate and Unlock iPhone. As part of the jailbreaking process ZiPhone or Liberty will also install the Installer App.

Once Installer App is installed on your iPhone, locate Flashlight in the "All Packages" folder and choose the program to install it. Then allow the iPhone to reboot and go to the Home screen to launch the program, to use your iPhone as a Flashlight.

This native iPhone app seems to have been released quite sometime back, so if you have checked it out please do give your feedback on the iPhone as a Flashlight in the comments below.


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