Free iPhone Software – iPhoneBrowser allows you to access iPhone’s file system

We have seen quite a few iPhone softwares which give users access to the iPhone’s file system. We have seen solutions such as SSH server and WinSCP for the technically inclined but available for free or Megaphone for Mac users and TouchCopy for Windows users which have good user interface but are available for a one-time-fee.

There is some good news for Windows users, as they can now use a software called iPhoneBrowser which not only has a good user interface but is also available for free.

iPhoneBrowser is a Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone using the Manzana.dll. You can browse through the files on your iPhone, drag and drop stuff onto it just like Explorer, and copy your MP3s and movies back to your hard drive.

The iPhone software also has a auto preview functionality. So if the file you selected is a text-based file, the text of the file will automatically be shown in the lower right preview area.

iPhoneBrowser also offers a backup system for keeping your iPhone files safe and the developer hopes to implement the restore functionality soon.

Based on the screenshots, iPhoneBrowser UI seems quite simple and easy to use.

iPhone Software - iPhoneBrowser

iPhone Software - iPhoneBrowser

Overall iPhoneBrowser seems like a nifty little software for your iPhone (including jailbroken iPhones) though the developer rightly points out that you won’t get very far with it, thanks to "a small area of folders called a sandbox to work with".

You can download iPhoneBrowser from this link.

As always do let us know your feedback on the latest iPhone software in the comments below.


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  • The iPhoneBrowser was with us for over an year now and just found out about it?

  • Did anyone hear about the GPhone? Google are getting ready to take the world by storm with their interface – it looks pretty good too.

  • Hey …

    You are right, I seem to have missed out on this one, but hey better late then never.

    Since you seem to be using iPhoneBrowser for sometime, how about some feedback?


  • gazepeda

    Couldn't make it work. Program crashes right after installation. Tried it out with both connected and not connected iPhone.

  • José

    I need help with the iPhonebrowser. I can't see the folder Applications, which I need to modify the GameboyAdv emulator (gpsPhone) by sending the file gba.bios

    Ps: I tried the WinSCP, but my SSH doesn't seem to work right

  • Donald Clark

    I am using the iPhone Browser and after I upgraded to 2.0.2 it now crashes everytime I start the program, it will open without the phone connected but once I connected it, the program crashes. Can anyone help?

  • Bryan

    Same with me Donald. Have Jailbroken 2.0.2 and now everytime I try to launch anything that taps into the phone, it crashes the program (iphonebroswer/Winscp/Netatalk) My ONLY guess is that Apple has implemented some code that stops this sort of thing. However. any help would be appreciated. P.S dont even get me started on Winscp. What a POS prog. I can SSH in less than 10sec on my MAC. Winscp simply wont connect. and no matter now much threads you read, you get the same B.S……"make sure Open SSH is installed" well no frickin kidding hey?

  • burak

    try this link guys

    the new version of iPhoneBrowser 1.8 it worked for me

  • Bryan

    Same here!! 1.8 worked like a charm. Even files that it couldn't recognize before. it is doing just great now!!

  • Bryan

    Here is a question: Initially when you browse the internet to a site that play .mp4 videos, it loads the video, then plays it. Now for some reason, when I click on the link, it asks me if I want to download it or play it in the media player. 9 times out of 10, it wont play it. Does anyone know what app or plug in is responsible for this change?

  • Bryan

    Forget my last post. Just install safari DL plug in for Boss pref and shut it off. Anyhow,after having a nightmare of a time with Winscp and trying to SSH into my iphone to modify the permissions, I came across a great prog that does it all:
    iphone tunnel suite. Google it and rejoice!~~

  • Annoyingly, it tries to back up everything I delete. This should be an option I can turn off.

  • DopRot

    TouchCopy has similar functionality…

  • Tiago

    There is a very simple workaround to free apps from appstore from its sandbox.. I found a way to put every appstore apps i want saving in the same folder an access its files with another app (like airsharing, or any other file manager app like istorage or mobilestudio). this can be done just by creating a shortcut with the name "documents",in the app directory, making the app think its saving in its own directory… Point the shortcut to your dcim folder, an then create a shortcut inside de folder "documents" in the app you use to see your files. Use winscp to do that…
    Cheers from portugal.

  • marcelo ksarao

    muito bom adorei

  • bruno

    thank you thank you thank you for posting this link. the developers at google have done a great job. I resent apple for not providing a standard feature to upload and download files on the phone. I could not back up my pix/videos because of stupid itunes, but now you have solved this. THANK YOU AGAIN


    Please can someone help me? Where do the backup files go?

  • Mikeyxx


    USERNAME is your shortname. This is based on vista or win7. XP will be documents and settings instead of users.

  • nargis

    i also loaded iphone browser from above given link its working very well,i bymistakely sync library photos to my iphone via itunes n it was next to impossible to delete,this helped a lot to remove those.

  • Kubwimana David

    I’d like to have access to my i phone menu usinng i phone browser

  • saurabh

    guys… i tried iphonebrowser1.93.. works well but the problem is that it doesnt backup the files/songs with original file names. It uses its own naming convention, which makes it difficult to identify the songs.

    Any solution to this problem?

  • BK

    Just installed, ran fine.
    Would be nice if it supported “drag-n-drop”.