Trick to use LogMeIn on your iPhone

We have seen native iPhone apps like Touchpad and iPhone web apps such as WebEx’s PCNow which allow you to remotely access your PC or Mac.

However, if you have a LogMeIn account and an iPhone then you are going to love this trick discovered by folks at UNEASYsilence which allows you to access your PC or Mac using your LogMeIn account.

If you don’t have a LogMeIn account yet, no worries, you can register for a free LogMeIn account to check this out.

LogMeIn provides a secure, easy-to-use and cost effective solutions for remotely supporting, connecting and accessing digital information, applications and Internet-enabled devices.

If you already have a LogMeIn account then you need to follow these steps to be able to remotely access your PC or Mac from your iPhone (courtesy folks at UNEASYsilence).

  • Log in to your LogMeIn account and open the computer you want to access from your iPhone.
  • On the left side of the screen you’ll see a section called Preferences. Click on then then click on the ‘Remote Control’ preference option.
  • In the top section you’ll find an option called ‘Default Remote Control’ and odds are its set to ActiveX. Select ‘HTML’ and hit save.


Thats it and you are good to go.  If you now log into LogMeIn on your iPhone, you should be able to access any of the computers listed in your LogMeIn account via the iPhone.

iPhone and LogMeIn

You should be able to control the host computer by tapping on your iPhone’s screen. Though the response to the taps (as in commands) on the iPhone are quite promptly executed on the host computer, it takes several seconds to refresh the host computer’s display in iPhone’s Safari browser. It goes without saying that you should be trying this out over Wi-Fi rather than over EDGE (and should work well on iPhone 3G).

You can also register for a free LogMeIn account by following this link  to check this out.

Is this better than Touchpad, the native iPhone application that turns your iPhone into a wireless, remote trackpad, giving you direct access to your computer as if you were using a mouse or touch device for input? It will be great to know what you think.

[jkOnTheRun via UNEASYsilence]


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  • Dale

    It is really cool to be able to use the iPhone to access a file on my iMac and email it to a friend. Not as useful as running it on a laptop which feels like you are on the host. Don't think Logmein and Touchpad are comparable. It appears they changed the site to recognize an iPhone log in. Didn't have to do any of the preference setting mentioned.

  • Richard

    For the like of me i cannot find the preferences button on the left of the screen on a free logmein account

  • Richard

    For the like of me i cannot find the preferences button on the left of the screen on a free logmein account

  • Richard

    For the like of me i cannot find the preferences button on the left of the screen on a free logmein account

    • k

      *for the life of me

  • bt

    1. Login
    2. select pc
    3. Type username/pw
    4. now you should see the Preferences

  • Eric

    No go!! I followed the instructions and changed it to html and when i select the PC now it just goes to a blank page. Any suggestions?

  • Dekz


    This setting change worked for me for a couple days, but now I also just get a blank page. I'm guessing that LogMeIn has somehow blocked iPhone users from doing this, in order to increase sales of their iPhone app.

  • whiligo

    I also get a blank page, has anyone figured out a way around this?

  • Kieron

    This does not work! I don't get an option for preferences and when i log in to the computer i want to use it does not give me the options in the preferences on there either

  • logmein w*nkers

    Looks like logmein have successfully blocked the changes to HTML mode….!

  • It's completely working for me on July 13, 2010.


    Entire option box is now missing from preferences.

  • John B. Egan

    Useless app.. Continuously times out before connecting even on a very fast Wifi.. Would definitely not spend $30 on the iPhone app after paying for VNC.

  • Jason

    Works great for me, been using on a daily basis now for a few weeks.