How to Fix iPhone Application crashing issue

If you are having trouble with an iPhone application downloaded from the App Store where it opens up and immediately exits (crashes) every time you try to launch it then here are some solutions that you might want to try out to resolve the problem.

It appears that the reason for the application crashes that many iPhone users have reported is due to a problem with Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is embedded in each iPhone app installed via the App Store.

There are some solutions that you can try to fix the problem:

Reboot iPhone

Perform a hard reboot of your iPhone, i.e turn your iPhone off completely, by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake
button (on top ) for a few seconds then slide the red
slider. Turn it back on by holding the Sleep/Wake button until the
Apple logo appears. This can clear potentially problematic data,
preventing some type of crashes.

Delete the iPhone Application:

If the above solution does not help, try deleting the application from your iPhone and then re-sync it back to your iPhone.

To delete an application from your iPhone, simply press and hold on the application icon on your iPhone’s home screen until it begins to wiggle along with other application icons (just as you would to rearrange them). A small black circle with an "x" on it should appear on the top-left corner of the icon. Tap on the "x" of the iPhone app that is giving you trouble to uninstall it.

When thats done, sync your iPhone with iTunes which should result in the application you just deleted to get synced to your iPhone again.

Few iPhone users have observed that re-downloading the deleted application directly from iPhone’s App Store (rather than using iTunes on your computer) also helps in resolving the crashing problem.

Restore iPhone:

If deleting the application or full reboot does not resolve the crashing issue, try performing a restore of your iPhone.
Connect it to your Mac or PC and, in iTunes, click the Restore button
under the Summary tab. Please do remember restoring the phone will erase contacts,
calendars, photos and other data on the phone, but will restore
automatically backed-up information including text messages, notes,
call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, etc.

Let us know which of the above solutions resolved your application crash issue. In case you have figured out some other way of solving this problem, please do share it with us in the comments section below for the benefit of fellow readers.

More Solutions to Fix iPhone Apps Crashing Issue


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  • I want to get an iPhone!! but is too expensive in my country jet. ๐Ÿ™

  • Kind of ironic that all the reasons people told us to stay away from jailbreaking phones are now playing out with Apple sanctioned firmare 2.0.

  • Justin

    I had this problem when I first got the new iPhone. I think it had something to do with me restoring my old restore from my old iPhone which was jailbroken because when I started fresh the issue went away. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not.

  • byronchurch

    I find I have to reboot after playing with a lot of new software . Probably will have to wait for the jailbreak to get a reset button .

  • Louis

    This worked! The erase and re:boot but now if I am writing a text or surfing the web the phone will go into sleep mode and crash.

    Same happens when on a call. The screen will take some time to come out of sleep mode no matter home many times you hit the home button. its not the phone I see it happening with two other folks in my office who have the old iphone and want 1.1.4 back on their phones pronto….

    • ur dumb

      DONT DELETE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! really?? NEVER DO THAT!! congratulations! ur iphone is now a paperweight!! u are really screwed. the only hope is maybe downloading a backup of somebody else’s ipod files. too bad and good luck.

  • ร‰rico

    Using WinSCP I erase all the folders and files of my iphone. The iphone is completely stucked and itunes does not recognize it. Wright know I can not put my iphone in Recovery Mode for restore. Can you help me?

  • Dave

    I know what you mean, I used a jailbroken iphone 2G and never had a problem, I had about 30 apps/games on there.
    I experienced crashing apps after 3 or 4 days of using apps/games sanctioned by apple on my 3G iphone. Ironic hey, should we all just wait for the v2.0 jailbreak, it seems the hacking community can do the job better ๐Ÿ™‚

    To fix crashes, I just re-installed the apps that were affected, problem is, all game saves are lost too as all app data is removed when a program is removed :p Cheers apple, your advertising is slick, but you have stopped backing it up these days with the 'hassle free' osx.

  • papaboombox

    I just had the same problem today. I bought an iphone and unlocked it for my tmobile sim, and everything worked grand. then the apps randomly stopped working. i panicked, but i found by deleting, then re-installing one app, it fixed the problem for the other apps as well. i cant afford to restore that shit every time this happends.

  • Janice

    After using a handful of apps for several days… *ALL* of them stopped work at the same time. (They now just run/exit immediately.)

    So that's not "just delete the app" to fix it.

    Which app? All apps?

    • Rich

      I had a simular issue, I have an iphone 3gs on three network.
      I got mine carrier unlocked for ยฃ15.30 waited three days for my text of completion.
      I then installed a different sim and unlocked the carrier sucessfully via itunes.
      Then after that some of my apps would just exit immediately when opened.
      To fix it I
      1.connected my phone to itunes
      2.clicked FILE > Transfer purchases from iphone
      “this takes a while delete any apps you dont need anymore to save time”
      3.sync iphone to itunes.
      Then my apps were functional again.

      Hope this helps

  • Mary

    I had the same problem:

    After using a handful of apps for several days… *ALL* of them stopped work at the same time. (They now just run/exit immediately.)

    I'm running iPhone v2.0.1.

    Shutdown does NOT fix anything.

    This problem happens after I try to copy
    something to the iPhone using iTunes.

  • Bob

    My iphone does the same thing, apps quit upon launch and in the ipod section it says no music content (yet I put a bunch of g's on it and it says I did in itunes on the computer). One thing important I have learned (after days and days of trying everything) is not to have Classic OS9 running!!!!

  • This also fixes problems of applications randomly crashing (not just at startup). My users were experience problems where the app would run for 45 seconds and then crash and I recommended they reinstall because of the App store DRM issues and it has fixed the problem.

  • Rusil Patel

    If you've jail broken your phone and installed KATE from the Installer, that could be causing your Phone App to crash. I read that on a post here:
    it seemed to fix my problem =).

    I am happy again!

  • Kevin

    This post was GREAT…. Helped out my DataCase app problem!!!

  • The solution is quite simple. iTunes 7.7.1 has issues with digital rights management. For details on how to resolve and downgrade see my post here:

  • alex

    I have been restoring my phone every 2 days… because any one application can crash the phone.. screen just to blank

  • Troy

    Uninstalling Kate worked for me…Thx!!

  • J.P Munoz

    Michael Olivero, i have been having to restore my phone about every 24 hours i went to the apple store sat with a genius and they gave me a new phone. i came home hoping, the problem is fixed. I installed all apps and music, about three hours later opened an app and crash. have you figured anything out? i am downgrading to itunes 7.7 and hoping to go it works before i throw my phone at the wall.

  • jp munoz

    please someone email me if you figure something out i am desperate.

  • wayne

    does anyone know how to stop the phone in the phone side from freezing,the voice mail and keypads freeze and wont let me do anything,please help.thanks

  • wayne

    i meant to say the phone side in the iphone 3g,from freezing and the keypads or any icons dont work,it exits you after 5 seconds

  • chuck

    I have the same problem. My apps keep crashing. I am waiting for the update. I can't beleive we spend so much money on this phone and have all this problems. Apple better fix this issue!

  • Kiplin

    The deleting/re-syncing works fine for me. Only had the phone 2 days, all default, only have 5 apps, but the hard reboot didn't work, but deleting and re-synincing with iTunes works (lets see for how long). Thanks!

  • RebelOz69

    The only long-term fix I've found, is to Open iTunes, deauthorize, then re-authorize my iTunes account, then re-sync.

  • Shelbie

    The crash-freeze-return-to-home-screen problem is related to itunes permissions. Usually happens if your Internet died during a sync. Simple soultion: go to the app stow on your iPhone. Download a free app (any free app will do.) iTunes/app store will likely ask you for your username & password. Let the app download. Launch it. Then go back to one of your crashing apps, and it should be all fixed. Just a permissions glitch with iTunes and app store, whichcan be easily fixed without restoring your whole phone…

    • Jenny

      I have only had my iphone for a week and already have apps that won’t open when they were working just fine! I tried your suggestion…ya, didn’t work. I have also tried rebooting…that didn’t work either!

  • hamid

    i have a problem with my iphone v2.1 every time i try to instore application it give me an error how can you help with that?

  • hamid

    i have a problem with my iphone v2.1 every time i try to instore application it give me an error how can you help with that?

  • hamid

    how do you deal with a problem like this when you in store something its say your URL using
    bad/illegal format or missing URL?

  • alaqs

    Ok I have Iphone V 2.2 Jailbroken phone. Well the problem started today I dont know why but I install other tweaks from cydia and installer but now my Phone application wont open it would jus open an close back immediately so I cant make any calls or dial or even check recent calls. I already remove the tewaks I installed with cydia and installer but the phone app still isnt working, I really dont want to hard restore my phone any can help me fix this problem please, thanks in advanced.

  • Thomas

    Delete and reinstall one app and it fixes all. This seems to be the easiest fix. Prayerfully apple will put their money where their mouth is and fix this frustration soon.

  • R o n

    Deleting the App ('Files') first and after that re-downloading it from from the App store on my iPhone solved the problem. I was afraid I had to pay again, but after having buyed it again, I was informed that the re-download was for free.

  • jim

    I found a great and simple solution for this: just go and install a free app from the iTunes store. Any one, doesn't matter.

    I had this problem before I tried this; after I tried this, the problem simply disappeared.

  • ricky

    wow…. why would you delete all the files and folders on your from from ssh anyways….what did you think would happen its just like deleting the Windows 32 folder from your computer. (dont try it)

  • jonathan lai

    hi.. just wanted to say that it by deleting and reinstalling the applications work.. but it is abit of hassle of re-doing it everytime it happens..

  • John

    i know it only works for a little while and then start crashing again. So I have to keep deleting it & re-installing it.

  • Good Samaritan

    Fixed by adding a song to iTunes.

  • Yep

    I have jailbroken my 3g iphone with the 2.1 version.

    I tried today to upgrade the version to 3.0 doing it directly with itunes (without doing the whole process for jailbroken iphones… shame on me…).

    And the iphone crashed, it is completely blocked.
    The only thing I see on my iphone screen is a comic image of a guy with his arms up, saying something in russian.

    I have tried to restore the iphone, but it does not work, itunes says that there is an error called '2006'

    I hope you can help me, I am really desperate!


  • angel

    Ma problem wit ma fone is dat d sms doent work. wen i touch d sms icon d fone goes dormant for like 1 min den it shows d sms page, only it doesnt work none of ma msgs show only d new msg icon shows and wen i touch it it doesnt work,even if i hit d home button notin happens i hav 2 wait for like anoda min b4 d home page coms on. i need to solve dis prob cos wen i meet up wit ma friends dey tell me dey sent me msgs and deir fone says sent but i dont reply, pls help i need 2 read ma sms's.

  • I had this problem before – but have found the fix, which cures it completely.

    See article here: /

  • Chris Lees

    My father got an iPhone three days ago and this is happening. His is not jailbreaked and he's only got three apps installed.

    It is truly pathetic that this problem exists ('permissions glitch' doesn't happen on any other operating system) and it's especially infuriating that Apple has ignored the problem. There's nothing on Apple's support site about this, and there's no fix even though the problem seems to be a year old now.

    If I bought an $800 mobile phone the last thing I'd expect to have to do is perform workarounds to get the advertised functionality to work again!

  • Fantastic! You mada my day… i was getting crazy tring to understand this issue. Thanks a lot!

  • Samantha

    I downloded a few applications and havnt even used them yet. They open for a second and then exit again. Iv tried delteting them then re- downloding them and also tried syncing them. Iv also tried switching it off completely but this dost seem to work either. But I havnt tried rebooting because I don't want my texts n notes to be delted. I don't mind anything else getin delteted . What do I do? I swear I regret buying this phone and wouldn't recomend it to anyone. ๐Ÿ™

  • varox

    The same for me, The apps crashes instantly. And then I just install a free app for the app store and the other apps work again.
    There should be a fix for this!

  • Thanks Shelbie! This worked for me with OS 3.1 and Telenor as service provider. Problem now is that I has to choose a free app every day. Best regards, hobie

  • moreman

    I have been struggling with this problem since 3:00 AM and now it is 12:04 PM and I finally fixed it and now I am able to start the apps from appstore without crashing. How did I do this?
    First i tried billion things and failed and then I thought it might be a authorization problem and created another Iphone store account and then loaded apps under that new account and tried to open them and it worked!!! Great Thanks god, i can sleep now…

    Error log includes

    uf_setup failed, kr=ffff5bef

  • Thanks guys

    Some of my applications would not load, they crashed with in probably half a sec of being launched. There were about half a dozen that would do that. I tried the re-booting recommendation, it did not work, but then I deleted one of the least used apps and downloaded it again from the apps store (on the iphone itself)…
    All the apps started working properly again..
    Thanks for the deleting-reinstalling tip..
    Solved the problem.

  • Jankke

    But how I prevent this happening again?

  • chazz

    ok im so pissed off ive had this ipod touch for 3 days its broken… ive tried everything and non of them seem to work… WHAT DO I DO?! ๐Ÿ™ ?!?!

  • Fuck the problem APPLE sucks!

  • Ben

    In order to fix the problem, there is an easy solution that worked for me:
    download an additional free application and all your crashing applications will work again.
    This also works if you update one of your crashing apps (for example Facebook) by downloading the new version from the Appstore.
    Good luck all!

  • Kody
  • dave

    How do you redownload a game WITHOUT REPAYING FOR IT?

    If I backed up my game, if I deleted it a week later, how do I restore it, AND it's data? Do I re-sync? Can someone explain exactly HOW I do this and explain exactly WHAT resync does? (in this case assume I have 20 apps already on my iPhone and I want to restore 1 more from a backup. Does resync recopy ALL 21 apps along with all the data to the iPhone, OR, does resync only copy just the ONE app I want restored?

  • byron

    download and install another app from the app store using the same account you used to get the screwed up app…

  • XING App still crashes everytime I refresh contacts. Your tip did not work

  • Dave

    The second option, deleting the app and then resyncing, fixed my problem. Thanks!

  • bo


  • Embrace the differences and give every respect or soon, you’ll not be respected.

  • ajim


    • ajim

      helllo elllo

  • ewn

    I did all of them and it still don’t works

    • sa

      dunno, still doesn’t work:(

  • Bhargav Thakor

    app is cyberoam as the setting open and autometicly close down…not chage setting