iPhone 3G’s Battery Life is not as good as the original iPhone, but better than other 3G Smart Phones

If you have just upgraded to Apple’s iPhone 3G from the original iPhone, you might have noticed that iPhone 3G’s battery life is not as good as your older iPhone.

But before you start complaining, you might want to see how iPhone 3G performs in comparison to other 3G smart phones.

When you buy the latest version of any product, you expect it to be better than its predecessor in all respects. It might not be the case when it comes to iPhone 3G’s battery life.

The results of the battery life tests carried out by folks at AnandTech on the new iPhone 3G show that the original iPhone had a much better battery life than Apple’s new iPhone 3G. You can see from the chart below that you can keep browsing with iPhone 3G for a little over 3 hours (i.e. 197 minutes) while with the original iPhone over Edge you can surf the web for almost 6 hours (i.e 343 minutes).

iPhone 3G VS Original iPhone battery life

However, comparing the original iPhone with iPhone 3G might not be a fair comparison, especially if you consider the power hungry nature of 3G phones. PC World’s Test Center has just carried out battery life tests of the iPhone 3G along with other 3G handsets from Palm, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung.

They ran the 3G handsets through their standard talk-time battery life test. (Note: This test is different from the test carried out for iPhone to iPhone 3G comparison as they are from different sources.)

The PC World’s Test results shows (chart below) that iPhone 3G’s battery life is better than other 3G handsets. iPhone 3G ran for an average of 5 hours, 38 minutes while other 3G phones fell short of this mark.

iPhone 3G VS Other 3G Handsets battery life

Are you happy with your iPhone 3G’s battery life?

[via AnandTech and PCWorld]


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