Google Talk App for the iPhone

Google has just released Google Talk App for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). The Google Talk app is a web-app, so there’s no need to download or install anything as it will run in iPhone’s Safari browser.

Google Talk App for the iPhone is based on Google Talk‘s
Flash gadget (Ajax version), and hence is quite limited in functionality as it doesn’t include tabs, group chat, options to add
contacts and send email or even emoticons. You can currently update your status,
search for contacts and chat with your friends that are online.

The major drawback of the app is that it only works when it is the active
window in Mobile Safari. So if you close the web browser, or switch to a
different Safari browser window, then you’ll show up as unavailable in Google Talk,
which is not the ideal user experience for you if you are doing
multiple tasks on the iPhone or for the person who is chatting with

You can checkout Google Talk on the iPhone by pointing your iPhone’s Safari browser to My advice would be to disable the Auto-Lock settings before you checking out this app to reduce the frustration.

expect Google to release a native version of Google Talk app via the AppStore.


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