iPhone Open Source Tool Chain ported to iPhone firmware 2.0

We had the iPhone Dev Team releasing their Pwnage Tool 2.0 to jailbreak, unlock and activate iPhone firmware 2.0, then we had iPhone hacking expert Nate True figure out a way to tether jailbroken iPhone 3G to the laptop, and now we have news that iPhone hacking community has successfully ported the iPhone Open Source Tool Chain to iPhone firmware 2.0.

Jonathan “NerveGas” Zdziarski had released a hack that made dual-booting possible even on the iPhone (running on older firmware) and has been credited for the iPhone hack which gives you the ability to tether the iPhone to use its EDGE network from your laptop to surf the internet. He has also published the iPhone Open Application Development book to develop unofficial native iPhone applications using the iPhone open source tool chain.

As you might know, the iPhone Dev Team had released their Pwnage Tool late last week to jailbreak iPhone firmware 2.0 running on both the old generation iPhone and iPhone 3G, paving the way for the installation of unofficial native applications on your iPhone.

It seems to have also prompted Zdziarski, Saurik, _BigBoss, francis pepijn and planetbeing to work over the weekend to port the iPhone Open Source Tool Chain to firmware 2.0 which will help developers of the unofficial native iPhone applications to rebuild their applications to make them compatible with iPhone firmware 2.0.

This is what Zdziarski had to say about the iPhone Open Source Tool Chain:

"You can now build straight from the iPhone
by simply installing the iPhone GCC compiler, make, and ldid through
Cydia, after jailbreaking with Pwnage Tool 2.0.x. This means that it doesn’t matter what kind of desktop OS you run,
you can still build great iPhone apps. Some changes have been made to the private API headers from v1.x to make
them code-compatible with 2.0. This means most of your 1.x applications will
rebuild for 2.0 with very few, if any, changes. Saurik has also provided a
signing tool to sign your applications (ldid -S /path/to/binary). You’ll need
to do this only once to make your application run."

Zdziarski claims that:

While Apple "claims" that the SDK provides the same tools that they use,
it’s been demonstrated that Apple takes advantage of the many private APIs which
are only available through the open source tool chain (they’ve been left out of
the SDK).

Zdziarski has also been able to port his unofficial native iPhone application NES app, Nintendo Emulator for the iPhone to run on iPhone firmware 2.0 by changing only 5 lines of code.

However, he has not yet provided any details on how to get this to work with the jailbroken iPhone running firmware 2.0. I will keep you posted as soon as we get more details.

This is another milestone for the iPhone hacking community which has been working overtime ever since iPhone firmware 2.0 was released couple of weeks back to stay ahead in their cat and mouse game with Apple.

Let us know your thoughts?

[via Zdziarski’s blog]


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