Step by Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone 3G using Windows

If you are a Windows user and were feeling left out as the Pwnage Tool is only available for Mac then you don’t need to anymore as folks at Forums have figured out a way to jailbreak iPhone 3G using Windows just like some clever folks had figured out a Step-by-Step Guide to Pwn first generation iPhone running firmware 2.0 using Windows.

You can check out the step by step guide to only jailbreak your iPhone 3G for Windows users after the jump.

Update (Jan 3rd, 2009):

We has just published step-by-step guides to jailbreak iPhone 3G using QuickPwn.

Step-by-Step Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3G using QuickPwn (Windows)
Step-by-Step Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3G using QuickPwn (Mac)


As you might know, the iPhone Dev Team have been able to jailbreak iPhone 3G and are currently working hard to unlock it. As a result, the Pwnage Tool 2.0
that they have released yesterday can jailbreak, unlock and activate
the first generation iPhone but can only jailbreak iPhone 3G (cannot
unlock it).

Please do remember, hacking your iPhone is at your own risk. Before you start hacking your iPhone, it’s a good idea to backup your iPhone.

The step by step instructions that Windows users need to follow to jailbreak iPhone 3G is mentioned below.

Step 1: You need to download two files: x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw and iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw.

Step 2: Make sure you have iTunes 7.7 installed.

For Vista: Click Start then copy this into the search box and press enter after:
For XP: Click start then run, then copy this into the run box:

%appdata%Apple ComputeriTunes

Step 3: Make a directory called: Device Support. If the directory already exists, clear it.

Step 4: Copy x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw into the Device Support folder you just created.

Step 5: You need to get your device into DFU mode. You can follow these steps to achieve this:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Turn iPhone off.
  • Hold power and home together for 10 seconds (exactly).
  • Release power but keep holding home until the computers beeps (observed on a PC) as a USB device is recognized.
  • At no point will the display come on. Now your restore should work.

Step 6: Once your phone is in DFU mode and detected by iTunes (should be black screen on phone NOT iTunes logo with USB cable), click on iPhone in iTunes, then hold the SHIFT key and click on restore.

Step 7: Browse to the folder where you downloaded iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw and select it. iTunes will then extract the file and you will see the iPhone Dev Team’s pineapple logo pop up after a few seconds, as seen in the screen shot below:

iPhone 3G Pwned Image

Step 8:
When restoring has completed, it will ask you to connect to iTunes, then re-do the activation process (download carrier settings).

Step 9: Restore your backup, this should automatically be made. It should pop up right after downloading carrier settings, but you may also do it by right clicking your iPhone on the left, and selecting "restore iPhone".

The procedure should also install the Open Source Package Installer and Handler for the iPhone, Cydia which should make installing the unofficial native iPhone apps on your iPhone 3G easier.

This is for folks who requested for a guide to only jailbreak iPhone 3G (without unlocking it) using Windows. If you are a Mac user, you can simply use the latest version of iPhone Dev Team’s Tool – Pwnage Tool 2.0.x.

As always do let us know how it goes in the comments section.

Thanks grega for the tip!

[via Forums]

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  • RL

    Anyone know how to re-do activation process for iphone 3g after I successfully jailbroke it? I don't see my At&t sign and I can't make a call, but it looks like it jail broke. HELP!!!!!!

  • Matt

    @kenzanboo: You should just plug it into itunes, and the activation popup window will appear and then just follow the steps. It should take a few minutes.

  • killer

    hey how come the files come a zip file and not ipsw? i cant get it to work

  • Mehdi

    Man i freaked out when the screen went all white but then i saw the dev team pineapple logo and my heart started beating once again THX for evrything guyz u own since dev team woudnt let me pwn on my windows lol

  • Mehdi

    looks like its taking a too long time

  • Mehdi

    but it worked really good thx again guyz

  • Cools

    could someone mirror the second download, It's gonna take 1 hour with (I assume) the servers bad upload speed.

  • CJ

    what about 4 iPod touch users does the iPhone 2.0 firmware work and can u jailbreak the same way?

  • dyrtybyrd

    works perfect!!!

  • r2

    For some reason it kept downloading the files that are needed as zip files… Make sure you rename them to *.ipsw and put them in the recommended locations (no need to unzip them). Also if you get error 1600 you need to start over again from the beginning….altough your iphone might have gone into DFU mode you'll still have to do the button pushing again to make it load the appropriate drivers for it to work.

  • paul4086

    umm i have a question. when it says in step 2. how you click start and put the code in the run box. what is that? start what?? and what run box?? i downloaded both the files but what is step 2 talking about

    pls help

  • RL

    If you have windows xp you click start (at bottom left) and then click run. Then put in the information provided. If you have Vista you click start (again, bottom left of desktop) and than in the search bar at the bottom put he info provided. Good luck.

  • kelstr

    i seem to be stuck at the point where I have to load the IPSW file… itunes says "preparing iphone for restore" then after like 2 minutes… i get an error msg in itunes… 1601

    so i gotta restore to factory settings and do over?

    also to boot… i don't ever see the pineapple… :S any thoughts? anyone had the same problem?

  • CandyGuRL_112

    I'm having trouble renaming files that I need to download from *.zip to *.ipsw. Could anybody please help, kinda feel retarded =p

  • looneyhouston

    What apps are you able to download off of the installer for the 3g jailbreak?

  • looneyhouston

    pretty much what I'm asking is, is it worth jailbreaking right now? The reason I really want to jailbreak in the first place is for customize and mxtube. Not only that but I am waiting for a replacement 3g from apple. Please message me back with suggestions. Thanks!!!

  • Isaac

    Hi, I'm just trying to jailbreak my 3G, and the files you put up there no longer work, and I can't seem to find them anywhere else.. can somebody please redistribute them or mirror them somewhere else? The link is down and I can't download the files.

  • Jeremy

    I keep getting a 1403 error when i click the custom firmware to try to extract it. Any idea what that error is?


    Apparently the downloads are down or something. I've read that the 1403 is because the ipsw is only part way downloaded. Can anyone email me these files?


  • Ben

    Anybody got a mirror or bittorrent for these files as i still need them and theyre not available??

  • Me

    I've been stuck holding the home button for an hour or so, I've repeated the process several times but my iphone is not showing up on my itunes..

    please advise, much appreciated

  • Mclovin

    it would appear that the downloads are down here is a link to a torrent version of the files

  • Rorist

    Perfectly works, even when the iTunes logo shows up on the screen.

    Is it me, or it's much faster to apply the custom FW than the official one ?

  • cools

    Okay… it didn't download carrier settings for some reason so I'm restoring it to default.

  • paul4086

    can someone pls post a video??? i cant get past step # 7 i never see the pinapple and then it just says error 1601. i tried renaming the files to .ipsw at the end and that didnt work either.. pls help

  • paul4086

    can someone pls post a video??? i cant get past step # 7 i never see the pinapple and then it just says error 1601. i tried renaming the files to .ipsw at the end and that didnt work either.. pls help

  • eXcess

    I an 1601 error while restoring the iPhone software. I reinstalled iTunes and it finally worked!! Thank you!!

  • lightning

    i got it to work perfectly, thanks for posting the steps

  • Pete

    I keep getting an error (-1) during the restore, pineapple comes up and then error happens.
    Anyone have any ideas?

  • ldobbie

    I can get as far as browsing for the custom install, but then when i try and load it it just gets as far as "preparing for restore" then says, "unknown error occured (1) iPhone could not be restored"

    factory restore package unloaded just fine though.

    any ideas?

  • Chris

    Anyone get this to work? I'm about to try it.

  • chris

    Worked perfectly. No problems on my iPhone 3G

  • rducati

    I had the 1601 and 1602 error codes too. (even tried installing itunes on different pc's) but after a few hours I finally found the problem. I think there are many DIFFERENT (iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw) firmware files. You just have to figure out which one works. I have both (x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw) and (iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw)files that worked for me. I wonder if it's ok to upload them on my server so everyone can just download it…

  • ekmunda

    @ Chris…… can you please upload the file elsewhere they are not on any more

  • Raul

    OMG, this is so difficult!! I want the installer .app so much, please guys, help me!!

  • Raul

    All i want is to have the installer app.. on my new iphone 3g.. how can i do that? please i need some help!!

  • enmity

    can some one plz post a vid I'm going crazy here

  • Leandro Coelho

    Hi, It didn't work for me too, got this weird error also…

    I've have downloaded the iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw throught the bittorrent. After got the error I decided to check the MD5 to see if the file was not corrupted. I got this MD5 with my file: db4f1023f9ddcdcad81f839fc204246e

    In this japanese forum they got different MD5 numbers also:

    Can anyone post here the MD5 of a custom restore file that DID work?

  • Cheech

    the links are dead please post new links thanks

  • Raul

    it worked for me 🙂 now I got the cydia in my 3g, the thing is I want the installer app, you guys know when will the installer app will be available? please answer me 😉

  • Isaac

    I jailbroke once, my camera/photos does NOT work anymore. I just restored… camera/photos works again…

    Then I just re-jailbroke, and my camera/photos no longer works.

  • iPhonastic

    i tried to jailbreak a 3G iPhone
    So i downloaded the needed stuff and begun

    BUT when i was restoring it with iTunes (7.7) a nnew window oppenned and told me:

    iPhone couldnt be restored. Unknown Error (1)

    can someone help me???

  • MarB

    I'm new to the iphone hacking. I hacked other stuff before (xbox,xbox360,apple Tv) so i wanna clear some questions before starting.

    I have a regular Iphone 3g with a contract. I want to jailbreak it, but no change of my provider neither of the SIM-Card.

    1.)When is the "unlooking" needed? When i want to change the Provider or the SIM? In my case that wouldn't be used anyway?

    2.) I don't need special software/hack to reactivate my iphone after the jailbreak? Just need the Iphone 3g with a SIM-Card and the Itunes?

    3.)Can i destroy my iphone? Or will i always be able to restore it?

    Big Thx

  • Mudshark

    Wait for official Iphone Dev Team Pwned Package for Windows!!!!

  • Battleaxe

    I Jailbroke my 3G iphone yesterday, although after the jailbreak it hardly was a phone. My settings no longer had the option to select my carrier, so I could no longer make/receive calls or use the 3G network. Anyway since then I had to restore back to factory settings, but would still love to successfully get all features up and running on my phone. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • jkelly

    i have xp media – it did not work for me – when i restored the recovery file it stuck on a blank white screen

  • quequotion

    this actually seems to work! and far better than the recently released Winpwn RC1 (non-functional beta?)

    Not for the faint of heart however, as you will have to wait through some long, nerve racking blank screens and looping progress bars. my fingernails are all shorter after this.

  • michele

    why dont the links in step 1 work?

  • quequotion

    good question. look through the comments for links to a torrent containing the files which is also easy to find at if you don't know about torrents, it's a good time to learn!

    i did this. it works. it was nerve racking.
    a day later i noticed a little problem, all the programs i downloaded from AppStore BEFORE the jailbreak crash immediately. They must be deleted and reinstalled.
    Also, the time is reset to Cupertino. Don't get your schedule mixed up!

  • mobster01



  • Ben

    just jailbroke my iPhone and i went into the cydia app and it said i needed to download some important updates. Once it got to 'downloading coreutils' it hasnt finished up the downloading…its been going 4 bout half an hour, Should it take that long?

  • Edi


    thx guys for the tutorial, worked perfect. To all those in UK i can say that it works on new o2 iphones 3g also, so don't b afraid (like i was:P ) 😀

    once again thx 🙂

  • Greg

    Both files are not available to download. Where can they now be obtained?

  • Greg

    P.S. I am not super computer savy and do not know what torrents are. When I tried to download something, they wanted me to join a porn site. Does anyone have the file they could send me or show me a free direct link. THANKS!

  • Sergio

    I want to ask this befor jailbraking.. When you have to reactivate it at the end? What does that really mean? Is your AT&T current account cancel or any of that or what?? I just want to make sure before getting myself into a bad situations.. 🙂

  • what???

    does this really work??

  • make love to my iphone

    that's why you should stay with 1.1.4 like me!!

  • NATOMan

    I'm getting the "Error (-1) During Restore" message also. Any ideas how to fix that?

  • Greg

    Could someone please provide valid links for the x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw and iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw files? Please help me!!!

  • Joe

    Very well done. I jailbroke my iphone 3g in one attempt on windows xp. Keep it up!!!!!!!

  • Guido

    Be warrned, I have an older IPhone and have tried this half a dozen times. It does NOT work and I have followed the directions to a Tee.
    In fact, For roughly 5 min my IPhone will not cut on and oddly it just shoots back up and when I try to load the custom software, I get an error code (6)
    I have followed 4 different instructions NONE WORK! BE WARNED!

    Even backing up my phone before the install, I lose ALL back up data, therefore restoring the phone to factory…this is murder…

    more questions, email me at

  • Andy

    Anyone have problems after the jailbreak with Itunes wanting to Restore everytime you open your iphone in it? I did a successfuly JB and then I tried to restore to a backup on itunes.. was I supposed to select "Set up as a new Iphone"? I really dont' want to restore it again it take a half an hour! I've done it 4 times today..

  • Andy

    nevermind I just choose "setup as new iphone" and it works with all my contacts still and apps still.. YAY

  • Jared


    Thanks for the Torrent link. That's what I've been looking for!

    I'm with ATT. Will jailbreaking allow my friend to use it with another carrier (Tmobile, verizon, etc)?

  • simtago

    i have been able to jailbreak my 3g iphone but it doesn't activate the phone once the process is complete. i tried it several times with the same result. any idea's ?

  • Iphonelover

    i am presently having Iphone 3G with AT&T, Before jailbreaking the iphone do i need to insert some other SIM? or can i use same AT&T after jailbreaking too?

  • sp3a12uk

    I just had to re-jailbreak my 3g ph after the 2.1 firmware upgrade. Everything has gone smoothly again. Thanks for the write-up.

  • tim

    i get an unknown error (1) when doing step 7.

    can anyone help?!

  • smjar

    I ve tested and works all fine on my Iphone, Thanks and all respect for what U ve done….

  • asfddf

    it worked for me thanks

  • crzapple

    I jail broke my iphone 3g today. Worked out fine. However, I updated the OS to 2.0.2. Nows its back to where i started. Was I not suppose to update the OS? WTF.

  • Lisa

    is it worth jail breaking my iphone? what if something goes wrong how do i fix it? what are the chances it wont work? will it allow me to download applications for free??

  • Great post that's an easy to follow method to unlock your iphone. The other links are good too.


  • Victor

    hi ! thx very much for the information it worked just fine the jailbreak . but im having a little problem on backin it up .
    iTunes says that my software is too old for me to back the info up ;/
    help me .. thx again

  • Guy Spencer


    I jailbroke my iphone 36 with winpwn 2.5 and used the latest firmware. All went fine, but iTunes won't get past the restore backup screen. In other words, I can copy music to the phone, but cannot display the phone's music contents, nor can I access any of the other iphone tabs in iTunes.

    Any suggestions?

  • IfonenewB

    I just jail broke my iphone and when i went to use the apps i had installed through apple store it did not work…

  • Elle

    please help…after downloading carrier settings itunes says that my sim is not supported and I can't restore…I can do nothing my phone is unusable right now…please help soon…

  • noname

    do i need to have itunes 7.7 because i have 8.0?

  • glove

    HEy I need some serious help…can someone please email me so I can get some one on one help? THANKS!

  • luke

    Does this work with itunes 8?

  • jeffro

    hey be done everything correct for unlocking my phone. BUT. As my screen on my phone goes white my beta version of winpwge 2.5 gives me an error message. Someone help ppleeaassee

  • hil

    i just wanted to know what are the benefits of jailbreakimg my iphone 3g. i just got it 3 weeks ago and i still am figuring things out, so why jailbreak it what will that do?? thanks hil

  • Tarek

    Hey guys! I've purchased an unlocked iPhone 3G from Vodafone italy. It works just fine on my carrier in Lebanon, I want to attemp jailbreaking it using these steps, but does it stay unlocked if jailbreaking is successful? And what are the carrier settings?

  • screaminsemen

    Will this work with iTunes

  • terrence Rabsatt

    I jail breaked my new 3G iphone and everything is working except the phone app I can't make calls and if I answer one I can't hang up please help. I used quickpwn 2.1 and it was so easy I spent a day setting it up how I wanted but never checked to make a call or answer one Thanks Terrence

  • Smaaen

    Does this 'unlock' the phone aswell? My current sim is 'Locked' and I can't enter anything, nor the iTunes.. bought it from USA, living in Spain…

    Can't really use AT&T, so any help provided will be appreciated.

  • FamousEric

    check out the status of "unlocking" the 3g on the main page. i just read about it because i too am curious..wanted to unlock mine so i can give it to my brother who has tmobile, when i deploy.

  • Ray

    Can someone tell me if it's still safe to jailbreak ur iPhone 3G without problems and be able too restore the phone to factory settings without bricking the phone?

  • tony

    do any of these jailbreak web sites actually work?
    I have tried 5 times and wound up restoring my
    3g. Is there anyone in the Will County Illinois area
    that can help me? I have MS but I still drive. I can meet
    Anywhere like the Joliet library etc. If there is anyone out
    There that can help me please respond. I am not a great
    Techy person on the computer. I currently am running
    Windows Vista and have had no luck jailbreaking my
    iPhone 3g. Everybody makes it look so easy but I can't figure
    It out. I am a decent Christian man disabled that needs your
    help? Please respond asap if you can help me. I would like to get all
    The bells and whistles that everybody else is enjoying. Please anybody?
    help me? Thankyou And God Bless.

  • tony

    I posted. A comment about needing help with jail breaking my 3g
    I can meet you at my church office in Joliet if you can help? My church is
    Crossroads christian church I Joliet Illinois. Anyone please I need to
    Jailbreak my phone but I can't figure it out I have tried 5 times with
    no sucess. Can anyone please help me??? Thanks



  • My brother and I tried to jailbreak my iphone 3g. We watced a bunch of YouTube videos for help. I was thinkin the whole time I should not be doing this because things always go slot harder for me than other people, but we tried to do it with pwnage and all the steps seemed to work, but when we finished my phone kept soft resetting itself. I was pissed, and it did not even work. So I had to reset and restore my phone all while talking to a girl from the apple help line who was a great help and she got my phone back to normal. Hey I used windows xp with pwnage. Should I have used something else

  • Brett

    I succsessfully jailbroke my phone but now the phone app does't work.. anyone have any suggestions? because I really don't want to restore it back.

  • kanaybid

    can I still use iPhone 3G as a phone and call peaple if I jailbreak it?

  • Arsh

    I am using an unlocked iphone 3g….i used iphone pc suite and came across a problem…there are songs in my phone but ipod does not show them…it says no music present…when i connect it to itunes it says to restore by using internet…i am afraid that if i do that it might lock my iphone…can anybody tell me how to overcome this problem..?????

  • jeffrey phalom

    so i have an 8gb iphone (not 3G) and im still on the 1.1.4 firmware (i know really behind haha) but i want to do this process. will it still work? can someone contact me in my email and explain more thoroughly. my email is please it will be much appreciated

  • jeffrey phalom

    can someone also send me a working link to the first two downloads in step 1. my email is
    or AIM me at jeffreyphalom

    thank you–

  • king

    will it still work with itunes 8?

  • manny

    i upgrade my iphone 3g grom 2.2 firmware to 2.1 can the unlocked please some one help me

  • Genious

    I have already unlocked iphone 3G 2.1, If i will follow the jailbreak procedure on my unlocked iphone do i need to unlock it again or it will be unlocked after running the jailbreak. Please reply me.



  • thomas

    hi im thinking about jailbreaking my iphone 3g does it matter weather it is on contract(mounthy bill)



  • mandeep

    plz help guyz…

    i own an iphone which was bought from australia…
    in india i have fixed the turbo sim inside my iphone 3g so that any sim can work on it…
    the shopkeeper said that dont connect it to the apple store for software upgradation, otherwise it will b bricked up..

    so tell me can i still do jailbreaking…

  • mandeep

    the main thing i wanted to ask is whether restoring is done via apple store just itunes….

    da previous question is asked by me only..

  • thomas

    hi im thinking about jailbreaking my iphone 3g does it matter weather it is on contract(mounthy bill)



    could someone please reply to my email ""

    please reply thanks

  • thomas

    hi im thinking about jailbreaking my iphone 3g does it matter weather it is on contract(mounthy bill)



    could someone please reply to my email ""

    please reply thanks

  • riad

    Hi guys, i have iphone already jailbreak. Trying to Tmobile SIM, but it does not work. I have no bar and saying that SIM Failure. I installed yellowsn0w as well. didn't work. can someone help? it'll dumb and useless for me if i cannot make it work with tmobile.

    thanks for your help.

  • shane

    does this work with the 3g iphone updated to 2.2 firmware?

  • shane

    does this work with the 3g iphone updated to 2.2 firmware?

  • shane

    does this work with the 3g iphone updated to 2.2 firmware?

  • blujapan

    is this for the 2g or 3g phone. Can someone build a custom ipsw for the 3g 2.2 firmware with 2.28 baseband please and mirror it here?

  • HELP!!! – no matter how many times i try to restore the iphone i keep getting the 1600 error

  • Orh Hai

    I jailbreak my iphone a week ago. It's still good, no problem encountered so far.

    The steps are also easy to follow.

    By the way, is there anyway to make use of the bluetooth feature in iphone for purposes other than connecting to a headset?

  • Ampho

    hey yerh iv tried to jailbreak my iphone like seven or so times now

    iv done everything properly like backup an close itunes before using quikpwn

    but everytime its just stuck on 'Wait for you iphone to connect in recovery mode'

    recovery mode is where it shows the connect to itunes display yeh? an then i try hold the home button 5 secs an the power an home.. it turns to DFU mode.. but once its in that nothing happens..

    iv cancelled it. restarted my computer. left it sit for a while.. how long am i ment to wait until i can press the buttons? after a while the phone goes blank an the computer makes a sound sayin its bin connected

    its gettin reli annoying restoring the iphone everytime its unplugged -.-

    any help wud b great



    I need some help! I couldnt replace the 'custom restore' files on my 3g but did the jailbreak anyway. Everything went great as far as the jailbreak went but when QuickPwn gave me the green checkmark the pineapple logo came up and stays like that forever! I tried restarting it a million times (held home and power) and it turns off. when i hit power to turn it back on the pineapple stays on the screen. Nothing I try works.

  • freddy

    i jailbroke my iphone3g and now all i have is the apple symbol on my screen. it wont do anything else. any suggestions would help

  • If you are having problems going beyond the Apple logo, try again and follow
    the steps carefully. You might want to use our latest step-by-step guide:

  • hai
    ihve bought my iphone
    before 1 week
    and i came to know about
    jail breaking of iphone
    can any one say me wht this jailbreakingis
    and wht is use of it
    pls any one help me

  • interesting post, keep the good eork up

  • owaiz

    can any 1 please tell me that after i jail break an unlock it i can c the carrier mode in my i phone i have tryed a lot after read it from iclarified site also but its not working please help me guys and email it to me on my email id i'll be very thankfully to yourl man bye hope to get your feed back asap.

  • owaiz

    i'm using an 3g from us ya

  • Rami

    help my iphone's stuck @ itunes logo with usb..
    and wouldn't go to FDU mode
    it's 2g 8 giga with fw 2.0

  • Sunny

    I would say that Jailbreaking the iphone is a waste…I used QuickPwn and the Jailbreak went pretty well but the kind of apps for a Jainbroken iphone are pathetic and very unstable…most look amateurish and unreliable ..The so called best Jailbroken apps are totally useless..
    for e.g. Winterboard is cool but seriously, you can't even enjoy your background because of the icons and the app really slows down the iphone, not to mention that it drains your already precious battery life.

    The wallpaper apps suck, I downloaded a camcorder app which only recorded 30sec of video unless you get a $20 subscription and worst, when I tried to uninstall it, the phone just froze and I couldn't even restore and erase the data since it gave an error. I was finally able to restore the original settings using Itunes after 3 hours ..and then , another 2 hours before I could get back to factory settings..

    Jailbreaking sounds fun and seems cool for a day or two but soon you realize that most of the apps are really stupid and have no Quality control or reliability..


  • nikki

    hello i just started i restored it and then my phone said that i need to restore it now on the screen there it the plug in sign and i tunes thats all what it the firmwire?? where do u download it and do i have to??? help please

  • thurein phyo

    i can't download the file, iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw, …the link which is given here is broken.. and my country doesn't support torrent download also…so can anybody help me? if so… plz solve my problem by sending to my email as an attachment or…something like that….thank u all friends around the world

  • i have a iphone 3gs and i have no idea how to jaibreak it, if anyone can help me out i would be vearry thankful email me @

  • casey

    I cant dowload the two files in step 1. can anyone tell me where else to get them? I also have itunes 8.? installed. will this work?

  • Michael

    what about 3gs, can I do same for it in xp?

  • ok, i upgraded to 3.1 one and lost my jailbreak.i did gain mms on my 3.g by upgradeing.the problem is i rejailbroke my phone and now i lost mms!! is there a way to jailbreak and still have mms. i love the video from cydia and i love the mms from can i get both?any help is greatly appreciated.thanks

  • mido



  • I tried to jailbreak 3GS with new security update installs into it.. I couldnt jailbreak it… any suggessions?


    Hi, my jailbroken i-phone 3G-S (ver 3.1.2), all out of sudden, the Cydia icon missing from the screen and left a blank space there and also somes applications which downloaded from itunes store was actually installed but invisible from the phone screen. I am using SB Setting application and in the application dock of SB Setting I do see all this applications existing in the dock. I try several times synchronising this applications but the applications icon still do not appear on my phone screen. Any solution kindly advise me. Thank you / Eddie

  • San Angelo

    revive? can someone update this?

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