NES App v2.3.0: Nintendo Emulator for iPhone now includes Accelerometer support

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ZdZiarski has just released an updated version (v2.3.0) of the popular NES app: Nintendo Emulator for iPhone with accelerometer support.

NES app was one of the first native applications developed for the jailbroken iPhone.
It emulates the hardware in a Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing
you to play games such as Mario Bros., Bomberman on your iPhone.

ZdZiarski has added accelerometer support in NES App v2.3.0. He writes on his blog:

"With the heavy usage of
accelerometer controls in games like Super Monkey Ball, I started
wondering just how difficult it would be to write a game that both uses
the accelerometer and is playable. This got me to finally add
accelerometer support to v2.3.0. The feature can be activated
through the settings page. When active, it obtains its zero from the
orientation of the device when you begin your game or change between
landscape and portrait."

Here is what folks at Gizmodo had to say about the new accelerometer feature:

Mario is fairly natural, though quick turns and exact jumps are
difficult to execute (playing Mario with the stock controls is often
worse, though). Bomberman sort of works, but in that case—and many
others—the old touch control overlay is much easier. Obviously, none of
these games was designed with tilt control in mind, but a surprising
number are at least playable."

The latest version of NES app also has a new landscape cipher with only left rotation.

When we had reported that ZdZiarski and friends had ported iPhone Open Source Tool Chain to iPhone firmware 2.0 and got NES app to run on iPhone firmware 2.0, he had informed us in the comments that the NES app can be installed using Cydia. Cydia is the Open Source Package Installer and Handler which is installed when you use iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage tool for Mac or WinPwn for Windows users to jailbreak iPhone firmware 2.0.

However, to play games on your iPhone, you will also need ROM images of Nintendo games which do not come bundled with the native iPhone application.

If you do have access to the ROM images and are able to play with NES app, then we would love to get your feedback on the latest version of ZdZiarski’s NES app with accelerometer support.

[Source: Gizmodo via ZdZiarski’s blog]


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