iPhone Dev Team Release Pwnage Tool 2.0

The iPhone Dev Team have just released their much awaited Pwnage Tool 2.0 which can jailbreak and unlock the original iPhone running firmware 2.0. It can also jailbreak iPhone 3G, but no unlocking solution for iPhone 3G as of now.

The details of their Pwnage tool and download link are available after the jump.

iPhone Dev Team's Pwnage Tool update

The iPhone Dev Team have just released Pwnage Tool 2.0, but they plan to make the official announcement in sometime, so I am not in a position  to give you all the details.

Nevertheless, based on the live chat Pytey of the iPhone Dev Team had with Erica Sadun, we can expect the following:

  • Pwnage Tool 2.0 should be able to jailbreak, unlock and activate original iPhones running iPhone firmware 2.0.
  • You should also be able jailbreak iPod Touch with it.
  • The Pwnage tool should install the Open Source Package Installer and Handler for the iPhone, Installer app Cydia which should make installing the unofficial native iPhone apps easier.
  • Pytey has also clarified that the Installer app and Cydia will coexist with the App Store, so you should be able to install official as well as unofficial native iPhone applications after jailbreaking your original iPhone running firmware 2.0.
  • The tool is currently available only for Mac users.
  • Pwnage 2.0 will not unlock iPhone 3G as of now. The iPhone Dev Team have been able to jailbreak iPhone firmware 2.0 running on iPhone 3G, however they are currently working on unlocking iPhone 3G, so if you have an iPhone 3G then you need to be patient as the iPhone Dev Team are quite confident they will be able to crack it as well.

You can download Pwnage Tool v2.0 (file size: 19.7 MB), by following this link. It is recommended that you wait for initial reports to trickle in before trying the tool, but if can’t wait to check it out, the comments section is all yours, let us know how it goes. Please don’t forget to backup your iPhone.

I will update the post, as soon as I get more details, so do stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks.

Thanks a ton elWilly for the news tip!

Windows users check this out:

Step-by-Step Guide to Pwn original iPhone running firmware 2.0 using Windows

Update 1:

Pwnage 2.0 will also be able to jailbreak iPhone 3G, however as mentioned earlier it will not be able to unlock iPhone 3G.

If you have a problem with the download link, you can try this mirror or this link that the iPhone Dev Team had originally posted.

Here are some precautions you should take before you use the Pwnage Tool:

  • Launch Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities and type mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” – (this is something you should do if you get error 1600 in iTunes)
  • Delete all iPhone software updates from ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  • Launch Activity Monitor (located in /Applications/Utilities)

Take note of the following while using the tool:

  • Use the 1,1 image of iPhone firmware 2.0 for the original iPhones. You can check this link for more details.
  • Turn iPhone “off” while building the custom ipsw file.

Update 2:

The iPhone Dev Team have updated their post with the following workaround if DFU restores are giving you trouble.

Another route to
pwned 2.0 for 1G owners is to use our first pwnage at 1.1.4.  Once you
are pwned there, you can do a normal recovery-mode restore to your
custom 2.0 ipsw. BTW the iPhone does *not* need to be pre-pwned to be
able to DFU-restore into a pwned ipsw — it needs to be pre-pwned only
for normal recovery-mode restores of custom ipsw’s.

Update 3:

iPhone Dev Team release updated version of their Tool – Pwnage Tool 2.0.1

Update (9th Aug, 2008):

Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 to Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 Released; also includes Installer 4 Beta


[via iPhone Dev Team’s blog]


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  • Gatchek

    Worked perfectly for me (old iPhone w 2.0). No problems so far! GREAT work as always!!

  • daryoon

    Works great with 2G iPhone that was upgraded to 2.0. Went through the advance mode and uncheck the custom boot and restore logo. By default, those logo are replaced with Pwnage Team's pineapple logo and a cartoon character of Mr. Jobs.

    Word of advice. If you get to the question about whether or not your iPhone was pwned before. Just choose yes. Then put your iPhone in DFU mode by following instructions found on the internet and then simply restore the custom firmware the Pwnage tool created.

    Good job Dev Team!

  • vw2

    i get to the screen that says "Failed to enter DFU mode". how can i get past that?

  • GTR

    Thanks for the news! It seems awesome, however I only have PCs, does anyone know how much longer it will take for the windows version to come out? Also any bugs with this 2.0 version yet?

  • JuJu



  • Louis

    Looks like the repo man is preventing my download.
    This is the error i got:


    You don't have permission to access /repofiles/nonrepo/PwnageTool_2.0.zip on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Will try using a proxy…..

  • Anon

    Will this work with a unlocked 2g iphone with the 1.1.4 firmware installed on it?

  • k1

    Im gettin an error saying that iphone can not be restored due to error 6 ???? any help plzzzzz

  • Wendy S

    Luis: this is for people with firmware 2.0. You want to use earlier tool or Ziphone 3.0 to unlock your iphone

    Anon: trying restore and it to original state and then retry. I would go to DEV Team Blog. Others had that problem!

    The software works great, but you have to have mac or Mac OS.
    It was a bit tricky for me, and I'm a computer geek.

  • raffi

    hey guys the servers are probably slow so download via bittorrent- it took me about a minute!

  • Louis

    Phone is doing the Apple Restore,,,Got an error 6. Will try again.

  • drew

    has anyone done this on a iPhone 3g? Does it work?

  • Gihad

    k1………this does work for 2g iphone with 1.1.4 firmware.

  • T. Payne

    has anyone tried to use a Emulator like VMWare running Mac OS X and got this to work on a windows machine? If so could you post the software you have used and the steps you have taken to get it to work?

  • swhit

    The article above states that it will install the Installer.app. However, the only one I am able to find is Cydia.

    Does anyone know how to get the Installer.app loaded on 3g?


  • raffi

    for those of you who can't get past 'failed to enter dfu mode' or error 6, go into ~/library/itunes, and create a new folder called 'device support'. MAKE SURE THAT IT'S IN YOUR USERNAME, NOT JUST FROM MAC HD/LIBRARY/ITUNES. that is the trick!

  • Juan Andres

    Here at Colombia I've just did the Jailbreak and it worked perfect acording to "Gatchek" instructions in a previous comment.

    Thanks for everything!


  • URherenow

    There is a way to do it with Windows. Download an already custom 2.0.ipsw via bittorrent, PWN your 1.1.4, install boot neuter and neuter your iphone, then enter DFU mode, plug it in, and shift click itunes (must be 7.7) restore button and pick the custom 2.0.ipsw

    more detailed info @sleepers.net

  • Hemi

    Ya all worked great but 1 thing is wierd…. no installer app?? Cydia is there witch is nice but I love the installer app!! any help would be fantastic!!!

  • Harpoon

    Is there somewhere a Windows Version of the tool?

  • Harpoon

    ok just found your post juan andreas… i think i'll wait for winpwn…

    many thx!

  • Srini

    WORKS On WINDOWS TOOO>… FOLLOW THESE instructions.. IT WORKED for ME :))))

    Step 1: Use WinPWN 1.0 To PWN Your 1.1.4 iPhone. If you need WinPWN Get it at:


    WinPWN will ask for an IPSW you should use the 1.1.4 IPSW. Here is the link:


    Step 2: Install BootNeuter (Available Via Installer use the old 1.0 version it basically preps the phone).

    Step 3: Run BootNeuter and have it Neuter your iphone

    Step 4: Make sure your iTunes version is at 7.7

    Step 5: Grab a pre-created IPSW Made with PWNAGE 2.0 Mac. If you don't have one made you can grab one here:

    Step 6: Grab ZiPhone to get into Recovery Mode EASILY (http://download.ziphone.org)

    Step 7: Run Ziphone & Jump your iPhone into NORMAL Recovery mode (available via advanced settings area in Ziphone) — This is the most straightforward way to get it into the proper restore mode

    Step 8: In iTunes Shift+Click the Restore button and find your custom IPSW Firmware file.

    Step 9: The restore occurs. Then you should see bootneuter automatically come up (this is pwnage unlocking, activating and jail breaking your iphone).

    You are DONE! ENJOY!

  • Hollenstein Marco

    Seems not to work with a Swisscom chip. I tried it twice in simple and expert mode but always the same after restart I can only make emergenc calls and iTunes says always the SIM card inserted does not appear to be supported.

    Geet marco

  • key

    it says no Bootloader 3.9 file can be found – can someone post a link for it ?

  • Laurnzo

    This might sound interesting to some of you but before i tried Pwnage today to update to 2.0 i did an itunes updated to my 1.1.4 ziphone jailbreak, activate and unlock. The interesting part was after update on itunes i got the activation screen but my phone was still unlock to tmobile, so i called it with another phone and i was able to answer the call. I guess it Ziphone unlock is somehow a permanent unlock at aleast for mine because the same thing happened from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 and this is the second iphone since 1.1.4. Just thought i will share that

    Now for the rest of the processes, turning your phone on or off won't do any good from the start since you are just creating your custom firmware, i tried mine twice with and without the phone connected and it didn't make any difference all worked fine.
    Secondly for the people with the dfu problem, there is a counter in the screen when it ask you to turn the phone off and when you turn it off, just follow the counts and it will work like charm, i tried mine twice the first time and released that the dev team did a good job by making sure the timer is the exact to put your phone in dfu.
    Another thing, you will have to download the bootloader version for your iphone but it doesn't matter when you save it, Pwnage will find it just like it will your bootloader. I will also recommend you don't rush but take your time and if possible use expect so you can see what you are doing

    lastly are Thanks so much to the Dev team for making me know what it feels like with this noise about the 2.0 firmware.

    Finally to end all for my own preference even thought everything on mine works fine and network is great, though i want my installer back,i think Ziphone's earlier version was the best and i hope he comes up with something soon and i sure will change to his.

    I will be glad to answer any question posted to me since i have unlocked 17 phones already and none with any bugs so far

  • Craig

    After MUCH ado, I believe I have succeeded, only because I have witnessed the pineapple and now have Cydia on my screen. But how do I know for sure that my phone is jailbroken and unlocked?

    It would be awesome if the geeks that wrote this stuff could somehow stop speaking Klingon in order to communicate with the rest of us. (Yes, I am jealous that I'm not smart enough to speak the lingo). Respectfully, when in advanced mode, the rest of us have NO idea what these guys are saying.

    Thanks for a great work. Really!

  • flo

    I made the upgrade on a hacked 1.1.3 phone and it worked! I used windows and it took me about 1h. i have a swiss acount. Thanks much !

  • Dipan

    I could get my iphone 1.1.4 (Ziphoned) upgraded to iphone2.0 using the pwnage tool. No problems there. However, cydia seems to be crashing consistently – whenever it is launched. Are others facing the same problem too? Any solutions?

  • Richard Cranium

    Forget the 2.0 software even those with unhacked iphones have many problems…I see a update coming from Apple very soon…just you wait on see. Oh and there is Pwnage tool 2.0.1 out now!

  • sheryl


    I'm going to wait a while before I make a move.. I have 2g with 1.14 and I have
    the new 3g 2.0. Still debating which one to keep??? Old 2g has better apps than the App store.. Edge or 3G?? old apps or new apps??/ Help!!!

  • MTN

    1st Gen 8 GB

    Worked without a hitch… except, I don't know that it's unlocked.

    It is certainly jailbroken and works with an AT&T chip. But, I inserted a T-Mobile and got this message: Different SIM detected.

    Any ideas?

  • Ants

    "There And Back Again"- an iphone updating story!

    Just thought I would post my experience having upgraded my jailbroken,unlocked, gen one 1.1.4 iPhone to the pawned 2.0 software….and HOW I GOT BACK TO 1.1.4 after being disappointed with the 2.0 upgrade!

    Firstly big ups to the dev team for what they have done, awesome guys!
    The following does not detract from what they have achieved.

    Why I went back:

    -No installer support yet(no offence cydia), which means you a constricted to the itunes app store applications which after having surfed through, didn't really rock my world apart from the free itunes controller app!(and a monkey game!)

    -No way to turn of 2.5g (edge) if you want to(as far as I could see)

    -Mobileme email wouldn't push automatically(on 2.5g could be a local problem NZ)

    -Basically missed the feeling of having control over my phone i.e customizing,sending and recieving pxt messages using the awesome swirly mms app, downloading podcasts with mobilecast and all the other cool stuff not available at the app store!

    So this is how I went back using a combination of Mac and Windows machines (you could do the windows part of it on a mac as long as you uninstall itunes 7.7 and install 7.5 after the second step)

    (1) Pawned the phone using the guides and pawnage 2.0 release using the mac with itunes 7.7 installed.

    (2) Decided to go back so put the phone into recovery mode by holding power and home buttons for about 30 secs, then connected to itunes and held the apple key and clicked restore. I then selected the NON-PAWNED 2.0 firmware file and restored.

    (2) Moved over to the windows laptop with itunes 7.5 installed on it.Put the phone into 'dfu' mode by (a)docking the phone (b) holding power and home buttons for 10 secs (c) releasing power button (c) holding home button till I heard the windows 'usb connected' beep.

    (3)itunes recognized the phone in 'recovery mode' but it was still actually in dfu mode, I held shift and clicked the restore button and selected my old 1.1.4 firmware file.

    (4) Phone restored but I could not 'kick' it out of recovery mode after using ziphone,so I went back to itunes and restored once more by doing the shift restore 1.1.4 selection thing again.

    (5) The phone rebooted into recovery mode again but this this time after clicking 'do it all' in the ziphone application, ziphone went to work and the gorgeous white text started scrolling on the screen and 2 to 3 mins later it rebooted into its activated,jailbroken and unlocked 1.1.4 glory!!

    Phew!! Hope all that makes sense and if you are cursing you decision to upgrade, fear not……follow the breadcrumbs home!

  • alexi

    so i did all this on my iphone 3g and everything went well…..only problem is now i have no server…..is it becuae im with fido in canada? should i take the sim out while running pwnage? or will it just not work?

  • James

    I have a 2G iphone I unlocked & jailbroke using iliberty, it is at version 1.14. Will this method work on my phone?

  • Steven

    I was having a problem, whereby the Pwnage Tool did its job but when my phone rebooted, it was not activated and I got the 'plug your iPhone into iTunes screen. I think I might have restored the custom ipsw file in DFU mode instead of Recovery mode. When I made sure I was in Recover mode, it worked. Also, I went into Custom settings and unclicked the pineapple and the Russian Steve Jobs but I doubt that had anything to do with it. Anyway, it works great. I've loaded a bunch of apps. The iTunes Remote control is amazing. Other highlights, Brain Challenge and Shazam plus a good New York Times reader. I haven't got the guts yet to let Mobile Me overwrite my contacts and calendar. I thought I read somewhere that the Push function wasn't working on Pwn'd phones. Anyone got it going?


  • JohnnyD

    All worked fine here in UK except the App Store is USA based now and will not let me download anything from the US store as my account is UK based, anyone help?


  • Suvash Thapa

    My problem is I had one of the old phones with version 1.1.2. I upgraded it to 2.0 ( i know i shldn't have done so) after i had downloaded the new itunes. Now the phone only shows slide for emergency.
    I am sorry i must come across as an idiot, but in the first step it says pwn ur 1.1.4 iphone. I am not sure how to do that. Please help.

  • Louis

    Worked like a charm! The reason you get error 6 is because you're not in the correct DFU mode. Hold the power and home button as soon as the screen goes black let go of the power button n wait for itunes to bring phone up..

    To get service back up use expert mode in the pwnage tool click general and deselect activate, build firmware with cydia reboot phone after restore n you're done…

    Cool! Thanks dev team

  • It always brings an ipsw.exe error, but if you change the compatibility to Windows XP, it works! Thanks WinPWN and iPhoneHacks.

  • Finn (PLEASE HELP!)


    I'm on a Mac PowerBook G4, iTunes 8, and with a 2.1 ipod touch, and i keep on getting Error (6) and i tried making a new folder (device support in ~/library/itunes but it won't work. 🙁

    Any help would be great 🙂


  • Finn (PLEASE HELP!)


    I'm on a Mac PowerBook G4, iTunes 8, and with a 2.1 ipod touch, and i keep on getting Error (6) and i tried making a new folder (device support in ~/library/itunes but it won't work. 🙁

    Any help would be great 🙂