Cycorder – Free Native iPhone App brings Video Recording to the iPhone [Updated]

Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), the developer of Cydia, the installer app for native iPhone applications has released a free native video recording application for the iPhone called Cycorder.

The free native iPhone app appears to be much better video recording app than iPhone Video Recorder which costs $19.95.

iPhone Video Recorder developed by DreamCatcher was the first video recording apps to be released for the jailbroken iPhone running firmware 1.x. They have recently released an updated version of their app that works with firmware 2.x.

Cycorder is a free video recording application for jailbroken iPhone (and iPhone 3G) which works with iPhone firmware 2.x.

Modmyifone reports that the quality of videos recorded using Cycorder is a lot better than iPhone Video Recorder’s video quality. It is due to the use of MJPEG compression which apparently is the same compression technique used in the majority of point-and-shoot digital cameras. Thanks to the compression technique you can also watch the video immediately after recording it.

Depending on the light available, videos can be recorded between 6 to 15 fps (frames per second) and at 384×288, a 4×3 aspect ratio.

Saurik notes that reason for the large variance in fps (6 to 15) is due to iPhone’s camera. Since its a non-video recording camera, the native iPhone app is basically taking pictures as fast as it can. However, to take the picture at that speed, the camera has to open its shutter, lets in the light to take the photo, and close the shutter and keep repeating this action. The lesser the light, the longer it takes to do that. So, its recommended to take the videos in better lighting as it means higher fps, and therefore smoother videos.

The user interface of the native iPhone app is also quite intuitive. As seen in the screen shot above, you need to press the large center button on the right (bottom if the iPhone is held vertically) to record/stop recording videos. You can check the play-list by tapping the small arrow on the bottom right corner which displays the first-frame thumbnails of all the recorded videos.

The only drawback of Cycorder is that it does not have audio support. Saurik is currently working on adding audio support in future releases.

You can install Cycorder on your jailbroken iPhone using Cydia. You will find it in the featured Packages list on the front page of Cydia.

You can watch the impressive recorded video using Cycorder below:

It will be great to hear your feedback on video recording iPhone app in the comments.

Thanks Bryon Brock for the tip.


The updated version of Cycorder (0.9-4) now also includes audio support and the good news is that it is still free. Thanks Simon for the tip.

[via Modmyifone]

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  • TJ

    Well it certainly looks like Saurik has outdone his-self, yet again. Obviously it won't be long before he appends audio recording to the software, but in the meantime this app is a superior alternative to any other video apps out there, not only because it's free, but also because the quality is such that it should be charged for and the OTHER apps should be free. I don't understand how companies that make more money than these pro-bono hackers and software engineers can only put out middling quality products. Thank you Saurik for another spectacular release!

  • iPhonee

    Man, this is great; finally we can record some videos of the Kids. You really do not know how much I miss this app.

    Great work, waiting for the update with voice ;))


  • Hackz R Us

    i still have a BSD subsystem with Installer & jailbroken Iphone with firmware 1.1.4 What would happen if I switch to Cydia?Will I loose all apps I have insttalled from 3rd party developers?I am thinkin a lot whether to upgrade to Cydia.Please Help.What other things does Cydia do?Does it replaces the Installer apps & its sub-3rd party apps?No new words or any focus on this Apps at all here.

  • Jei

    Quality is amazing! I love it. Frame rate is good in daylight. Roll on adding audio too.

    Splednid ;o)

  • Jonny H

    It's Awesome!!! Can't wait for the audio!!!

  • brian

    theres a reason why iphone video recorder cost money.. it is better 😮 but this isnt that bad after all

  • Erik

    Cycorder is fantastic and I am waiting for the rest, but tell me how did you unload the video from the iPhone to You tube. I do not find any sharing option in my version nor stroing other than the list that was deleted when i upgraded to 2.0.2 (with Pwnage)

  • This is really cool! I can't wait until he can get the audio working. : )

    The only thing I didn't see in the blog post I'm wondering about is how much video can this application record? A few seconds? A couple minutes?

    I'm not expecting it to film a major theatrical experience or anything, but I'm curious. : )


  • Cyorder has just released a new version (0.9-4) with audio support. And, the great thing is it's still free.

  • mac

    i still have a BSD subsystem with Installer & jailbroken Iphone with firmware 1.1.3 What would happen if I switch to Cydia?Will I loose all apps I have insttalled from 3rd party developers?I am thinkin a lot whether to upgrade to Cydia.Please Help.What other things does Cydia do?Does it replaces the Installer apps & its sub-3rd party apps?No new words or any focus on this Apps at all here.

  • alex

    it's a great program. I was bummed to find out iphones didnt have video recording when I bought mine, but this is great, great quality, and now since audio recording is out … even better! But I still haven't found out if i can upload the videos onto my computer. And if i can… how ?

  • angel

    i just bought my iphone with atnt how do i put this app on it???

  • Ban

    Any one can tell me how to transfare the files I shooted to the computer from Ccoder? Thank you

  • Sigurd-JL

    How can I get the videos from my iphone into my mac?

  • Sigurd-JL

    How can I get the videos from my iphone into my mac?

  • mackyboy

    Hi, I tried downloading the file to my pc from the web. Don't really know how to SSH it to my phone since it's a .deb file. I only use iBrick or iPhonebrowse to SSH my phone got no wifi at home. Can anyone please give me infos how to install this? Tried to add the installer link on my sources but not sure if I put the "deb"(Repository (Saurik): deb tangelo main) like stated on the link from the site of not. Thanks

  • sander

    cool, good clips, color and sound. but…
    did anyone komw how can i transfer files from iphone to computer?????????????
    anyone please help!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Folks,

    If you are a Windows user, you could use free iPhone software like iPhoneBrowser which allows you iPhone's file system.

    Check the link below for more details about iPhoneBrowser here:

    If you are a Mac user, you can checkout Megaphone for Mac users:

    Megaphone has a good user interface but is available for a one-time-fee.

    The video files recorded using Cycorder are stored in:
    User/Media/Videos under the root directory.


  • i just hacked my iphone JUST to get this program! So far, from what I can tell, the program works great! However, I am unable to transfer the files it creates. I tried finding "User/Media/Videos under the root directory" but I have had no luck :-(… after going into my user file, there are no folders named media or video… any thoughts?

  • vomc

    Window user, you can use your Video by dl the DiskAid to your PC

  • efhan

    How can I get the videos from my iphone into my windows?

  • efhan

    How can I get the videos from my iphone into my windows?

  • @efhan,

    Please refer to my previous comment for more details on how to get the videos from your iPhone.

  • WOLF666

    I see the cycorder under Feature Packages… BUT when clicking, Cydia tells me
    "The package cycorder cannot be found in your current sources. I recommend installing more sources."

    I could not fine a source for this any where just that it is on Cydia. ANY HELP!

  • So wish a video recording app could be released in the app store!

    I really dont want to jailbreak my iPhone!


  • ahmed

    i just bought an iphone wit att. i was wondering if their was a way i could get cycorder witout jail breakin bcuz i dont want to risk anything.

  • @Josh,

    You have to jailbreak your iPhone to install Cycorder.

  • Joey Ramirez

    hello. I have been using cycorder for a while now and am just wondering if there is a way to fix an error i get with some of the files that cannot be played on my phone. After recording, i try to playback the .mov file but i get an error saying it cannot be played. After ssh'ing into my phone and pulling it out to try to play it in quicktime, i get the 2048 error.. i have tried converting and everything but with no luck. Hopefully there is a solution to this.

  • ShaQ1nJ


    Record a couple more videos and test them out. If they are give the same error, then I believe reinstalling cycorder shud hopefully fix the problems. Good luck!

  • hello all
    i m using cycorder or 2.2…but the sound in the recorded video is very low…what can be the problem..plz help me


  • Mike from Italy

    Mike from Italy said…
    Hello, I have a question ref. Cycorder and MxTube. Downloaded these applications a few weeks ago and noticed that they display ads when used. I live in Italy and internet use is expensive, do these apps downlaod ads from the internet when you use them? Or do they primarily try wifi first. Any clarifications are appreciated. Mike.

  • Hey Mike,

    The apps (which in turn run the ads) use the data connection that is available just like any other iPhone app so if the iPhone finds a Wi-Fi connection it will use that or use 3G or EDGE data connection.

  • Alan

    I use i-FunBox, which is a free software for Windows that gives you full control of the iPhone file system. It is very easy to use. You can find the videos in the User/Media/Videos folder.

  • vincent

    why i cant find cycorder in cydia? am using version 2.2.1 but how come some of the applications cant be downloaded?

  • marcus

    sorry josh that u dont want to jailbreak ur phone unfortunately all the best apps are for jailbroken phones because Apple wants to control everything and give you what they want you to have which isnt fair considering the price of the phone that blackberrys and blackjacks have all the feautures us iphone users have been begging apple for since day one


    AWESOME! I'm on 2.2.1 Firmware and I have full Audio and Video recording thanks so much!

  • Ben Lim


    Is there any way to stop the ads? They're costing me a bomb on my bills!! Your Solutions will be much appreciated.

  • Chase

    Did this tonight on the 29/06/09.

    iPhone 3G 2nd Gen with 3.0 software installed prior.

    Not a hiccup!

    Thanks a lot for the very simple 1 minute walk-through


  • sue

    How do I get my videos I recorded on my iphone using cycorder on my computer? I tried using itunes backup but that didn't help.

  • Hi there I wanted to ask that if I download cycorder then can I do voice chat on skype from my iPhone or not?? Can someone plzz answer me that whoever is using cycorder

  • Rick

    I could not find the videos which I recorded. There is a partial path to the videos on the cycorder website, but since the path is missing the first few folder directories, I do not know where to start. Please give the FULL PATH to the videos. thanks

  • Hi,
    It's amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Andy

    hey i have this on my iphone but how do i get the vids off my cycorder and get it on my computer

  • sam

    how iphone 3g version 4.01 cycorder doesn't work anymore???
    is there any video reorder for iphone 3g version 4.01???

    • Sure there is, and it’s from iTunes:
      1 – iCamcorder.
      2 – Qik Video Pro.