Qik Releases their Live Video Broadcasting App for iPhone 3G

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Qik, Flixwagon’s better known rival has recently announced the beta version of their native iPhone app for jailbroken iPhone.

iPhone users can use Qik’s iPhone app to broadcast live videos over Wi-Fi as well as over a 3G network.

Applications like Qik enables you to share live videos of entertaining and special moments with your family and friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc directly from your mobile phone, it’s like using a camcorder (maybe not as sophisticated) but without worrying about the limited storage space on your mobile phone.

Flixwagon’s iPhone app has already generated quite a lot of interest with iPhone users. Back in June folks at Flixwagon had demonstrated the first ever live video broadcast from a jailbroken iPhone using their native app. They had recently released their iPhone app for jailbroken 1st gen iPhone or iPhone 3G running firmware 2.0.1.

Since Apple does not support native video on the iPhone, just like Flixwagon, Qik too had to take the jailbroken iPhone apps route to bring their app to iPhone users and might not make it to the iPhone App Store anytime soon. The amazing thing about these iPhone apps is that they have managed to bring live video broadcasting feature using iPhone’s non-video recording camera.

Qik’s beta iPhone app also allows you to stream in private, mute your mic and also hide the chat window.

You can set your stream as private from the profile page on www.qik.com by selecting individual videos and set them as private or simply set your streams to be private by default by changing the default privacy setting.

To stream the live videos to Twitter, all you need to do is enter your Twitter username and password in the section marked Twitter on Qik’s profile page.

You can check out the video clip of Qik iPhone app in action below:

You can install Qik’s iPhone app on your jailbroken iPhone using Cydia, the installer app, using the instructions mentioned below (from Qik’s blog):

  1. If you have not already, you’ll need to sign up at http://qik.com/sign_up and receive an SMS from us to activate the application.
  2. Launch Cydia.
  3. Go to the "Sections" tab at the bottom and scroll down to "Multimedia."
  4. Under Multimedia, you will find Qik. Tap on it then select "Install" at the top right, then in the same spot tap "Confirm."
  5. Now you will see Qik get installed. You may hit the "Return to
    Cydia" button at the bottom or just quit Cydia when it is done
  6. You’ll now notice a "Qik" icon on your home screen – Go ahead and launch it.
  7. As long as your initial signup SMS/text message is still in your
    inbox for the first launch, your account will be linked to your device.
  8. Make sure you have 3G service or are on WiFi (edge is not sufficient enough to stream video) before you begin broadcasting.
  9. Hit record and enjoy Qik!

As always let us know how it goes and don’t forget to give us your feedback on Qik’s iPhone app in the comments.

[via Qik’s blog]


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