Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 to Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 Released; also includes Installer 4 Beta [Updated]

The iPhone Dev Team has just released the latest version of their Pwnage Tool., v2.0.2.

The new version of Pwnage Tool can be used to jailbreak the first generation iPhone running either iPhone firmware 2.x or 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 as well as iPhone 3G running running the latest iPhone firmware.

The latest version of the Pwnage Tool also includes the public beta version of the new and improved version of Installer app as well as an updated version of Cydia, another Installer application for unofficial iPhone apps.

As mentioned earlier, iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool can jailbreak and unlock the first generation iPhone running either firmware 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 or 2.x including iPhone firmware 2.0.1 that was released by Apple earlier in the week.

It also can jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.0.1 but cannot unlock iPhone 3G as of now. Based on what the iPhone Dev Team had told us we are assuming that you are still better off not updating iPhone 3G with iPhone firmware 2.0.1 if you would like it to be unlock it.

Here is the list of changes and fixes:

  • iPhone/iPod firmware 2.0.1 5B108 support.
  • Added new Cydia build.
  • Added Installer BETA.
  • Added new Custom Package command “RunScript”.
  • Added French, Hungarian and Russian language localizations.
  • Added path for custom packages “~Library/Application Support/PwnageTool/CustomPackages/”.
  • Various bugfixes.

Pwnage Tool is currently only for Mac users. Windows users will either have to wait for latest version of WinPwn Tool (Pwnage tool ported to Windows by another dev team) to be released or someone to figure out a way to achieve this using a workaround on Windows like last time.

You can download Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 (file size: 19.7 MB) from any of these links here, here, here, here, here and here.

Please don’t forget to backup your iPhone before you try the latest Pwnage Tool and as always do let us know how it goes.


WinPwn Software to JailBreak & Unlock 1st gen iPhone and
JailBreak iPhone 3G running firmware 2.0.1 for Windows is out

Update (Aug 10th, 2008):

If you are looking forward to use the new and improved version of Installer app then has just reported:

"3 of the biggest repositories for jailbroken iPhones and iPod
Touches have released their sources. The RiP Dev source is already in
Installer so you don’t have to add it. . .but you can go ahead and add
the Big Boss and iSpazio sources."

  • RiP Dev –
  • Big Boss –
  • iSpazio –


[via iPhone Dev Team’s blog]


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  • Dipan

    Downloaded Pwnage tool 2.0.2 from a mirror – matched SHA1 – created custom IPSW and restored iphone. Iphone wouldnt restart – with the bootneuter screen (I guess) crashing continuously.

    Restored back to the Iphone 2.0 custom IPSW created with Pwnagetool 2.0.1, Iphone is working fine now.

    I would stay away from Pwnage 2.0.2 and Iphone 2.0.1 for a while till it stabilises.

  • Ahsan

    Dear All

    This time again iPhone Dev Team has done it again and in a very better way.

    All Windows users need is a Custom .ispw file which may be compiled using Mac or just wait some hours before it is done again.

    Nice thing to see installer in there

    i want to improve following 2 things by upgrading to 2.0.1 (i hope this upgrade does it)

    1. I need speed
    2. I need improved battery timings.

    Thanks to Dev Team once again. Downloading it now

  • Dipan

    ok – update. A last try downloading from rapidshare (first time was from and this time it worked .. so did installer. The file sizes from both sites were different – though the zip methods too were different.

    Anyway – right now I have a phone that works fine. I faced a small issue with restoring the old backup from itunes – so it is probably better to continue to mark the iphone as a new device after the restore is over.

  • if you have windows you can download a custom firmware for this site. hope this helps out. you need hjsplit to to join the 3 files but it should be all good after that. let us know how it all works out.

  • hypergo

    Kudos iPhone Dev Team… but honestly, I haven't jailbreak my iPhone 3G since the 1st release of Pwnage. I will wait till apple release the new Firmware (2.1) and see what will happen.

  • Berthold

    I used the tool to jailbreak my 3G and everything worked well – only after the jailbreak I can not use the cell-phone functionality anymore – my phone provider's network is not detected anymore! I do use a factory-unlocked 3G from Italy with my German SIM card. Bringing the 3G back to original firmware 2.01 – everything works fine again.

    Did I do anything wrong during jailbreaking or is the tool not working with unlocked 3Gs?

  • zarvox

    hypergo, if your service provider is AT&T then be sure that "Activate the phone" under General Settings is NOT selected. This option, among others, is available in Expert Mode.

  • Berthold

    Zarvox, I don't find any "General Settings" in the Pwnage tool. What do you refer to?

  • zarvox

    Sorry, Barthold…

    Only if you have selected Expert mode you will see additional user configurable options.

    After having selecting Expert mode you would then proceed by clicking on the blue arrow which would lead you to the next screen. You'll then be prompted to choose the appropriate firmware for your upgrade. Pwnage Tool will try to find any .ipsw files in addition to allowing you to browse. Select the 2.0.1 firmware and carry on to the next screen. It is at that point where you will be presented with General, as well as Installer Packages, Custom Packages, Bootneuter, Cydia Packages, Custom Logos, and Build. Click on General and you will see Activate the phone. Make sure this is deselected.

  • JP

    do i need to download 2.0.1 firmware from somewhere first?

  • zarvox

    JP, yes, you will need the .ipsw file first. Once iTunes has recognized your phone after plugging it in, it will tell you that there is new firmware available. You will have the option to download the .ipsw file and save it without having to upgrade your phone. Pwnage should be able to find the file. FYI, on OS X it is located in:

    "~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/"

    and the filename is:


    Apart from the pathname I'm unsure if iTunes on Windows behaves differently. I am on a Mac.

  • Neo

    all the cydia apps i had installed with pwned 2.0 got deleted after upgrading to 2.0.1

  • S

    All, I need some help. I have been trying several times now and done anything possible that I found on forums. But I always get the 1600 unknown error once restoring. I have a 1st gen iphone which was working on 1.1.4 and unlocked and now is in 2.0 but not activated.
    Really don't know what to do: who can tell what the 1600 errors are and why I got them systematically on MAC?
    I also have other iPhones but afraid to try and block them as well.

  • pmd

    I upgraded two phones today, and the only thing not working is the mail program. When I select the mail program, it freezes for a second and then flashes back to the home screen. Has anyone run into this?


  • zarvox

    pmd: Yep, happened to me, too. Problem is that somehow the permissions on your Mail folder got messed up. Follow these links for info on how to fix it:

  • confused_iPhoner

    Hey guys! I am confused. I just bought a 2G(old iPhone) from this guy on craigslist. He said it was unlocked and at 1.1.4 firmware. I can use it on T-Mobile. I want to upgrade to 2.0 and use the AppStore as well as use it on T-Mobile. I guess, i will have to do this pwnage thing. Please help me –
    1. When I connect my phone to iTunes, I get the dialogue that 2.0.1 is available and asks me if I want to upgrade to it. I click cancel. Should I let iTunes upgrade it and then use this pwnage tool to unlock it? When the pwnage tool asks for a firmware, should I download the 1.1.4 or 2.0.1 firmware?

  • Martian

    Downloaded 2.02 tool and 2.01 firmware. Building of IPSW working great, restored perfect. My phone is 2G btw…

    Now Installer 4b4 and Cydia are both installed by default.
    Great job, great tool!

  • Wijman


    I have got a way of saving all of your Cydia applications and putting them ALL back right after you restore; saving you the trouble of finding all of your apps again.

    First you want to get a list of all the installed apps and libraries
    cydia has installed for you:

    "A=`dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'`; echo $A"

    Take this list, remove any information about failed installs (should there be any information there will only be a few words to remove) and then remove the word 'firmware' from the list. Store the list somewhere safe (Text document on your Desktop).

    You then want to back up the /etc/apt folder (You will put it back later).

    Install new firmware.

    Replace your /etc/apt folder with your backup.

    SSH to your phone:

    To download a list of all the available packages from various places run "apt-get update"

    Finally you need to run "apt-get install PACKAGE_LIST" (Package list being the contents of the document you saved earlier).

    **Should you encounter any conflicts (Fairly rare) then you must decide which of the apps you do not want (The conflicting apps will be listed)**

    It should then go off and download all the applications and then install them one at a time. Takes a while to do this, but you can leave it to do its thing for 10 minutes or so. Once this is done, you need to force a re-spring:

    "killall SringBoard"


    Don't forget to remove all the quotes (If you copy/paste).

    I KNOW this works as I have done this numerous times! I hope you find this helpful! If you have any problems feel free to post back here and I'll help you out. Please post back with success stories aswell as it's the only way to make this more widely known.


    Wijman & Milamber3

  • Chris

    I used Pwnage 2.0.2 with the iPhone SW 2.0.1 on my 1st generation iPhone that had previously been ziphoned to 1.1.4 – all smooth, no problems detected so far, fully functional.

  • Matthew Hamilton


    I have new 3G iphone in Aus and want to get the Nintendo games
    on my iphone.

    Can somebody explain in simple terms whatg I need to do to get them to run….
    eg. Step by step cos a lot of the info on this site is useful but reasonably confusing for me!!!


  • xander

    i do have an iphone 3g and i used the winpwn , it his working perfecltly but it is not unlock . i do have the new installer and cydia , but it isnt unlocked. i think we do have to wait the winpwn 2.5 , wich will help us unlocking and jailbreak the IPHONE 3 G

  • andrew

    I have a first gen iphone that I unlocked with Ziphone to 1.3, then I used winpwnds 2.003 or something like that which made custom firmware just like ipwnd and such and then i got error 6 while doing the shift restore with itunes, so the iphone remained in restore mode, i had to then update it to latest software, and now i got a useless phone….if anyone can help by e-mailing me i would appreciate it huuuuge

  • Erik

    I don't get it. I have 1G phone, 2.0 firmware pwnd (jailbroken and unlocked). Use Mac computer. What am I supposed to do? Wait for a new pwnage version? My iTunes only prompts v.2.0.2 firmware. Please provide me with ungeeked language. I am not a sophisticated user, just want my iPhone to be up to date and usable in Brasil where I live (Provider TIM)

  • n

    For me pwnage 2.0.2 works unlocking firmware 2.0.1.
    No problems or errors during the custom firmware creation nor the restoring process
    The iPhone works perfect alone, but Mac iTunes 7.7 after the restoring process ends reports it can not connect to the iPhone due to an unkown error (OxE8000001).
    Afterwards the iPhone is recognize by iTunes but iTunes only displays Set up Your iPhone window, no matter what, tried several times, downloaded pwnage three times downloaded a new firmware 2.0.1 file and end with the same connection error.
    Only thing I have not tried is set up as anew iPhone.
    Does anyone knows how to solve this?

  • Erik

    Same issue here as n. Everything is fine with the latest Pwnage and 2.0.2 firmware update from iTunes. Then iTunes asks me to restore and once don it asks me again, i restore again and it comes up again. HEnce I cannot access the sync options. The iPhone though works fine, but I need to back up my music and pictures.

    Any advice?

  • thanks

  • Joe

    Hi All, I used pwnage 2.x.x and went tru the whole thing, but at the end I accidently restored to the update that is available with itunes… and bang everything came crashing down, my phone restarted with it being locked to the 2.0.1 firmware and now i have no idea how to go back… Pls advice and you can also mail me on

  • Joe

    Hi All, i've been at this update and after messing up i decided to work on it as much as i could… well I final did it…
    My final process was to download the ipws file again and i used pwnage from iclassified to get the 2.1 tool. well i tried and it kept giving me a error 6 and bla bla… i made a custom recovery file on the desktop unlike the usual pwnage folder, and i restarted the comp and reconnected the USB cable… it worked…
    I'm now on 2.1 🙂

  • shai

    I need help. I own a iphone3g v2.0.2 jailbreak. Downloaded Pwnage 2.0.2 on my mac. When booted it asks for ipsw file, so i downloaded ipsw file from, listed directory called iPhone1,2_2

    However Pwnage can't recognise any of the files in the iPhone1,2_2 directory.

    Basically I need an SMS forward & Video Recorder apps for now, & from reading your site it recommends installing the packaged Installer from Pwnage 2.0.2.

    Appreciate advise on this. thanks

  • Jeni

    call me stupid but I bought an iPhone 3gs from Hong Kong and was told it was unlocked. yesterday it asked me on iTunes to update my phone and i did …. disaster…. now my phone is asking for an AT & T sim card and is locked to them. I am not too computer savy and am really unsure what to do … i have read heaps and am now more confused. I read you can go backwards by going back to iTunes 7.5 and then restoring firmware to 1.1.4 but wont this take me back to an iPhone 3g and not a 3gs heck I am so confused and I am heart broken that I have now killed my phone. I am in Australia so joining AT & T is not an option. iPhone wont help me and my own service provider virgin cant help either…. please guys I NEED HELP!!! please explain in simple english if you think you can help